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Artistic Endeavors: Livefunky’s Favorite Abstract Painters

Mar 1, 2009

by livefunky handmade and vintage goods

I love all kinds of styles and approaches to art, but being an abstract painter I am naturally drawn to like-minded artists and their work. The beauty of abstract art is that it triggers an abstract response. Color, texture and composition of forms create a chemistry that reacts differently with each and every person. I liken this to love or listening to a great jazz song. There is a freedom I admire — not just in the creation of the art, but in the perception of it as well. Some folks may ask “But what does it mean?” and maybe the answer isn’t “Whatever you want it to mean,” but rather, “Whatever it makes you feel.”

My list of favorite abstract artists is much longer than ten, but here is a selection of painters I greatly admire who inspire me as an artist. They are in no particular order, although I must begin with the woman who first introduced me to Etsy in 2006 — thank you, Amanda!


I’m such a fan of Amanda’s unabashed use of brilliant color and her zen-like ability to compose a painting. By Amanda Hone of Pinwheel, $120.

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EarthPoem1-2 Original Abstract Acrylic Painting Collage Elis

Elis creates other worlds with her lyrical abstract paintings, and her textured mixed media works have an ethereal glow. By Elis Cooke of intotheblystic, $65.

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Samba – Original Acrylic Monotype on Archival Paper

I love Martha’s expressive way with color, creating interesting and intuitive marks and textures.  By Martha Marshall of colorpoetry, $40.

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Transparent (original oil painting on canvas)

The many layers in Kendra’s colorful abstract paintings create a dazzling, hypnotic effect. By Kendra Zvonik of teamzvonik, $550.

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Softening III

I see a balance between subtle elegance and playful experimentation in Meghan’s work that really speaks to me. I particularly enjoy her use of sgraffito in many of her paintings. By meghanhenley, $100.

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Erin’s abstracts have an exactness that remind me of architectural designs. Her use of color is just as alert and intelligently conceived.  By erinryanmiller, $950.

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Fragments of Nature 21

Mary Ann’s sophisticated and bold abstracts are constantly educating me as a painter. I think she’s absolutely brilliant! By maryannwakeley, $124.

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Large Abstract 5

I always enjoy looking through Jean’s shop of original paintings and mixed media works. She has such a keen eye for color and her compositions are spot on. By jeanhutter, $400.

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Original Paintings Diptych Abstract Mixed Media Art by Aisyah Ang with Cert 36×48 inches

Aisyah has an impressive expressionist style and she’s an artist that takes risks. I love that about her work.  By AisyahAng, $300.

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Fire and Ice

Milton has an exceptional way with light and color, both in his abstracts and in his more representational work. By miltongravy, $2800.

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See more of my favorites below or search “abstract art” to discover other abstract artists that speak to you (and don’t forget to stop by my blog)!

Summer Inspiration ORIGINAL Abstract Oil, Mix Media Painting
Summer Inspiration ORIGINAL Abstract Oil, Mix Media Painting
Very Large Original Abstract Painting - Wall-sized Fine Art
Very Large Original Abstract Painting - Wall-sized Fine Art
$12,500.00 USD
PLEASE READ SHOP ANNOUNCEMENT By The Rivers Number 1 18X18 hand stretched cotton canvas FREE SHIPPING with certificate of authenticity
PLEASE READ SHOP ANNOUNCEMENT By The Rivers Number 1 18X18 hand stretched cotton canvas FREE SHIPPING with certificate of authenticity
night mist ORIGINAL mixed media drawing
night mist ORIGINAL mixed media drawing
Nursery Rhyme, 2006 - Diptych Original Acrylic and Collage Painting (Orange, Yellow, and Blue)
Nursery Rhyme, 2006 - Diptych Original Acrylic and Collage Painting (Orange, Yellow, and Blue)


  • kristensteinfineart

    kristensteinfineart said 8 years ago

    Great choices! Beautiful works from many talented etsians!

