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Artistic Endeavors: Nosideup’s Favorite Drawings

Mar 6, 2009

by nosideup handmade and vintage goods

Drawing is my favorite artistic medium. Drawings are bold statements; what you see is what you get. They have an unparalleled freshness and spontaneity, and can be careful and elaborate, or raw and direct. They are regularly used to study and create a “grander” piece, but to me that’s what makes them so desirable: their humbleness and their lack of self-importance. We all draw as children, and I admire beyond words the artists that can keep that brilliant expression on their pages. Go on, grab a pencil and enjoy yourself!


What I love about AshleyG is the very personal world she’s created. Having the chance to own an original of her work (and her mythology) must be a pleasure. Its expression seems to change from sad to mischievous from day to day. By ashleyg, $115.

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pam – original

This is an absolutely stunning piece. It’s got such a personal style and an instant magnetism. It’s simultaneously deceptively simple — very strong. By BretPendlebury, $20.

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BUNNY RABBIT original graphite drawing with mat

This bunny is so cute. It’s vivacious and fabulously uncomplicated. It feels like it’s made with love. By DearDodo, $22.

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Torso – Original Drawing

Firstly, you have to really know what you are doing to draw hands like this (they are devilishly complicated to draw). Then you have to be ingeniously reckless to grab a brush and trace the thick, bleeding pitch-black area. By LivaRutmane, $88.

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drawing five

This is what I meant by childlike expression. It’s free and rule-less, and perhaps a bit disturbing. Detaching yourself from what lies before you requires tons of confidence or ingenuity, or a rare mixture of both. By thegoodmachinery, $70.

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sketch 28th september – ‘a simple hand gesture about feeling lost…’

This is a bit more abstract, but I’m a sucker for textures and patterns. I find this composition rather delicate. I really fancy the white on the dark paper and the glove-like hands make me think of magic tricks. By restlessthings, $55.

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RETRO RADIO 3 – Original Drawing

I like the nerdiness of this drawing. I like the texture of the color, like trying to color something very consciously in school, being careful not to draw outside the lines. By CB78, $45.

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Naomi/ Tiny canvas print

I like the loose detailing in this piece (the lips, the puffed sleeves). Some of the detail in the clothing seems scratched or penciled on top of the pastel, and that creates a very interesting contrast. By tushtush, $20.

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Naked sketch

The first thing that draws you into this piece is the critical, thoughtful look in the eyes. Then you realize how masterfully the body has been traced — the sharpness of the lines and the soft precision in the elbow is sensitive and sincere. There’s a very real sense of expectation and pondering. By maronresur.

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vellum drawing (Repeat but not so….) – hand drawn original

This one makes me laugh. It’s cheeky and rude, but it gives me the impression of being very intimate, maybe because of the scribbling. I like the energy of the lines. By meanrebeccajean, $40.

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Naked sketch
Naked sketch
RESERVED for Oeuvre-Wolf In A Neck Ruff
RESERVED for Oeuvre-Wolf In A Neck Ruff
sketch 28th september - 'a simple hand gesture about feeling lost...'
sketch 28th september - 'a simple hand gesture about feeling lost...'


  • chakrapennywhistle

    chakrapennywhistle said 8 years ago

    Oh! I love this article. Your picks are wonderful!

  • sagittariusgallery

    sagittariusgallery said 8 years ago

    Great picks!

  • lynncyrart

    lynncyrart said 8 years ago

    I love these!!! Great collection of art...

  • littlepancakes

    littlepancakes said 8 years ago

    I really love "Paolo" for some reason

  • jamieribisi

    jamieribisi said 8 years ago

    Nice figurative drawings!

  • waysideviolet

    waysideviolet said 8 years ago

    I ♥ the Paolo to!!

  • PeppermintDaydreams

    PeppermintDaydreams said 8 years ago

    indeed drawing is a magnificent medium!!!...of course, i may be a bit biased. i love the featured pieces.

  • irisschwarz

    irisschwarz said 8 years ago

    Thank you for this article. Drawing is my favorite medium too – there is a lot of truth in it.

  • ZenGarden

    ZenGarden said 8 years ago

    I enjoyed reading this!

  • michelemaule

    michelemaule said 8 years ago

    Wonderful picks! Love all of them :)

  • zombiepenguen

    zombiepenguen said 8 years ago

    Good choices, wonderful article!

