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When Fern Fever Gripped a Nation

What began with a simple terrarium turned into a 19th centuy frond phenomenon that influenced art, fashion and home decor. handmade and vintage goods

Bridesmaid on a Budget

You’re thrilled to be in the wedding party; your wallet, however, is not. Learn how to be a part of the big day without breaking the bank. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: A Memorial for Mental Health

With the help of 28,000 potted flowers, artist Anna Schuleit transforms a mental hospital into a beautiful meditation on psychiatric well-being. handmade and vintage goods

Cracks and the Art of Repair

A fifteenth century Japanese pottery technique continues to inspire today, proving that there are no accidents, only opportunity. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: Printing Your Library Books on Demand

In the face of financial despair, our essential public institutions are trying to compete with the world’s biggest online retailers. handmade and vintage goods

Crinolines and Spanx: Modernizing Women’s Shapewear

Women have been squeezed in, laced up, and pulled tight for centuries. Why do we still grin and bear the pain? handmade and vintage goods

Noted: Tracking Your Used Clothing

The afterlife of your thrift store donations may surprise you. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: Saving Japan’s Photographs

A year after the tragic events struck the Pacific nation, one woman is helping families reconnect with their lost memories. handmade and vintage goods

Planning an Accessible Wedding

When planning your wedding, a disability need not affect your day. Wheelchair users offer advice for achieving the event of your dreams. handmade and vintage goods

Japan and the Crazy Quilt

The needlecraft fad that busied every woman in America during the 1800s was inspired by an unlikely source. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: The Crazy Coat Lady

The homeless population of Detroit is a little warmer because of Veronika Scott’s socially conscious design: a coat that converts into a sleeping bag. handmade and vintage goods

The Trouble With Wallpaper

What was once an object of class warfare is now the stuff of DIY nightmares. Before covering your walls, get inspired and find your inner patience. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: When Craft Meets Athletics

Nike’s brand new Flyknit shoes will be on the feet of track stars at this year’s Olympics. But is this just a handcrafted gimmick? handmade and vintage goods

Noted: Creating the Perfect Pointe Shoe

Meticulous commitment keeps one company in demand, supplying ballerinas with the key to their ultimate success. handmade and vintage goods

How Tupperware Reinvented American Business

A documentary shows how the humble, plastic food container was once a means for young women to achieve personal success and financial stability.