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How to Make Mystical Halloween Candleholders

Give your Halloween decor an on-trend twist with this spooky and sophisticated DIY.

43 handmade and vintage goods

Make a No-Sew Felt Easter Bunny Basket

Dunking hard-boiled eggs in dye isn’t the only way to get your Easter crafts fix. This no-sew felt bunny basket is as cute—and easy—as can be.

37 handmade and vintage goods

Make a Holiday Wagon for Gifts (and More)

Spruce up your fir with a festive gift wagon, upcycled from an old clementine crate and some jam jar lids painted like peppermints.

35 handmade and vintage goods

Make a Crystal-Topped Jewelry Box

You don’t have to be an alchemist (or even a chemist) to create your own pretty crystals — and turn them into an undeniably precious present.

210 handmade and vintage goods

Make This: Tropical-Leaf Spring Wreath

Get creative with this front-door DIY by author and crafter Amanda Kingloff.

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DIY Nursery Decor: Modern Diorama Wall Hanging

Decorate your nursery with a DIY diorama inspired by Matisse’s cutouts.

61 handmade and vintage goods

Turn Your Pin Collection Into a Work of Art

Show off your favorite pins with a DIY display that suits your style.

112 handmade and vintage goods

Make Paper Maché Candy Bowls

This year, swap the plastic pumpkin candy bowls for some (actually stylish!) DIY paper maché treats baskets.

189 handmade and vintage goods

Craft a Colorful Rope Lampshade

Turn humble cotton rope into a one-of-a-kind pendant lamp with this easy 30-minute tutorial.

132 handmade and vintage goods

Make Upcycled Salt and Pepper Shakers

Glam up your next dinner party with a set of gold-accented salt and pepper shakers.

119 handmade and vintage goods

Featured Buyer: Amanda Kingloff of Parents Magazine

We have a special Featured Buyer this week: Amanda Kingloff, Lifestyle Director at Parents magazine. She edits all of the crafty content for the magazine—everything from Halloween costumes to rainy day activities. Amanda also writes weekly for the Parents blog, GoodyBlog where she generally shares kid-friendly craft ideas. She lives in Brooklyn, NY and has…