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Featured Shop: Magaela Accessories

Make every day a special occasion with accessories designer Michaela Durisova’s bold floral creations.

56 handmade and vintage goods

Welcome to the Etsy Journal

We’ve got a new name and we’re embracing new mediums to tell Etsy’s story—including a digital magazine.

60 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Colby June Jewelry

Colby June’s textural, organic jewelry finds inspiration in the structure and balance of the natural world.

58 handmade and vintage goods

You Deserve It: 8 Little Luxuries to Treat Yourself

The holidays may be over over, but there’s still one last gift with your name on it.

40 handmade and vintage goods

7 Super-Specific Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Because people are complicated — and gifts shouldn’t be.

31 handmade and vintage goods

4 Unique Holiday Table Ideas to Try

We asked our favorite stylists, bloggers, and lifestyle gurus to share how they’d create a unique and festive holiday table — and how to get the look.

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5 One-Stop Shops for Stocking Stuffers

Master the art of the tiny-yet-memorable gift. (And if you’re a first-time Etsy shopper, you could get $10 to spend on yourself.)

39 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Florigami

After earning a PhD in physics and launching a career in academia, this artist found her calling crafting detailed, display-worthy origami creatures.

64 handmade and vintage goods

Say Goodbye to Cookie-Cutter Holiday Decor

Express your personal style and bring the spirit of the season home with creative holiday decorating ideas.

49 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Belle Pivoine

For this graphic designer, personal stories and romantic moments are best expressed through the gift of a handwritten card.

54 handmade and vintage goods

Real Weddings: The Bride Wore Black

Linz and David’s wedding reflected their unique style: so, a Halloween party inspired by glam rock, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and Guns N’ Roses.

29 handmade and vintage goods

Difference Makes Us

On Etsy, there’s something for everyone, and someone for everything. Celebrate the differences that make us unique and win a $1,000 gift card.

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Featured Shop: Elfenwolle

Inspired by all things mystical, this fiber artist creates bold, hand-dyed yarns with names like “Troll King” and “Forest Dancer.”

53 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: Ceramics by Orly

Designer Orly Pittel infuses her line of personalized wedding and home goods with a joyful spirit.

72 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: NaNee Hand Embroidery

Childhood handcrafts and Japanese embroidery inspire this modern textile artist’s digital patterns.

56 handmade and vintage goods

Buy or DIY: Felt Pennants

Pay tribute to your favorite people, places and things with these clever buy-or-DIY pennant ideas.

27 handmade and vintage goods

Three Need-to-Know Bag Designers

Invest in a leather tote bag that will last you through the coming year — and twenty more after that.

33 handmade and vintage goods

Buy or DIY: The Tassel Wall Hanging

Add dimension to your space with creative buy-or-DIY wall hanging ideas.

43 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Shop: HEIMARBEIT

For this Berlin designer, printing her own textiles was the key to launching a distinctive line of hand-stitched home accessories.

53 handmade and vintage goods

Fall In Love With This Intimate Wedding

A big wedding isn’t for everyone. This couple created a timeless, romantic event that felt true to their love — with only 50 guests.

51 handmade and vintage goods

Tour This Designer’s Black-and-White Oasis

Goodbye, color! While Meg Lewis’s designs are happy and bright, she finds serenity in a minimal, colorless home.