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Keepsake Wedding Florals From The Faux Bouquets

See why brides worldwide are choosing to take these extraordinarily life-like blooms down the aisle—and cherishing them for years to come.

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Featured Shop: b/perrino handmade

When fine-art photographer Barbara Perrino turned her eye to textile design, this line of modern, minimalist quilts was the (beautiful) result.

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Featured Shop: Mr. Lentz

Modern cowboy Evan Lentz ditched his desk job for a chance to craft handmade leather accessories that evoke the Wild West.

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Featured Shop: Hawthorn Handmade

Everyday wildlife sightings near Stephanie Carswell’s rural UK studio inspire many of her crochet and needle-felted creatures and DIY kit designs.

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Featured Shop: We Are Arrow

This organic-leaning line by London jewelry designer Tatiana Andrea makes a virtue of nature’s endless tiny imperfections.

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Reasons to Embrace Your Imperfect Home

According to stylist Emily Henson, author of the new book “Life Unstyled,” it’s the little flaws, quirks, and idiosyncrasies that make a home sing.

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Featured Shop: Outside Everywhere

Stay-at-home mom and self-taught woodworker Allison Catoe finds inspiration in the everyday.

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Wedding Etiquette 101: Your Guide to Gifts and Tips

Your comprehensive guide to treating your wedding crew right.

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The Six Hottest Houseplants to Bring Home Now

Gardening expert Kelly Norris digs up six distinctive houseplants to fall in love with this year (plus: our picks for snazzy planters to pot them in).