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Etsy Success: Merchandising for the Holidays

Before the busy season hits, consider your target market, holiday trends and your unique point of view to create a perfectly give-able line of work.

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Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp: Getting Started

Need a push into the holiday season? Etsy Success Holiday Boot Camp is launching this Thursday, September 23.

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Launch a Product Line to Improve Your Business

Are you ready to take a leap, revamp and grow your Etsy shop, but don’t know where to start? I’ve seen many now very successful sellers launch a creative, cohesive product line and a full-time business all in the same go; it’s a great place to start. Composing a balanced line of work can get…

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Before and After With Etsy’s Old Timers & Full-Timers

There’s a bit of a who-had-the-worst-photos competition between a few of us Etsy Admin who also run Etsy shops. Thankfully, we learned from our mistakes and over the years we worked hard to now have clear and well lit photos, but we definitely weren’t exempt from the bad lighting, blurry shots and funky graphics that…

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10 Things I Learned as a New Etsy Seller

Corinna of piddix  just finished her first year as a full-time Etsy seller, and here she shares her top realistic tips for running an Etsy shop in this eye-opening Forum thread. Read on to see why making less money and working even harder is still her lifestyle of choice.  Just over a year ago I left my…

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Because I Said So: Wisdom From Mom

I was raised by a strong, ingenious and resourceful single mom. My mother always encouraged me to live without boundaries and to barrel down any creative path in life I wanted. If it wasn’t for her strength, tenacity, and support, I wouldn’t have such a fulfilling and interesting life. (You can read more about my mom in…

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Eco-Craft, Inc: Environmentally Conscious Supplies

I’ve tried to completely change my eating habits after watching the brilliant documentary, Food, Inc. (It also made me want an office piglet for Etsy, but that’s another blog post.) Next up on my to-do list? Changing my crafting habits. As a jeweler, the options are sometimes limited, however, there’s now an option to purchase…

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Craft Show Display Tips and Must-Haves

After attending dozens of craft fairs, I’ve picked up some tips for creative displays. Read on to learn from my experiences selling in person and attending shows on the indie craft fair circuit. Think of your booth as a pop-up flagship store. My biggest mistake was prioritizing a display that was easy — easy to…

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Quit Your Day Job: JessicaDoyle’s Video Edition

In lieu of our traditional Quit Your Day Job interview, today we have a special video installment! Jessica Doyle is a Canadian writer, artist and influential Etsy seller. Her blog, Art & Musings, is deeply honest, touching, inspiring and contains beautiful illustrations and images. She grapples with serious issues of addiction and how it affects…

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Etsy Success: The Right Camera

Jen Kiaba, a.k.a Jenkiabaphotography, is a self-proclaimed camera addict and seasoned photographer. I recently asked her a few questions to help you choose the right camera to shoot your product photos. What kind of camera would you suggest for an Etsy seller who’s just starting out, and has a limited budget? If you’re just starting out…

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Etsy Speaker Series: The Handmade Marketplace

Kari Chapin, author of The Handmade Marketplace, is visiting Etsy and bringing four of the book’s crafty contributors with her. We’re excited to host the next event in Etsy’s Speaker Series with The Handmade Marketplace panel on April 1, 2010 at 7 p.m. ET at the Etsy Labs in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY. Be sure to RSVP here.   Not able to…

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Etsy’s Guide to Selling From Europe: Part 1

Did you know that during 2009 30% of sales on Etsy involved a buyer or seller outside the U.S, reaching over 160 countries? A lot of that action is happening in Europe. Setting up a shop is technically the same process for a seller anywhere in the world, but we know selling from Europe comes…

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Etsy Success: Connecting With Twitter

Visual artist Kristina Havens, a.k.a. Krystyna81, wrote to me with a great story of success as a result of her presence on Twitter, a free social networking and microblogging service. On Twitter you can share news, links to blog posts, photos and communicate with a group of your “followers.” Read on to hear Kristina’s story and her…

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20 Questions Your Buyers are Asking — and Your Listings Should Answer

Our community shares the best small business tips with each other every single day in the Etsy Forums. I always reference this particularly helpful Etsy Forum post in my Online Labs workshops for sellers. (Find out more about these workshops here.)  20 Questions Your Buyers Are Asking by sparklerama Etsy is full of amazing and…

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Etsy Success Tips: Increasing Your Item Views

How do you get your Etsy items found by many? I started a dialogue to help answer this common question in the Etsy Forums, and the the resulting thread took on a life of its own, with sellers offering stellar tips too good to not share. For example, Etsy seller Shalana of Greendale, Wisconsin-based shop shalana suggests, “The…

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Rock ‘n’ Shop With Lenka

Australian singer-songwriter, Lenka is best known for her single, “The Show,” which gained her worldwide popularity. Lenka’s music is synonymous with a whimsical, crafty visual style, almost always created with her partner James Gulliver Hancock and can be seen in her album artwork, videos and stage sets. After majoring in sculpture at art school in Sydney and performing with Aussie film projection…

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Shop Live with ReadyMade: October 7, 2009

As a child, I used to debate earnestly with my friends about whether Halloween or Christmas was the better holiday. Christmas had superior presents, but Halloween was somehow, undeniably, cooler. It’s an assessment I’d still stand by. There’s just something so right about a late fall holiday that’s dedicated to death, decay, and the uncanny…

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Etsy Snout Off: Pug vs. Chihuahua

Today I present the first ever Etsy Snout Off.* Who will win the furry battle for most precious? Will the smoosh-faced, chubby pug contender take the lead? Or perhaps the crown will go to the dainty, bug-eyed chihuahua? Stand back, as this is about to get ugly extremely adorable! Cast your vote for Etsy’s Next…

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Etsy Sellers Unite for Etsy Day — Join in!

UPDATE: Happy Etsy Day! #etsyday is trending number one on Twitter according to Twazzup! psRemember, it’s “Etsy” not “Esty,” sillies! The Etsy Forums have united and declared Friday, April 24th, 2009, Etsy Day! Hurrah! We here at Etsy love you for working together to create a really exciting opportunity for us all.  We will be…

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How-Tuesday: Glass Photo Etching

Have you ever thought about trying glass etching? If so, I’ve got a project for you! I’ve taken cream glass etching to a new level by using PNP Blue Transfer Paper as a resist!  PNP Blue Transfer Paper was originally used to etch circuit boards and has recently been adapted to etch jewelry.  I tested…

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Shop Makeover Series: Feature-Friendly Photos

Want a few tips on getting your items featured? (…Not only by other Etsy community members curating their Treasuries, or Etsy Admin, but also all those bloggers featuring Etsy items?) Here are a few tips from the Shop Makeover Series to help make your photos and listings more appealing to curators everywhere! 1. Take Crisp,…