handmade and vintage goods

Etsy Finds for Dog Lovers

From Corgis to Dachshunds, accessorize your life with Etsy goods inspired by your favorite dog breeds.

180 handmade and vintage goods

Precious Metals: 45 Golden Etsy Treasures

Minimalist or maximalist, there’s a shiny Etsy find that reflects your taste.

56 handmade and vintage goods

What’s in Your Bag?

A look inside five archetypal (but imaginary) Etsy shoppers’ carry-alls.

85 handmade and vintage goods

College-Bound: 51 Unique Etsy Items for Your Dorm

Decorate your dorm room in style and enter to win a $100 Etsy gift card.

84 handmade and vintage goods

Mermaids, Monsters and 45 Other Fantastical Finds

Add a little magic to your day with this collection of out-of-this-world objects on Etsy.

123 handmade and vintage goods

Style Your Shelf: 66 Objects to Adorn Your Home

Whether you’re into books, pottery, tchotchkes or art dolls, showcase your style on a shelf and snap a photo: #shelfies are the new #selfies.

125 handmade and vintage goods

37 Jaw-Dropping Statement Pieces on Etsy

Shy when meeting new people? This collection of statement accessories, jewelry and fashion is sure to spark a conversation.

201 handmade and vintage goods

Vintage Treasures Around the World

Spin the globe and step back through time with this inspiring international collection of vintage treasures.

100 handmade and vintage goods

The Great Mother’s Day Gift Hunt

Ace shopping sleuth Mallory McInnis searches the marketplace for original (and mom-worthy!) gifts.

71 handmade and vintage goods

Fabulous Fruit

Get ready for sunny days with a irresistibly juicy mix of delectable fruit-themed finds.

78 handmade and vintage goods

Tropical Dreams

Blah weather got you down? Take a virtual vacation through a covetable collection of items united by vibrant colors and punchy prints.

101 handmade and vintage goods

Go Nuts for Doughnuts

Get a sugar rush from this delectable selection of doughnut-themed wares.

96 handmade and vintage goods

Making Time for Fun in 2014

This year, resolve to have more good times! Mallory McInnis shares ideas and items to inspire some not-so-serious resolutions.

157 handmade and vintage goods

Oodles of Ornaments

Mallory McInnis pairs colorful collections of new and vintage ornaments with classic tree-themed tunes to inspire you as you deck the halls.

73 handmade and vintage goods

A Present Made Just for You

This collection of personalized picks has something for everyone on your holiday gift-giving list.

109 handmade and vintage goods

Face Your Fears

Mallory McInnis pairs new and vintage finds with their matching phobia in this witty collection.

223 handmade and vintage goods

When I Grow Up

As a kid, what did you aspire to be: a teacher? President? A monster? Channel childhood dreams in this occupation-themed Etsy collection.

104 handmade and vintage goods

School Supply Serenade

Mallory McInnis delves into the joys of back-to-school shopping with a round up of backpacks and the things that go in them.

90 handmade and vintage goods

Knotty by Nature

An eclectic collection of everything from jewelry to pillows to vintage scratch-and-sniff stickers is tied together by, well, knots.

132 handmade and vintage goods

Star Search

For one frustrated stargazer, constellations are almost impossible to spot until she turns her gaze to the marketplace.

92 handmade and vintage goods

You’re Never Too Old for a Stocking

Embrace the youthful glee of Christmas morning with blogger Mallory McInnis’s stocking-sized gift list.