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  • DeborahVoizin

    DeborahVoizin said 8 years ago

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  • metrostation

    metrostation said 8 years ago

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  • myzoetrope

    myzoetrope said 8 years ago

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  • Mwilson

    Mwilson said 8 years ago

    Outstanding choices of work and artists!!

  • PearTreeGallery

    PearTreeGallery said 8 years ago

    This is an inspirational grouping of abstract work. WOW!

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    Crafterall said 8 years ago

    Awesome feature and selections - old and new favorites here!

  • MGMart

    MGMart said 8 years ago

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  • WabiBrookStudio

    WabiBrookStudio said 8 years ago

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  • Reavel

    Reavel said 8 years ago

    And I was wondering if I could upload mine... I think this was the answer I was looking up for. Thanks. Will upload them soon. Great artworks here. Love all the colours used here great variety.

  • MysticSilks

    MysticSilks said 8 years ago

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  • Xenotees

    Xenotees said 8 years ago

    Some familiar artists for me here, but so many new ones to check out! Wonderful article & selections!

  • JessicaDoyle

    JessicaDoyle said 8 years ago

    Lovely choices livefunky! Found many new artists I hadn't seen before. LoriMirabelli's works is beautiful :)

  • arisushi

    arisushi said 8 years ago

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  • pamelam

    pamelam said 8 years ago

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    indigoflameworks said 8 years ago

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  • FancifulForm

    FancifulForm said 8 years ago


  • brentwear

    brentwear said 8 years ago

    lovely, thanks for posting...i'm inspired to put some of my own abstract pieces up!

  • TheSeed

    TheSeed said 8 years ago

    Great paintings, nice article!

  • gretchenmist

    gretchenmist said 8 years ago

    love your article {esp this part: Some folks may ask "But what does it mean?" and maybe the answer isn't "Whatever you want it to mean," but rather, "Whatever it makes you feel." } and your work. thanks jessica for including my work, it's an honour!

  • treeartist

    treeartist said 8 years ago

    Beautiful sellection of Art and Artists.

  • evesimone

    evesimone said 8 years ago

    Beautiful COLORS! wow! Ready for Spring!

  • hanginmoon

    hanginmoon said 8 years ago

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  • 3squares

    3squares said 8 years ago

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  • SusanMoloney

    SusanMoloney said 8 years ago

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    odiliafu said 8 years ago

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    farfelue said 8 years ago

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    sandart said 8 years ago

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    4TheSparrowsNest said 8 years ago

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    GollyBard said 8 years ago

    Greaat article. Wonderful selections. Thank you for introducing me to so many new artists!

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    kiwigemwraps said 8 years ago

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  • KiraFerrer

    KiraFerrer said 8 years ago

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  • dragonhouseofyuen

    dragonhouseofyuen said 8 years ago

    I have only painted abstractly once - these choices are just great - I am going to give it a try! I love Martha's work! thank you, Annette

  • ggbytech

    ggbytech said 8 years ago

    Hi! "Untitled Mess" tells about tedium and loneless. Of course this is my opinioun. I like the chaos that in it.

  • MarcoLaGrenouille

    MarcoLaGrenouille said 8 years ago

    Beautiful paintings! very talentful artists.

  • kmwatkins

    kmwatkins said 8 years ago

    Beautiful colors used in all of the art.

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    juneblue said 8 years ago

    Wonderful to see this feature on abstract art! All of these are beautiful! Thanks for the article.

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    TheCottageCheese said 8 years ago

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    SASessories said 8 years ago

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    thepairabirds said 8 years ago

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    JazzGreen said 8 years ago

    as an abstract artist who is new to etsy, it's great to see it profiled here - thank you for spreading the word!!

