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Noted: Do We Really Care to Share?

Zipcar and Airbnb may be rising in popularity, but a study reveals that even grown ups have a problem with sharing. handmade and vintage goods

Craft Fads Through the Decades

You’ll have to take the good with the bad in this retrospective of trendy hobbies. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: Retail With Nothing to Hide

Has maker culture infiltrated a retail store near you? Revealing the process might be the next big thing in interior design. handmade and vintage goods

Otaku Spaces: When Collecting Becomes An Obsession

In Japan, pop culture junkies challenge the limits of social acceptance through their carefully curated lairs. handmade and vintage goods

More Than Just a Pretty Face

A new book shows how the most unique and empowering pageant for women took place in the underground corridors of New York City’s transit system. handmade and vintage goods

You’re Too Busy

Our daily drive to conquer epic to-do lists might be the symptom of a greater problem. handmade and vintage goods

The International Snow Cone

With a different version sold in almost every country with a hot summer, this satisfying iced treat brings out the opinionated foodie in all of us. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: The Carpet Weavers of Morocco

A group of women were given permission to mine demolition sites for materials to build looms, as they embark on a U.S. tour to exhibit their craft. handmade and vintage goods

Helvetica: Love It or Hate It

A recent controversy exposes the polarized feelings towards the übermodern typeface. handmade and vintage goods

Noted: Rediscovering Forgotten Foods

With the help of a new program, the endangered edibles of yesteryear are back on supermarket shelves. handmade and vintage goods

That NPR Post Everyone’s Talking About

Emily White’s casual admission about her music collection opened up a firestorm of debate on music piracy and the fair compensation of artists. handmade and vintage goods

When Crowdsourcing Goes Wrong

An interactive experience proved disastrous for the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra. Does that mean taste making should be left to the professionals? handmade and vintage goods

Focused on the Frame

What lies beyond the edges of a work of art is now one of the hottest topics among museums and their curators.

Noted: The Blind Self Portrait Machine

The guesswork is pushed aside as an experimental computer program creatively reinvents a decades-old drawing technique. handmade and vintage goods

Defining a Dying Art

Today it’s chair caning, and tomorrow it’s sheep shearing — how can we tell when a practice is truly in danger of going extinct?