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Recently, I was clicking through Pounce Undiscovered with my right hand while rubbing my dog’s head with my left.  I saw this great (well-crafted and simply designed) elevated dog feeder (in red-stained chestnut) by merlinsbarkproducts, and I ah-ha’ed aloud.  I love finding good woodwork on Etsy.  This shop couples creative carpentry with a design sensibility…

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Color Picker Update: Filter by Search Terms

The Color Picker, one of our oldest and most iconic features, has received a significant update today. Now you can filter your color picking by using search terms! First, enter what you’re looking for in the text field on the left, then click a color on the right. You’ll get some listings that match both… handmade and vintage goods

Happy Birthday Etsians!

  From this day forward, we want to help you celebrate one of the most important days of the year… your birthday! So we created a Happy Birthday Etsians page – out of warm and fuzzy thoughts – just for you. Feel free to help us celebrate an Etsian’s birthday today by visiting their shop….