The Etsy Blog handmade and vintage goods

Growing an Eco-Friendly Business

Ready to go green? In honor of Earth Day, Etsy sellers share their advice for building a sustainable business that fits your personality. handmade and vintage goods

Inspired by Science

Five Etsy shops blend art and science in an array of gorgeous experiments that empirically prove beauty and brains go together. handmade and vintage goods

Next Chapters

Etsy sellers are enjoying creative and financial success in second, third and fourth careers — even post-retirement. Want to be inspired? Read on. handmade and vintage goods

Giving Thanks by Giving Back

Many Etsy sellers include giving back as part of their way of doing business, and the ways they do it are as unique as their talent and craft. handmade and vintage goods

The Business of Collaboration

How two Etsy sellers shared their needs and talents to help their businesses grow. handmade and vintage goods

An Interview With Alice Waters

One of America’s most influential chefs talks about dining with the Dalai Lama, collaborating with friends, and teaching the next generation. handmade and vintage goods

An Interview With Tom Dixon

Acclaimed British designer Tom Dixon talks to Karen Brown about making the leap from music to design, ecological materials and “anti-fashion.” handmade and vintage goods

Tim Gunn: “I Am Crazy About Etsy”

Everyone’s favorite fashion mentor talks about Etsy, the importance of craft, and why he almost didn’t join “Project Runway.” handmade and vintage goods

An Interview With Frances Moore Lappé

Her “Diet for a Small Planet” changed the conversation about food forever. In “EcoMind,” she tells us how changing our outlook can change the world. handmade and vintage goods

The Art of the Party: An Interview with David Stark

Party superstar David Stark shares how his creative approach to events for Beyoncé, Martha Stewart, and The Metropolitan Opera can work for you, too. handmade and vintage goods

An Interview With Sir Ken Robinson

He has the most viewed TED Talk of all time. Now, Sir Ken Robinson talks with us about creativity and finding your “Element.” handmade and vintage goods

An Interview With Anthony Bourdain

He’s big, he’s bad, and he’s all ours — for a conversation about food, dead rock stars, and doing it by hand.

Adam Savage Answers Your Questions

Mythbuster Adam Savage responds to your questions about indie culture, explosions, and swimming in mayonnaise. handmade and vintage goods

Daily Acts: How to Move the World Every Day

A new nonprofit counts and maps the cumulative community-boosting activities of its members, building momentum for meaningful change. handmade and vintage goods

The Cigar Box Guitar

Tough times and insatiable ingenuity combined to create a distinctly American musical instrument.