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At Home With Maryanne Moodie

Sep 8, 2014

by Aleksa Brown handmade and vintage goods

At Etsy, we know that the people who shop the site are just as important as the folks who make things for it — and that Etsy magic continues even after you click “Check Out.” As a way to celebrate the creativity of Etsy shoppers, we’re launching a new campaign called #etsyfind. Is your home (or closet, or jewelry box) jam-packed with Etsy treasures? Show us how you style them on Instagram, Twitter or Tumblr with #etsyfind for a chance to be featured on the Etsy Blog or our social channels, and check out our gallery of #etsyfind photo submissions here.

There are many ways to describe textile artist Maryanne Moodie‘s weavings: colorful; inspired; retro yet modern; and above all, beautiful. It’s no surprise, then, that the Brooklyn apartment she shares with her husband Aaron (an Etsy product designer) and their 2-year-old son, Murray, reflects a similar aesthetic.

When the couple moved from Melbourne to New York last year, they decided to start fresh, furnishing the space with handmade and vintage items from their Etsy Favorites lists. We stopped by for a tour of the space, which is loaded with timeless treasures: vintage rugs, a handmade dining table, Eames chairs, handmade ceramic planters, and of course, Maryanne’s amazing weavings. Read on for the complete tour, along with the stories behind some of Maryanne’s favorite objects.



We started our tour in Maryanne and Aaron’s sunny kitchen, which is full of life (read: plants). “I had about 100 plants in Melbourne and used to refer to them as my babies,” she says. “I had to give them all away when we moved, but I’ve already begun a new collection.”


Hanging planters act as a living curtain for the window: “I love the ’70s shell planter from Tabor Vintage because it allows the tendrils of my plants to drape down beautifully,” she says. Also from Etsy: the handmade white porcelain planter by Red Raven Studios.


Other notable finds include a cutting board from Still Life Style, “Yes” banner by Secret Holiday Co, and a cheerful vintage tea kettle from House of Seance. “We boil this kettle every morning, grind the beans and make aero press coffee. In the evenings, it’s peppermint tea. The pot is huge, and perfect for tea parties, too!”

Living and Dining Room


Next up: the living and dining area, which is home to more plants, an incredible rug from the Boucherouite Shop, and a sleek mid-century lamp from Artmyth. “We really splurged on the lamp,” Maryanne says. “We bought it before we even had a couch. It looks stunning during the day, and gives off the perfect hue in the evening.”


Kilim pillows from Pillow Come and Sheepsroad add texture and color to the seating area. “I love the colors and patterns on the cushions. Vintage textiles have had a big part in informing my art practice,” Maryanne says. The mid-century nesting tables from Other Times Vintage were another Etsy discovery.


Maryanne and Aaron ordered their handmade dining table from hedgehouse. Eames chairs from Co Mod complement the table — and spark fond memories: “Our friend had these same chairs down at her beach house in Wye River. We spent hours playing games, eating, reading, lounging and laughing in them,” she says. “We hope to create similar memories in our chairs, too.”



The studio and workspace is where Maryanne stores her growing yarn collection – which she uses in her own work as well as the DIY weaving kits she creates for her Etsy shop. The vintage rug from Turkish Crafts Arts delivers another dash of rich color to the room.


Maryanne displays finished pieces on the wall behind her studio table; a work-in-progress awaits attention on one of her many looms.


The vintage star chart from Gritty City Goods was a gift for Aaron: “He could watch hours of documentaries on space. He taught me quite a few things that (embarrassingly) I seemed to have missed at school,” she says. “Aaron says that when Murray grows up, he will teach him about the stars so that he knows his place in the universe.”


A photo by Etsy seller Apples and Oats serves as a way to invite the outside in.



Maryanne and Aaron’s bedroom is drenched in light, which is reflected by mirrors from Fun Old Stuff. “We bought the mirrors after seeing The General Store in Los Angeles – they have this massive mirror and use it as a way to frame the room,” she says. “That, and we don’t mind having a look at ourselves either… especially Murray!”


“I bought the oil painting above our bed from Jason J Villeneuve as a gift for Aaron. He grew up by the ocean; every time we are anywhere near it, he could spend hours staring wistfully into it. Living in bustling New York City, we needed to bring even a little of it into our home and our lives,” Maryanne says.

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All photographs by Erik Valind.


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