  • voleurdebijoux

    voleurdebijoux said 8 years ago

    lovelove Artistic Endeavors! fabulous selections! :)

  • cloudery

    cloudery said 8 years ago

    Great selection... annarubyking and restlessthings are already favorites... funiscool and BretPendlebury are recent discoveries... even in the list of commentators I see some favorites: irisschwarz, michelemaule, jamieribisi... never lose the joy of drawing!

  • BluCille

    BluCille said 8 years ago

    Some neat stuff.

  • WingsDove

    WingsDove said 8 years ago

    As another sketch artist (, I love this article. To show expression, personality and soul in a sketch portrait or other drawing a true and rare gift.

  • uncharted

    uncharted said 8 years ago

    I love the kind of expression and emotion you can get from drawings... these are great examples!

  • bhangtiez

    bhangtiez said 8 years ago

    i luv the drawing five...thanks 4 sharing u'r pics!

  • LippincottSoapCo

    LippincottSoapCo said 8 years ago

    Seeing the bulldog face made me chuckle...great drawings.

  • ChocolateBeachFlower

    ChocolateBeachFlower said 8 years ago

    i love to draw too:)

  • JesseMosher

    JesseMosher said 8 years ago

    More Original Art ! and Portraits too , thanks for all these inspiring articles.. Great choices ,some I have as favorites already ,and discovered a few new Artists here on etsy . WingsDove says it all there - "expression , personality, and soul in a portrait " That is key to a great piece.

  • FlanneryCrane

    FlanneryCrane said 8 years ago

    I love drawing! I love the picks, too!

  • odiliafu

    odiliafu said 8 years ago

    I love sketches. Great picks!

  • CB78

    CB78 said 8 years ago

    Thanks for including one of my transistor radio drawings. Chuffed.

  • olivehuedesigns

    olivehuedesigns said 8 years ago

    It's nice to be introduced to artists I may not have found on my own, who definitely have a different style!

  • fatcrowpress

    fatcrowpress said 8 years ago

    I love wolf in a neck ruff! Reqbat is on my favorites as well. Great selection.

  • myheartmonster

    myheartmonster said 8 years ago

    These picks are wonderful!! The piece from restless things is great!

  • beckybrocato

    beckybrocato said 8 years ago

    drawing is the purest! Thanks for sharing this collection of wonderful artists.

  • Krystyna81

    Krystyna81 said 8 years ago

    you picked some AMAZING art - and thank you for showing NUDES! There are some amzing figurative artist's here on Etsy, and I have sold many nude female drawings. Thank you for showing how beautiful they can be! My fav of Liva's...

  • TheCottageCheese

    TheCottageCheese said 8 years ago

    Love the radio, and everything by AnnaRubyKing!

  • oldworldprimitives

    oldworldprimitives said 8 years ago

    Wonderful picks!

  • jennanewton

    jennanewton said 8 years ago

    awesome article! i love drawings :)

  • Blubeary

    Blubeary said 8 years ago

    I LOVE Paolo's work as well as "Naomi"

  • Blubeary

    Blubeary said 8 years ago

    Also check out my drawings, "Eye" and "Food Shortage"

  • gretchenmist

    gretchenmist said 8 years ago

    fantastic article – am loving how this series has been highlighting some of the under-rated mediums and giving them a presence on etsy! great choices. nosideup drawings are great too :)

  • restlessthings

    restlessthings said 8 years ago

    Thanks for featuring my work - it's good to see drawing in the spotlight for a change! Now, where did I leave my pencil...

  • comfortablyblue

    comfortablyblue said 8 years ago

    Lovely article! So many beautiful pieces of art...

  • mloartwear

    mloartwear said 8 years ago

    Drawing is definitely the base of all visual arts. I draw everyday for my own sake. Really like the display of so many talents!

  • StudioSeventySeven

    StudioSeventySeven said 8 years ago

    Ta se go maith!

  • ourfrontyard

    ourfrontyard said 8 years ago

    Art is something with endless avenues. Thanks for the article.

  • ManoCelebrates

    ManoCelebrates said 8 years ago

    I love to paint and drawing is part of that, thanks for such a informative article and an artist.

  • alwaysadorable

    alwaysadorable said 8 years ago

    Drawing has a special place in my heart too. It seems to be my source of inspiration in all my pieces as well. Thanks for such a great article!

  • thestapeliacompany

    thestapeliacompany said 8 years ago

    Wow. What talent. I love that Bret Pendlebery piece and that's out of a SKETCH BOOK?! Jeez. Neat.

