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Shop Live: Lucky’s Picks

Last night in the Virtual Labs, Ami Pak, Senior Online Editor at Lucky Online, hosted our ultimate holiday shopping session.  It certainly was a fun Friday night shoppin’ with Ami!   For those who weren’t able to make it, we’ve posted her awesome picks below. We’re sad to see the Shop Live series go, and we…

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Shop Live: American Craft’s Picks

Last night we were excited to have Andrew Wagner live in the Virtual Labs sharing his favorites!  Andrew is editor-in-chief of American Craft Magazine and has impeccable taste (as you can see from his picks below!) This month’s American Craft is overflowing with fascinating articles like Brooklyn, New York: Craft Over the Bridge, where we…

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Shop Live: ExtremeCraft’s Picks

Last night, in Etsy’s Virtual Labs, Garth of Extreme Craft (and his lovely wife and Etsy seller joyceclaire) played records and showed us all their favorite “extreme” Etsy items.   If you like these picks you really should checked out, for more wild craftiness. A big thank you goes out to Garth, who had…

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Shop Live: Wired Magazine’s Picks

Did you miss Shop Live: Wired Magazine on Friday?  If so, you missed some great jokes, tunes and Etsy picks!  I collected as many as I could for your perusal, but do NOT miss the Shop Live event with Garth of Extreme Craft tonight at 7pm EST in the Virtual Labs. It’s going to be…

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Shop Live: BurdaStyle’s Picks

Alden from BurdaStyle popped by the Virtual Labs last night and shared her top fashion finds!   We had fun picking out Holiday outfits and getting some fashion tips from the community!   Did you miss it?  If so check out some of her picks for the fashionista below! If you were there, let us know what…

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Featured Team: The {NewNew} Etsy Team

What makes The {NewNew} Team so great? There really isn’t enough room in this post to tell you about all their initiatives (online and real world!).  This Team crafts together, shows work together, has an almost insanely active Google Group and  daily updated blog, with giveaways, how-tos, member updates and more!  They really have become…

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How-To Make Holiday Postcards With

Have a mailing list?  Surprise your best buyers with a cute holiday postcard featuring your Etsy items!  It’s easy-as-pie with  We’ve partnered with Moo to allow you to import images from your Etsy shop with a few clicks of the mouse.  Try it out!  First go to their postcard page and click the “Etsy”…

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Featured Team: Natural Kids Team

This week’s Featured Team, NaturalKids, makes sweet, wholesome products for your little ones!  We love the way these toys inspire creativity while staying true to their natural materials.  You’ll find these items are crafted with a lot of love, and it seems this affection pours into their Team as well!  The NaturalKids Team has a…

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Seller How-To: Packaging Ideas

Since I started working for Etsy I turned from a full time seller to a full time buyer. (Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating. I’m not shopping all the time…Sometimes I’ve spent all my money and I’m just adding to my favorites.)  My very favorite thing about buying on Etsy is getting packages — it’s like a…

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Fresh Shop: The Secret Nest

Plants, animals, the life aquatic and all things teeny tiny inspire this Vancouver-based artist.

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Featured Team: Full Time Etsy Crafters Team

We’ve always been inspired by those crafters who take the plunge to create full time! When we saw many of these brave crafters come together to form their own Team, The Full Time Etsy Crafters, we wanted to support them and show the rest of Etsy how they are helping each other.  Sharing business tips,…

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How-To: Making a Needlefelted Turkey

I was recently shopping local and bumped into two great Etsy shops for heartfelt and natural kids toys, winsomehollow & littleloveblue.  Turns out these Etsy sellers are sisters! I invited them down to the Etsy Labs to do a live how-to in the Virtual Labs and luckily, they were thrilled to share with the rest…

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My Top 10 Metal Clay Jewelry Items on Etsy

Jewelry made from precious metal clay would make an exciting and unique holiday gift this season! Without further ado, my Top Ten jewelry picks! Pendant by dinaalexander. Find more bunny pendants. Precious metal clay contains microscopic precious metal particles and is dried and fired to create solid, dense beads, pendants, earrings, rings and more! Metal…

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Dogs vs Cats Duel: Dogs Are More Fashionable

We’re all pretty excited about the upcoming vote. On one hand you have a collection of very serious candidates (who are looking a little hot under the collar, rrrrrrrrrrreeeeerrrrrr!) and here you’ll see my furry candidates, who take themselves a little less seriously. Look at them posing with a casual sense of pride, digging their…

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Fresh Shops: LullabyLily

Knit creatures make me happy. Lullabylily is a new little shop full of happiness: white winged horses, pink pigs and slugs — oh my! What do we have here? A brand new Etsy fiber artist after my own 12-year-old girl heart! (Yes, my heart stopped evolving at 12. I still really love ponies and sparkles.) …

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Etsy in Action: Upcoming Events August 29 — September 5, 2008

Enjoy the summer and its many leisurely outdoor activities while they last—just a few days remaining! Let us know what’s happening in your area by sharing in the comments below. Seattle, WA: August 30 — September 1, 2008 Explore the finest selection of regional indie crafts, imported treasures from around the world, and other interactive…

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Decorating Ideas for a Mod Kitchen

I was inspired by this Design*Sponge Sneak Peek of LisaCongdon‘s kitchen, to show you, dear reader, how to create such a lovely spot in your home! Lisa is an Etsy seller (see her shop here) with a fabulous collection of vintage pyrex and enamelware with a gorgeous plate wall. Want a kitchen as mod and…

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Virtual Labs and How-To Schedule: July 28th to August 1st, 2008

The Virtual Labs are Etsy’s interactive classrooms, a place to hang out, throw paper airplanes and share skills. We’ve also started Show and Tell for Buyers, so if you have a bit of an Etsy shopping addiction, these are your peeps. Come on by and show us what you’ve bought on Etsy this week!  It’s…

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Etsy in Action: Upcoming Events July 12 – July 17

Have ya heard? San Francisco, CA: July 12th & 13th   Renegade Craft Fair! Come on by and say hello to Etsy and a whole slew of Etsy sellers at the first Renegade Craft Fair in San Francisco.  We’d love to meet you in person, so pop on by! (And you’d better bring your wallet…

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Live How-To’s For All of July!

July is How-To Month and we’re dead set on transforming you into the ultimate crafter.  Come craft with us in one of over 25 live tutorials in the Virtual Labs! Each week I’ll post another article to let you know what room the How-To will be in and what tools and materials you’ll need to…

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Etsy in Action: Upcoming Events June 6 – 13

Hey Etsians! Get off the internet (but come back to us later) and meet your crafty friends in person at the following events… Friday, June 6th  World’s Largest Plush Show: Crammed Organisms from 7pm – 11pm, June 6th in St. Louis, Missouri.  Starclipper’s gallery will be filled to the brim with a collection of unique…