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A Collector’s Guide to Mid-Century Dishware

Yearning to spice up your china cupboard? Dig into these covetable 20th century dishware patterns and makers.

91 handmade and vintage goods

The Unexpected Renaissance of Hand-Painted Signs

A specialized craft left for dead by the march of industrial printing is getting fresh life thanks to a new generation of fans and aspirants.

95 handmade and vintage goods

Untying the Knot: Macramé Then and Now

No longer a byword for dated bad taste, macramé has made an unexpected comeback.

116 handmade and vintage goods

The Trading Tortoise

A creative experiment in guided bartering celebrates the unexpected magic that happens when people share stories behind treasured possessions.

85 handmade and vintage goods

Eccentric Road Trips

Pack your bags and hit the road for a tour of American attractions decidedly off the beaten path.

111 handmade and vintage goods

Memories, Mourning and Craft: Hair in Jewelry and Art

Personal, emotional and intensely of its time, hairwork resonates with both antique sensibilities and contemporary meaning.

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The Untold History of Mother’s Day

Contrary to popular belief, Mother’s Day was not created by greeting card companies: it was the brainchild of women activists.

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Girl Power, DIY Culture and the Age of the Riot Grrrl

The original riot grrrl movement sparked a revolution that’s still playing out today.

152 handmade and vintage goods

Long Live the Typewriter

After a long journey through pre-war offices and kitschy cul-de-sacs, this iconic relic is undergoing a well-oiled revival.

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Featured Buyer: Lisa Butterworth of BUST Magazine

This week’s Featured Buyer is Lisa Butterworth, associate editor of BUST magazine, which has been spreading the good word of craft for years. Every issue features DIY projects galore and handmade products to score, with indie businesses and Etsy sellers taking center stage. BUST’s Holiday Craftacular is one of the biggest handmade fairs of the…