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Your Handmade Stories: LeaKarts

Another Handmade Story! This video is from LeaKarts. Thank you so much for sharing!See jelene’s video here. See the Etsy admins’ and Cubistliterature’s here.

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Your Handmade Stories: jelene

jelene reponded to our call for videos for the BuyHandmade Pledge. Here she is in her colorful studio in Columbia, South Carolina. She’s been a member of Etsy since July 2005!  We want to hear YOUR stories and see you in YOUR studios, sellers! And if you’re an Etsy-addicted buyer, we want to see you…

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Etsy Comics: Discodancer

Jesper Sønderaas aka YESPR is a Danish artist and designer located in Copenhagen, Denmark. After working many years with advertising in Scandinavia and London he is now working freelance with art and concepts. The cartoon strip I and I is a product of this.  He has had 2 solo exhibitions in Denmark. You can see…

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Etsy in the Press: BeadStyle and MarieMarie

As Etsy grows, the press — magazines, tv shows, local news, and the like — are picking up on Etsians and seeing them as a source of talent. Some sellers have been active in authoring articles and giving interviews for some time, and now help the larger community by mentioning the Etsy marketplace when they’re…