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Making the Case for Handmade Halloween Costumes

Lately, it seems like the most DIY of holidays is losing its edge. When you don a disguise this year, will it be your own creation?

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Making a Mark: Elizabeth Conrad Hickox’s Baskets

An early 20th century mother-daughter team figured out their own recipe for success, creating a brand of baskets still coveted today.

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The Art of Scent

A new exhibit at New York’s Museum of Art and Design asks: can a smell be a work of art?

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Beatrix Potter’s Extraordinary Career

Beyond the adorable mice and fuzzy bunnies, Beatrix Potter was a trailblazer who forged her own path as an artist and businesswoman.

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Holiday Greeting Cards Through the Decades

With every passing decade, this annual tradition reflects historical milestones and cultural trends in art and society.

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Making A Difference With Reclaim Detroit

By salvaging materials from deconstructed homes, this organization is creating a whole new economy while renewing city-wide spirit.

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A New Breed of Embroidery Art

The unique approach of London-based artist Karen Nicol will change what you thought was possible with a needle and thread.

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The Illuminating Art of Tinsel Painting

Within the gas lamp-lit homes of the 19th century, a mysterious artform shimmers with clues about the history of women and domesticity.

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Reporting From Maker Faire Africa

Makeshift Magazine founder Steve Daniels gives a firsthand account of the unique maker spirit and ingenuity found in Lagos, Nigeria.

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Handing Down the Family Dishes

Does the tradition of inheriting your grandmother’s china still make sense in your modern-day life?

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A Visit to Philip Johnson’s Glass House

Buried in the Connecticut woods, the 49-acre legacy of Philip Johnson is a tribute to the public discourse of art and design.

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The Problem With Folk Art

Museums that champion the work of self-taught artists are struggling. So why is this field of study such an easy target?

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Waste Not: The Art of Inventive Repair

The creative ways our ancestors repaired their most precious possessions is an astonishing, valuable lesson in learning how to make do.

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Valuing Your Unrealized Work

There’s much to be gained from failed attempts. So dig that crumpled up ball of paper out of the trash can and pin it on the wall!

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40 Under 40: Defining the Future of Craft

A new exhibition at the Renwick Gallery showcases artists who are redefining the meaning of craft.

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Expanding the Definition of Art

A recent dustup over an article at Artforum shows that we still can’t all agree on exactly what makes a piece of art.

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The Joiner and the Cabinetmaker

To learn the craft of woodworking, Robert Campbell took a creative approach that improved his work and changed his life.

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Where You Do Your Best Work

Do you play well with others, or is your best work done in solitude? Fortunately, there’s a workspace to match every personality.

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Noted: Quilting Across Generations

In Savannah, Georgia, children and seniors bonded over neighborhood stories and craft. Now they need help creating a book to share their journey.

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Giving in to Trends

For crafters and makers, following the crowd can be a catch-22. Is it possible to be inspired by the latest fads while standing out as an individual?

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Noted: The Joy of Taking Notes

These days, everything is going digital. Should your tried-and-true Moleskine notebooks follow suit?