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The Habit of Daily Dressing

Using historically accurate dolls, artist Julia Sherman creates a website of the lost sewing patterns of nuns’ iconic garb.

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Needlework From the Drawers of Daughters

Doris Montag is coming for your crocheted and tatted textile artifacts, stowed away in a dusty back closet. There is a world of history in that lace.

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Right in Your Own Backyard

Whether tossing breadcrumbs on the grass or mounting squirrel-proof, seed-filled acrylic tubes on poles, Americans love to feed the birds.

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SeaHope Partners: Doing Good With a Needle and Thread

Margaret Jankowski set out to help communities affected by the Gulf oil spill, equipped with determination and ocean-inspired messenger bags.

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A Century of Helping Customers Hit the Sack

With a shop in her family since 1885, Cookie Vanous reflects on her family legacy of bedding restoration and the lost Czech art of feather stripping.

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Textile Trends at the International Quilt Market

Quilters and fabric junkies have decended upon the heart of Texas! Discover up-and-coming trends with a vist to this patterned mecca.

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Carving Out Time With the Bily Brothers

Through dark Iowa winters, Frank and Joseph Bily crafted the clocks of history. Henry Ford offered them $1 million for one; the brothers declined.

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A Stitch in Time: Quilting for a Cause

You start the day fresh, a newspaper or laptop open on the table as you sip your morning coffee and catch up on the news. But the barrage of natural and human-made disasters leaves you feeling helpless and hopeless. You shut your laptop, fold your paper, and walk away. What can you do? These two…

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Tears of Mermaids: The Secret Story of Pearls

I’ve always had a thing for pearls. They’re my birthstone, for one. I wore a single, round, Japanese pearl around my neck the day I got married. I even have a dog named Pearl. So when I learned that my neighbor Stephen Bloom had written a book about pearls, I wanted to learn more. Steve…

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Mother-of-Pearl Buttons From the Banks of the Mississippi

Pearl buttons are cooler than plastic, and not just because they bring a tiny gleam to the dresses and shirts onto which they’re stitched. If you put your pearl button up to your cheek and then do the same with a plastic one, you’ll notice an actual difference in temperature. That’s just one of the…

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Modern Quilter Meet Ups: The Quilting Bee Comes Full Circle

A lifelong sewer/knitter and former weaver/spinner, Linzee Kull McCray, a.k.a. lkmccray, started quilting five years ago and can’t stop. Linzee is a writer and editor and she feels fortunate to meet and write about people, from scientists to stitchers, who are passionate about their work. Her freelance writing appears in Quilts and More, Stitch, Fiberarts,…