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Swimmy & Co. Update

Hi all, A couple months ago I asked Etsy sellers if they’d like to mail us some small orange fish, in this article. Many wonderful submissions came in from around the world in dozens of mediums. This is a quick update to show everyone what the array looks like. Click here to see it huge. We…

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My Visit to a Luthier in Tennessee

MP4| Youtube || Subscribe in iTunes In early May I went to Barren Plains, Tennessee to visit James Peters, a luthier and Etsy seller Armor Guitars. He plys a trade after my own heart, as a fellow woodworker, though I’ve yet to muster the patience required to build a fine instrument. I remember when…

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Focusing Our Priorities: Your Top Three Ideas

We’re taking a bunch of steps here at Etsy to make sure we’re in tune with what you, our members, would like us to change or add to the site. Last Tuesday, we posted a forum thread in the Ideas Section of the forums asking for your top three ideas as both buyers and sellers…

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Swimmy and Co.

I just received a wonderful gift from Etsy seller thebirdsandbees: a felted fish, inspired by Swimmy. He’s pictured above, and he’s quite lonely. It’d be fun if a whole bunch of Etsy sellers could make his red-orange friends, and we’ll make a diorama here showing them all arranged like a big fish (as in the…

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Etsy’s First Five Years

In early April of 2005, I sat in an orange chair facing an open window. It was nighttime and the lights were off. I was back in Brooklyn after a brief residence in Paris, and I was about to sketch the initial ideas that would become Etsy. Working with three friends – Chris, Haim and…

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Shout-out: Etsy Art by shauno

Yesterday a mysterious and enticing package arrived with my name on it. A large flat box rimmed with blue tape. Inside, cozily packed in bubblewrap, was the mighty fine painting by shauno shown above.  It’s pixel art in pigment, from the same painter who sent us our dear Haim on Fire portrait. (see the Haim…