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Register Now for Holiday Boot Camp 2014

Plan a successful holiday season with four weeks of education-filled emails. Sign up now to to be sure you get every email. handmade and vintage goods

Stay on Top of Your Shop: 4 Inventory Management Tips

Inventory management isn’t glamorous. But creating a system that works for your business is key, especially as the holiday season approaches. handmade and vintage goods

How to Be Your Shop’s Best Critic

Take a closer look at your Etsy business with our new interactive shop critique worksheet. What you discover may surprise you. handmade and vintage goods

3 Ways to Refresh Your Product Line

Expanding your product line can attract new buyers and keep current customers coming back. Here are three smart strategies for doing just that. handmade and vintage goods

Seller Success: Taking Shop Tools to the Next Level

Miss Tuesday’s Town Hall? Find the highlights here, with exciting updates on phone support, intellectual property rights and streamlined shop tools. handmade and vintage goods

5 Ways to Translate In-Person Events Into Online Sales

Harness face-to-face interactions this season to boost your sales and improve your SEO, with a worksheet for gathering DIY data on your target market. handmade and vintage goods

Getting Help From Your Community When You Need It

Could you use an extra set of hands? Whether you need help for the holidays or year ‘round, this advice will make the experience mutually beneficial. handmade and vintage goods

5 Telltale Signals You’re Ready to Quit Your Day Job

Are you gunning to become your own boss? Before you take the plunge, hit up this checklist to ensure a fearless (not reckless) approach. handmade and vintage goods

Branding Basics for Etsy Teams

Whether you’re founding your team or reinvigorating activity, these tips will help you create a memorable team name, tagline, and marketing elements. handmade and vintage goods

Team Fellowship Projects That Rocked 2012

The 2013 Teams Fellowship Program is open for submissions! Here are examples of previous projects to inspire your team’s application. handmade and vintage goods

How to Find Teams to Help Grow Your Etsy Shop

Amidst thousands of niche teams, how do you choose the best ones for you? Connecting with the right crew can lead to the support your shop needs. handmade and vintage goods

What to Bring to a Craft Fair

The “Craft Fairs… It’s a Living” Etsy team has your packing list for the season of holiday markets. handmade and vintage goods

How to Rock It at a Holiday Show

Making personal connections with shoppers at local fairs can build momentum for your business. The founders of the Dallas Team are here to help. handmade and vintage goods

Introducing the Etsy Teams Fellowship Program

As teams continue to grow into full-fledged collectives of successful business owners, Etsy’s assistance must evolve as well. handmade and vintage goods

December Grant Winners Announced

2011 has been an exciting time for Etsy Teams. As we wrap up the year, we hope you’ll celebrate the many of victories of each Etsy team — the total number of which now clocks in at over 4,000! Eighty-two grants were awarded over the past year. You can read about the execution of the… Continue reading