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One of Etsy’s Most Hearted: Elsita

For Valentine’s Day, we at Etsy’s blog thought we’d seek out the Etsy members who are the most beloved (or rather, be-hearted). We tracked six of out of the top one hundred most-hearted users and sought them out for interviews. They were totally surprised and pleased to find out! The sixth (and last!) in this… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Cuba: My Point of View

You could say that I grew up in a bubble. When you’re born and raised on an island (and this island happens to be Cuba), you have a completely different vision of the world than most people. When I was growing up, I thought that this island was the center of everything. If someone had… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Featured Seller: elsita

“If I had to choose one thing that blows my mind that would be people.”