handmade and vintage goods

Home(made) for the Holidays

Creating new Christmas traditions keeps Etsy shop owners engaged all year long.

160 handmade and vintage goods

Memories of Camp

It may not be possible to recreate those carefree weeks in the woods, but reminders of summer camp can make the workday world just a little sweeter.

99 handmade and vintage goods

A Second Life for Seashore Treasures

Beyond its traditional fishy bounty, the sea offers a dazzling array of items ready to be reborn thanks to the artistic visions of Etsy sellers.

151 handmade and vintage goods

Plus Size and Proud

A new generation of body-positive fashionistas are celebrating their curves and the custom offerings of Etsy’s forward-thinking fashion designers.

187 handmade and vintage goods

Making Memories Last: The Art of Sentimental Upcycling

What do you do with sentimental items you can no longer use? For some Etsy sellers, giving those treasures new life is a special calling.

152 handmade and vintage goods

Out of the Blue: The Story of Indigo

Modern-day textile artists prize a centuries-old dye for its vibrant color and environmentally-friendly nature.

108 handmade and vintage goods

Certifiably Awesome: Becoming A Master Knitter

Certified Master Knitters take knits to the next level, dedicating countless hours to mastering their craft.

92 handmade and vintage goods

Making a Life in Print

For 25 years, Iowa printer Tim Fay has chronicled Midwestern life through the Wapsipinicon Almanac.

65 handmade and vintage goods

Singer Featherweights: Still Stitching After All These Years

These eleven-pound wonders produced by Singer from 1933 to 1964 are still the tool of choice for collectors and serious sewists alike.

207 handmade and vintage goods

Ruby Star Wrapping: Creating Packaging to Reuse

Authors Melody Miller and Allison Tannery share ideas for making sure giftwrapping lives a life beyond the holidays.

47 handmade and vintage goods

Where Larger-Than-Life Public Art Is Born

This Midwestern company creates the larger-than-life roadside attractions that populate childhood memories.

56 handmade and vintage goods

Noted: On Innovation and Craft

A curator’s criticism sparks a discussion: Just because you can innovate, should you?

51 handmade and vintage goods

Grottos of the Midwest

In the early 20th century, outsider artists spent years creating over-the-top sites for contemplation and reflection.

75 handmade and vintage goods

A Tale of Two Quilters

An online collaboration results in a co-authored book, “Sunday Morning Quilts.”

110 handmade and vintage goods

LADYFITS’ Sonya Darrow: A Hometown Thrift Artist

Nontraditional Czech folk clothing, sustainability, and artistic expression bring an artist into partnership with Goodwill.

109 handmade and vintage goods

The Local Music Project

An innovative new program allows library patrons free access to music, while providing exposure for local musicians.

49 handmade and vintage goods

A Living Memorial: The AIDS Quilt

This week in Washington, DC, 48,000 panels of the AIDS Memorial Quilt will be on display, a handmade tribute to lives tragically lost.

38 handmade and vintage goods

Little Free Libraries: “You Can’t Steal a Free Book.”

An organization strives to build community and literacy through DIY neighborhood micro-libraries.

174 handmade and vintage goods

Denyse Schmidt: Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration

Though she’s been called the mother of modern quilting, Denyse Schmidt’s new book pays homage to quilts of the past.

120 handmade and vintage goods

Opening the Barn Door

Seeking a spot for his kids to enjoy nature, Rich Tyler discovered a 100-year old octagonal barn. The kids are grown, but the Secrest Barn remains.

119 handmade and vintage goods

Clothes Make the Man (and Woman)…Smarter

Some pieces of clothing just make us feel great — and according to researchers, they may even affect the way we think.