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Noted: The Problem With Prefab

What began as the ultimate DIY project is now a contemporary contradiction. Can anyone save the business of factory-made housing?

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Noted: The Truck Art of Pakistan

We often leave it to museums to preserve and display the cultural heritage of a region, but for Pakistan, they put it on four wheels.

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Recycling the Shipping Container

Swimming pools, houses, offices — you can make almost any structure out of these mega-sized receptacles. But is this design trend really practical?

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Unearthing Seneca Village

Once just a man-made urban respite, Central Park is now the site of an archeological dig that reveals the history of an African-American settlement.

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Noted: Modern-Day Treasure Hunters

Often overlooked as greedy gold seekers, the life of the contemporary beach comber is surprisingly romantic.

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Noted: The Business of Fake Vomit

Weak stomachs beware! A tour of a novelty factory reveals the process and history behind the most popular (and disgusting) gag.

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Inventing the Cardboard Box

The cookies on your grocer’s shelf and the package you just received in the mail are made possible by the innovations of Robert Gair.

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The Art of Wen Shu

Amidst the lush gardens of 17th century China, the pioneering efforts of this female artist not only fed her family, but made her a national treasure.

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Noted: Tokyo’s Clone Factory

Love is eternal, particularly when the bride is immortalized in a freakishly life-like miniature.

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Noted: Saving the U.S. Postal Service

The Postal Service may be the foundation of tangible exchange, but what happens when its unsustainable model runs out of cash?

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Noted: A New Era of Pearls

For one innovator, providing affordable pearls to first-time buyers is a positive feat, even if the bulbous gems are made by guys in white lab coats.

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The Shopping Haul Phenomenon

Turning on your webcam and showing off your new shoes might be a simple idea, but for a growing group of teenage girls, it’s a money-making empire.

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Noted: The Thrill of Mushroom Hunting

If the economy has you keeping a close eye on your grocery bill, look no further than the mossy forrest trails of eastern Oregon.

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The Art of Convenience

Ever had a crazy idea? How about $20,000 crazy? Find out what happens when a group of artists buys every item in their neighborhood corner store.

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Noted: The Seamstresses Behind the Space Suit

With no room for error, the well-being of NASA astronauts was literally in the hands of a group of talented needleworkers.

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Ranch: America’s Salad Dressing

Creamy and decadent, ranch dressing resides on dinner tables across the country. Savor the history of this wholly American invention.

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Noted: Tweenbots

Does anyone really care? Artist Kacie Kinzer challenges society to reach out and help a bumbling robot prone to injury and destruction.

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Noted: Attack of the Endless Receipt

As annoying as it may be, there’s a reason why stores like CVS and Walgreens think we need a mile-long record of a transaction.

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Who Owns Spiral Jetty?

The seminal work of artist Robert Smithson is now the central focus of a debate over ownership and intellectual property.

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Noted: Doppelgänger Dinners

Chef Mike Lee proves that dietary restrictions need not inhibit the aesthetics of a tasty, meticulously crafted dish.

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Jeremy Hutchison’s Err

The well-oiled process of global manufacturing is disrupted when an artist asks factories to make their product with an intentional error.