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Noted: How Are Your Table Manners?

As more children grow up in a drive-thru context, sitting up straight and chewing with one’s mouth closed is quickly becoming a societal relic. handmade and vintage goods

Animal Architecture: Creature-Inspired Craft and Design

The study of Earth’s non-human inhabitants provides limitless inspiration for art, craft and the design of extraordinary structures. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: When Food Gets Disgusting

The culinary treasures of one country often completely revolt another, resulting in an ingrained emotion that defines not just palates, but cultures. handmade and vintage goods

What’s Your Favorite Museum Exhibit?

In response to this evocative question, the readers at Boing Boing share photos of the most unbelievable displays at their favorite institutions. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: How We Save Our Food

Artist Jihyun Ryou invites communities to gather oral traditions about preservation and storage for optimal freshness. handmade and vintage goods

The Problem With Nude

Join Tara Raines in her crusade against companies who forget that “flesh tone” and “skin” are not objective descriptions of color. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: Cooking Behind Bars

With a simple warming pot as their only tool, the women of a Texas prison remind us of the universal comfort found in preparing food. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: Creating a Zero-Waste Garment

In a challenge to maximize every inch of a single piece of fabric, a group of students discover the benefits of limitations. handmade and vintage goods

Billboards: The Next Green Home?

A Thai design studio is proposing the next big thing in subsidized housing, and it comes with really great views. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: Brown Is the New Green

Color is the latest tool in the battle to attract eco-conscious shoppers. Are we better off with mocha-hued toilet paper? handmade and vintage goods

Noted: The Incredible Hotel Built in 15 Days

China’s efficient architectural strategy may be poised to solve the housing drought, but can this foundation stand the test of time? handmade and vintage goods

Museum on the Mend: Saving the South Street Seaport

Financially troubled, the bastion of this historic site in New York City hold its breath and hopes that its latest makeover will do the trick. handmade and vintage goods

The Power of Retro Packaging

Your childhood memories at the breakfast table are now the most powerful tool in an advertiser’s arsenal. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: The Depaving Movement

Grab your pickaxe and sledgehammer and join the fight to free the soil trapped under our abandoned parking lots. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: Is Miss America Still Relevant?

The beauty pageant of today is a far cry from yesteryear, when full-figured women reached for the crown as a means to their academic dreams.