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Love Saves the Day: A Valentine Video | YouTube | Subscribe in iTunes [Music by Johannes Brahms – Ungarischer Tanz 6 D-Dur, Performed by Fulda Symphonic Orchestra, Conductor: Simon Schindler. Licensed under Creative Commons.] On Vanessa’s desk is the cutest little amigurumi bunny by Sereneonion. He’s blue with a pursed little mouth and big, reflective eyes. Then this stuffed bear by…

54 handmade and vintage goods

Customer Care Update: Billing Reminder!

Hey Sellers! January is only two months away now, so we want to remind everyone to make sure they pay those bills soon. We will have penalties for overdue bills in the New Year and we’d love to get everyone started off in 2008 on a clean slate.  Remember, no more auto-billing either! So go…

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Customer Care: Edit Mode Tip

We often get this question: How do I hide an item in my shop without deleting it? I don’t want people to buy it because I have a customer waiting for it, or I am going on vacation and want to be sure that customers absolutely don’t buy anything. Here’s what you should do: Your…