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MICA Students Try Their Hand at Redesigning Etsy

What do you remember about school? Maybe the part that made an impression on you wasn’t necessarily the book-learnin’ — maybe it was the art teacher who took you on a field trip to a museum where you got to meet the curator behind-the-scenes, or the play-doh brain you made for a science fair. I’m…

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I Heart Art: Portland — Fab Event & Upcoming Workshops

The I Heart Art: Portland kick-off party was a thrill! I Heart Art: Portland is a pilot project representing the new relationship between Etsy, Pacific Northwest College of Art, Museum of Contemporary Craft, and the Portland Etsy Team. We had so much fun mixing and mingling and meeting friends face to face.  Photo by Heather Zinger PNCA ’10…

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Survey Says: The Results of the Blog Reader Survey Are Here

First off, thank you so much to everyone who took the survey. It means a lot to us professionally that over 5600 people took the survey during the one week it was up. We want to share some of the information with you — both because you might be curious and also because the results…

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What’s Missing on Etsy?

Whenever I’m explaining Etsy to the uninitiated, they usually respond with something like, “Oh, it’s for crafts, like jewelry and pot holders?” “No,” I say. “It’s actually for anything handmade or vintage.” If the person has a sense of humor, I might tell them there’s everything from furniture to vintage clothing, from fine art to…

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Beads, Beads, Beads!

What is it that is so addictive about beads? What makes them so pleasurably collectible? Fling away those boring plastic Mardi Gras strands and get strung up with these vintage and handmade beauties I found on Etsy.  What would you flash for a string of unique beads? (Wait, don’t answer that!) Show us your beads…

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Handmade for Haiti: Threadbanger’s Corinne Leigh Teams Up With Planting Peace

We’ve known Corinne, our friend over at Threadbanger, for some time now, but we didn’t know that before Threadbanger, she helped start a charity in Haiti about six years ago. She has joined back up with her friend and founder of Planting Peace, Aaron Jackson, to help Haiti in the wake of the earthquake. They’ve…

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Valentine’s Day Card Design Contest: An Etsy + CoolMomPicks Co-Production

UPDATE: Winners! Winners! Winners! Coolmompicks announced the winners for this contest today. Guess what: Kristen and Liz couldn’t pick just 9, so we have 12 talented designers to congratulate today. You can purchase the downloadable PDF from the EtsyStore for $3.99. The proceeds go to Children’s Heart Foundation. Get those kiddos a’colorin’! The winning card…

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Handmade Comments: How Not to Spam While Being Active Online

You’re at a gallery opening, discussing the paintings with the artists and other attendees. Someone bursts into the room shouting, “I MAKE PAINTINGS TOO!” and tosses a fistful of flyers on the floor and leaves. This is what it feels like for many readers when a seller comments on our blog with just a link…

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Earthquake in Haiti

UPDATE UPDATE: Etsy and the Etsy Admin combined raised $13,270! UPDATE: Etsy Admin decided to donate our personal money, and Etsy (the company) will be matching what we Admin raise. Our donations will be going to Partners in Health.  Our blogger friend Jen over at IndieFixx told us about a fundraiser she is putting together…

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Studio Envy: Tips From Our Community’s Inspiring Spaces

There’s no time like the present to stop, look around your workspace, and try something new. Combing through our Etsy Open Studios group on Flickr, I’ve seen everything from expansive solo studios to cramped crafting nooks in the corner of the living room. Either way, you have to make it a space that inspires you…

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Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings, and to All a Good Night

  We are wishing you the happiest of holidays with your family and friends. We love you, Etsy people!    

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Accessorize This: The Uniform Project

Wearing the same dress every day for a year is unimaginable for most of us. But Sheena, along with her collaborator Eliza, of the Uniform Project took up that self-imposed challenge and made a “little black dress” — the launching pad for a full year of fashion improvisation. What resulted is an inspiring collection of…

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Show Us Your Crazy Christmas Tree

PollyPainting‘s blue Christmas tree literally made me squeal with delight. It really does look like something out of Dr. Seuss! How’s that for holiday cheer! What’s your interpretation of holiday decor — whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or another holiday? Are you a classic traditionalist or do you go in for zany vintage kitsch?…

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The Great Etsy Office Move of 2009: Our Quiltsy Quilts

Thank you so much to the Quiltsy Team! Last summer, we commissioned this set of custom quilts to spell out “ETSY.COM.” It’s the first thing people see when they enter our new office, and it doubles as a movable wall for this now very cozy meeting room. These quilts, like the Etsy community, spell out…

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About Us: Neelam Hasni a.k.a. Neelam12

Neelam, a.k.a. Neelam12, is our web analytics guru. Neelam dives into the numbers and helps us make sense of what is happening with site traffic and activity on She works on the Marketing Team and is a relatively new hire at Etsy, having starting in the spring of 2009. Let’s welcome her to the…

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Blogs We Love: CoolMomPicks

We got CoolMomPicks in the twin-maker at Etsy Labs! A visit from these bloggers was a special treat, considering that they come from near and far. Liz Gumbinner is in our neighborhood here in Brooklyn, while Kristen Chase lives in Atlanta, GA. The two met online while posting to their individual parenting blogs. After a…

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Halloween Hosting: Kill Devil Punch Recipe From Food & Wine Magazine

Your guests will be reeling (in a good way) from this punch! The recipe for Kill Devil Punch came to Food & Wine Magazine from Phil Ward, bartender at the aptly named Death & Co. It features a block of raspberry ice that melts, slowly releasing its juices (a.k.a. raspberry blood) into the bowl throughout…

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How To Present Yourself to the Press

Attention, sellers! I have been your faithful blogger for the past two years and I have an important tip for you: You need to be prepared with photos that represent you and your business. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been working on a blog post spotlighting an excellent person — seller, blogger,…

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Handmade Moment Contest: We Have a Winner

(Extended drum roll…) The winner of the Handmade Moment Video Contest is “Handmade Moments are Everywhere” by Daniel Kwan! Daniel’s outstanding animation gets across the playful spirit of Etsy. Our judges and the community were all drawn to the cute characters. While the piece is fantastical, it also outlines the Etsy shopping experience. We think…

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A Cornucopia of Well-Wishes to our Canadian Friends

The second Monday in October is the traditional date of Thanksgiving Day in Canada. The holiday has roots in the European tradition of harvest festivals, and a common motif is a “cornucopia” or horn filled with seasonal fruits and vegetables, the horn of plenty. Unlike its sister to the South, Canada’s Thanksgiving Day has nothing…

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Handmade Moment Contest: Judgement Day

Live Etsy.TV Handmade Moment Awards Ceremony Join us Wednesday, October 14, 2009 at 3:30 p.m. ET in the Virtual Labs. We’ll be announcing the winner and runners-up live! Yesterday was a day of reckoning.Our Handmade Moment judges buckled down last night at the Etsy Labs for an intense evening of video watching. We pored over…