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The Fragrance of Winter Memories

Reflect on the magic of winter through the season’s signature scents.

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The Scents of Summer

Freshly cut grass, vine-ripened tomatos, a smoky campfire, heady summer blooms, fresh salt air — certain scents capture memories of summers past.

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How-Tuesday: Cardboard Chandelier

A cardboard box can be so many things: a pint-sized rocket to the moon, a typewriter, or this classy silhouette chandelier.

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How-Tuesday: Rose Petal Tee From Appliqué Your Way

Picking through the scrap bins at fabric stores is my cherished scavenging adventure for texture and pattern. In every nook of my craft storage, strips of vibrant textiles bloom forth. When I find projects made for these sweet trims, I’m not only reinventing a T-shirt or a tote bag, I’m also creating something completely new…

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Kayte Terry’s Vivienne Vest How-to

Transform a basic piece into a wardrobe statement or an inspired gift. Kayte Terry, aka loveforever, shows us how from her book, Complete Embellishing. Download the full project instructions here, or follow along below. Vivienne Vest I love argyle patterns, but sometimes they can be a bit, well, stuffy. With its frayed edges and yarn…

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Williamsburg Fashion Weekend: In Review

On a recent Friday (February 15, to be exact), a young, fashionable and oh-so-hip crowd squeezed into the art space Monster Island for the first night of Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. Curated by Artur Arbit, a designer himself, Williamsburg Fashion Weekend was created to invite "new and intriguing designers to show in a ‘neutral’ environment and…