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Internet Safety: Don’t get Caught in the Web

Etsy would like our community to be safe, both online and offline. When using the Internet we should all take precautions to ensure our safety and privacy. Here are a few safety guidelines to keep in mind when using Etsy and the Internet in general: Personal Information: Take care when posting personal information about yourself or…

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You be the Judge: Apples to Apples

I’ll admit it: as Etsy’s in-house attorney, I love reading legal disputes and thinking about what important issues each side should stress.  I especially like to analyze pending copyright, trademark, and patent cases.  I daydream about what points I would argue if I were the lawyer for each side and then I put on my imaginary judge’s…

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How to Research Trademarks

The next time you’re eating a candy bar, a bag of chips, or even breakfast cereal, take a closer look at the packaging.  You may see various symbols following the brand name or the logo.  What do these symbols mean? Some of these symbols may have to do with trademarks.  The symbol TM (for trademark)…

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SarahSays: Trademarks

So you’re sitting in a cafe and you’re online with your laptop —you know, the one with the cute little fruit logo. You’re buying handmade items from that web site with the orange and white brick rectangular symbol on every page. You suddenly get a craving for a hamburger from the golden arches and a…

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(Coloring) Book Review: U.S. Supreme Court Coloring and Activity Book

SarahSays writes a regular Storque column in which she provides legal info for indie entrepreneurs. As Etsy’s in-house attorney, she also has the tough job of dealing with the intense and varied legal issues that come up for any young web commerce site. After hours, she feels like doing something a bit more soothing…coloring. And…

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Etsy Find: Handmade Cards, Handwritten Notes

 I love opening my mailbox to find a hand written note from a friend.  I especially love when the note is written inside an amazing handmade card.  These four Lantern Cards by sofarrell are beautiful, unique, and hand-printed.  Buy a handmade card, write a thoughtful note, and send it to a special person in your…

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Using Fabric in your Creations: Not All Fabric is Created Equal

SarahSays will be writing a series on Using Fabric in Your Creations. I have seen a lot of forum debate on the use of fabric in creations.  I hope to shed a little light on this complicated topic. *Not all Fabric is Created Equal:* When discussing United States copyright and fabric, usually someone brings up…