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Rediscovering the Holidays

A dad rediscovers the holiday season’s joys through his young son’s wonder and excitement.

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The Halloween Wonder Years

The transformative power of Halloween can serve as a year-round lesson in parenting.

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The Evolution of a Train Table

The expanding tracks of a wooden train set creates unexpected parallels to a child’s growing understanding of the world.

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Five New Year’s Resolutions for Parents

The turning of the year is a perfect point to take stock and reflect on changes to make for your family.

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Becoming Brothers

When you are three, making the switch from only child to big brother can be a bumpy road for the whole family.

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Newborn Wonder

A new baby, even if it is not your first, is still a marvel that changes your world.

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Are We Sharing Too Much?

When a new baby arrives, everyone wants pictures and news. With social media, spreading the word is easier than ever. But is that a good thing?

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What Makes a Family?

Today’s families are composed of mothers, fathers, stepparents, aunts, uncles and friends. What earns someone a spot in the family circle?

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On Being the Bad Guy

Being a parent means taking the long view and setting limits — something children don’t always understand.

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The Joy of Missing Out

Being in the right place at the right time isn’t always about chasing what’s cool.

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Being a Fool for Your Kid

Sometimes, being a good parent means not taking yourself too seriously.

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An Ode to Summer

For Caleb Gardner, enjoying the summer with his young son allows him to recapture a sense of childlike wonder.

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Knowing Your Neighbors

When Caleb Gardner moved his family to the suburbs from the city, he found something he hadn’t known he was missing: neighbors.

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The New DIY Movement for Kids

Two new websites are part of a growing movement that aims to let kids discover the joys of making something yourself.

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Making a House a Home

Buying a house is a big step, and with it comes the worry: will this ever be home?

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Creating a Growth Mindset

Does too much praise limit a child’s capacity to develop and grow? How can parents balance encouragement with a sense of humility and proportion?

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The Making of a Big Brother

For a firstborn son, a new baby means a big transition from being the one and only to big brother. What can parents do to smooth the way?

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The Future Belongs to the Curious

In our brave new life-hacking world, is an open mind the key to a successful future?

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Art for Art’s Sake

Art museums, finger-painting sessions, aesthetic critiques: how do you foster an appreciation for culture in your child?

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The Children of Tomorrow

As new technologies close the gap between learning and play, kids are accepting robots as never before.

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Cultivating Romance

This skill-building approach to love throws cold water on a pending holiday that is almost entirely dedicated to warm, fuzzy feelings.