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Intellectual Property: 4 Key Questions Answered

How can the law protect your shop? One of Etsy’s in-house attorneys sheds light on common copyright and trademark questions from sellers. handmade and vintage goods

How to Read a Contract (Without Falling Asleep)

Believe it or not, you enter contractual agreements all the time. Etsy’s in-house attorney shares down-to-earth advice specifically for Etsy sellers. handmade and vintage goods

You Be the Judge: Pretzel Snack Time

What’s in a name? When it comes to trademarks, one small snack company is out to prove that their brand deserves its moniker. handmade and vintage goods

You Be the Judge: Cute Kim Lookalike

When a jean commercial casts a celebrity doppelganger, has the original icon’s likeness been exploited? handmade and vintage goods

You Be the Judge: The Hangover Tattoo

Two tattoos, two hangovers, and one lawsuit. Grab your gavel and weigh in on this case of comedy and body art. handmade and vintage goods

You Be the Judge: Photographing a Mardi Gras Indian

New Orleans festivities parade vibrant creativity from street to street, but how would you rule in this case about artists’ rights? handmade and vintage goods

You Be the Judge: Turkey for Dinner

How many ways can one succinctly communicate the keeping and heating up of a turkey? You hold the gavel in this dispute over gravy rights. handmade and vintage goods

You Be the Judge: Art Polarizes a Property Dispute

In Detroit, a mural by the English artist Banksy exposes a complicated legal conundrum. Chime in with your two cents. handmade and vintage goods

Fan Art and Fair Use: One Truth and Five Myths

As we can see from You be the Judge articles, news stories, and even Law and Order, there are at least two sides to every legal dispute. Sometimes a seemingly clear cut case can get turned on its head by a legitimate excuse, which makes the behavior perfectly legal. In the case of an allegation… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Passover Sweet Tooth

It’s no secret, I have a sweet tooth. At Etsy, I’m known for my well-stocked candy or cookie stash. Need a sugar fix? Just find me! But what about Passover? Passover is the Jewish holiday commemorating our ancestors’ flight from Egypt. We had to leave in such a hurry, that our bread didn’t even have… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

You Be the Judge: What’s the Situation?

My father promised to stop claiming reality TV was “rotting my brain” when I passed the New York State Bar Examination. Many years later he had to keep quiet when MTV introduced the world to a high quality and extremely educational documentary series known as Jersey Shore. Dad, hope you’re proud that I found a… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

You be the Judge: What’s an iPad?

First, the iPod, next the iPhone, and then, on Wednesday, January 27, 2010, the world stood still as Steve Jobs announced Apple’s latest soon-to-be-must-have-product, the iPad.  What’s an iPad?According to Apple, the iPad is “our most advanced technology in a magical and revolutionary device at an unbelievable price.” This You Be the Judge post will… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

You be the Judge: Who Owns the Hulk?

Most “You be the Judge” articles examine issues of intellectual property infringement. The Etsy community reviews arguments from both sides, slams down an invisible (yet handmade) gavel, and makes a decision. In this case, let’s look at the issue of who owns a copyright. When is a piece of work owned by a creator and… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

You be the Judge: Chocolate Kisses

I’m sitting in my Etsyified office on a beautiful spring afternoon eating some delicious Hershey’s Kisses and researching a newsworthy and entertaining pending issue for the Etsy community to judge.  I’m in heaven! I unwrap the silver foil from the bite-sized tear-drop chocolate morsel and pop it into my mouth.  Although this treat is delicious,… Continue reading handmade and vintage goods

Etsy’s Trademark Guidelines

Hi! This is SarahSays, Etsy’s in-house legal counsel. A little over a year ago we launched the Etsy Trademark Permissions Program. Since that time, dozens of Etsy members applied to use and were granted permission to use the Etsy marks in products, for free.  In an effort to further support and encourage ideas, services and… Continue reading