  • LivaRutmane

    LivaRutmane said 8 years ago

    thank you so much!

  • pollywogpouch

    pollywogpouch said 8 years ago

    Always glad to see fine artists discussed!

  • kmwatkins

    kmwatkins said 8 years ago

    All these drawings are beautiful!

  • travellingcircus

    travellingcircus said 8 years ago

    Absolutely gorgeous finds. Great article!

  • moonstr

    moonstr said 8 years ago


  • Debeauxsouvenirs

    Debeauxsouvenirs said 8 years ago

    I love all this picked artists...but specially tushtush

  • JacobCounts

    JacobCounts said 8 years ago

    Good stuff here - way to go for artist exposure! :D

  • Julzevi

    Julzevi said 8 years ago

    How wonderful!

  • SayItAintSo

    SayItAintSo said 8 years ago

    Nice to see drawing represented! Lovely picks:)

  • animalgam

    animalgam said 8 years ago

    Such A wonderful collection! Drawing is definitely my favorite as well. So simple yet it says so much!

  • penandpaper

    penandpaper said 8 years ago

    Oh, how sweet of you to include my one of my drawings in the little roundup at the bottom. Great article!

  • singinglittlethings

    singinglittlethings said 8 years ago

    wow, these are fantastic!

  • Rhiannon228

    Rhiannon228 said 8 years ago

    I love drawings too. It's too bad there isn't much of a market for them.

  • doctorcaroline

    doctorcaroline said 8 years ago

    these are fantastic!

  • RubyStudios

    RubyStudios said 8 years ago

    Thanks for this! The possibilities are endless with this medium. I especially love the spontaneity and talent involved in great contour drawing.

  • laurebelle

    laurebelle said 8 years ago

    Love the arts - what expression!

  • AKjapan

    AKjapan said 8 years ago

    I love drawings and there is a fine selection of wonderful drawings in all price ranges here. One of the great things about Etsy is it allows artists to display works that galleries sometimes overlook or are not interesting in.

  • AkumuInk

    AkumuInk said 8 years ago

    Comes see all my dark drawings silkscreened onto tshirts.

  • ArtBalance

    ArtBalance said 8 years ago

    oooohhh! so beautiful. drawing offers such a personal & intimate expression! great article.

  • MarieTHarrisStudio

    MarieTHarrisStudio said 8 years ago

    The drawing selections were outstanding. Since I am an artist, I appreciate the skill and technique and creativity of the drawings.

  • sandali

    sandali said 8 years ago

    Fun in da Sun ;)

  • siiso

    siiso said 8 years ago


  • JessesMess

    JessesMess said 8 years ago

    Lots of my favourite artists, all in one piece. Thanks for the selections!

  • livefunky

    livefunky said 8 years ago

    Fantastic article! I love the diversity of approaches and various mediums represented here. Well done!

  • BusyBeeBumbleBeads

    BusyBeeBumbleBeads said 8 years ago

    Fabulous! Very Nice!

  • JenniferDowney

    JenniferDowney said 8 years ago

    sometimes sketches & drawings give the truth of the subject better than a time-intensive rendering. great collection!!!

  • RenJewels

    RenJewels said 8 years ago

    There is some beautiful work here.

  • jupix

    jupix said 8 years ago

    your article is so inspiring, it renewed my love for drawings and making drawings, thank you!

  • littlepinkpebble

    littlepinkpebble said 8 years ago

    i love the rabbit~!!

  • TheNightjar

    TheNightjar said 8 years ago

    i am thrilled that a spotlight was placed on drawing- it is so important in the whole process of creating. Thanks for inspiring me to draw more and pointing out some new favorites

  • TheNightjar

    TheNightjar said 8 years ago

    oh yeah the rabbit is sweeeeet!

  • Morado

    Morado said 8 years ago

    I love the canvas print...the girl is gorgeous!

  • kirstenfrancis

    kirstenfrancis said 8 years ago

    I am truly inspired. Drawing has always been a means to an end for me so it's great to see these drawings (mixed media pieces, really) so fully realized. Yeah, where is my pencil...?

  • jhowardstudios

    jhowardstudios said 8 years ago

    I love that drawing was looked at for a favorite. Thank you.

  • Harem6

    Harem6 said 8 years ago

    great work !!!

  • MayaSketches

    Maya Harrison from BandsArtLove said 2 years ago

    I love these, you should check out my shop!

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