handmade and vintage goods

How-Tuesday: Hand-Painted Souvenir Bottle

Celebrate your hometown Craft Party with a touch of glass.

75 handmade and vintage goods

How-Tuesday: Drawing-Free Glass Ornament

Aya Rosen shares a project for custom Christmas decor that’s friendly even to those with paralyzing drawing frets.

74 handmade and vintage goods

Handmade Weddings: LoucheLab’s Love Story

MP4 | Youtube | | Subscribe in iTunes (music by Barry London) This article was originally published on March 28, 2008. We are reviving it as part of the Best of the Storque series. Enjoy! If you’re following the Handmade Wedding Series, then you probably appreciate a good love story. LoucheLab and her husband…

47 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Seller: LoucheLab

“I have to keep my hands busy at all times. I don’t know what that’s all about, but if I don’t make art I just play with my hair…”