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    FellPainter said 8 years ago

    A real treat! :)

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    NewCreatioNZ said 8 years ago

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    ClaudiaLord said 8 years ago

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    BabbidgePatch said 8 years ago

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    Krystyna81 said 8 years ago

    you have found some AMAZING work...and it's all under-priced if you ask me!!! How lucky any buyer would be to have a gorgeous, original piece of Abstract art in their home. You have introduced me to some new, incredibly talented artists! Thank you for including "MI3rds" in the collection :)

  • MartaWeaverJewelry

    MartaWeaverJewelry said 8 years ago

    I'm inspired by the colors!

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    ElizabethLara said 8 years ago

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    PetDrawings said 8 years ago

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    Cance said 8 years ago

    all these pieces are great! :D i love livefunky, too. her work is amazing, and she's a wonderful seller as well. i have one of her original's definitely one of my favorite works around the house

  • chingteoh

    chingteoh said 8 years ago

    wow.. talented group of visual artist!

  • intotheblystic

    intotheblystic said 8 years ago

    Great article Jessica!!!! especially the part about abstract art engaging the emotions not just the intellect! love that angle! Your piece looks wonderful on top-- great way to draw them in!!! thanks so much for your lovely comments on my work!

  • YoginiArt

    YoginiArt said 8 years ago

    wow, great article and artists. There quite a few who caught my eye. My favorite line in the article is when you say the meaning of could be "Whatever it makes you feel." Couldn't have said it any better.

  • Pwackets

    Pwackets said 8 years ago

    I have to agree with YoginiArt, regarding my favorite line. As soon as I read that, I connected even more with the article and the works shown. As a busy mom of 3, I miss having time to paint. I miss the colors, emotions and smells, and freedom! After reading this article, I want to squeeze it in somewhere. Thanks for the inspiration and connection to great painters!

  • JeanHood

    JeanHood said 8 years ago

    Thank you for showing the wonderful fine art on Esty!! Elis of intotheblystic is a favorite of mine.

  • jamieribisi

    jamieribisi said 8 years ago

    BEAUTIFUL picks!! Livefunky is one of my favorite Etsy artists, too!! Thanks for including my piece in the mix!! Hooray for original art!!

  • Lundberg

    Lundberg said 8 years ago

    awesome.. I am so glad to be introduced to many more fine artists on here!

  • teamzvonik

    teamzvonik said 8 years ago

    I am so honored to be chosen as one of LiveFunky's favorite abstract painters- not only because it feels wonderful to be recognized for my work, but also because she is an incredible talent with a huge capacity for love and friendship. This list of talent is so impressive and I feel so full of gratitude. Thank you Etsy for giving us all such a wonderful forum for our work.

  • ArtbyElizabethBauman

    ArtbyElizabethBauman said 8 years ago

    Wonderful article and thanks for introducing me to some more fantastic artists!

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    alwaysadorable said 8 years ago

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    tina4ron said 8 years ago

    I really like selling on etsy because the conversation mechanism allows you to better serve the people who may want your art.

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    ArtMind said 8 years ago

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    MissAnn said 8 years ago

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  • JoOliveWorkshop

    JoOliveWorkshop said 8 years ago

    Thanks for your offerings, some true gems in there. Amanda Hone, what amazing instinctual colour choices you make. Less photoshop and more abstract expressionism I say!

  • PhineasandLou

    PhineasandLou said 8 years ago

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    LittleGreenSquirrel said 8 years ago

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  • colorpoetry

    colorpoetry said 8 years ago

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  • ellabellamay

    ellabellamay said 8 years ago

    Very beautiful! There are some very talented artists on Etsy -- how lucky we are to have them in the Etsy Community! Thank you for the wonderful posting!

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    mattsart said 8 years ago


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    thepaintedlily said 8 years ago

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    loopyboopy said 8 years ago

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    thestapeliacompany said 8 years ago

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    edieart said 8 years ago

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  • DoraArtDesignStudio

    DoraArtDesignStudio said 8 years ago

    Beautiful works! Very motivating! I know how it feels to be an artist and have no time to paint with children,home, Pwackets said above. But eventually the time does come! Visit my Squidoo page on balancing art and family..

  • joyceweaver

    joyceweaver said 8 years ago

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    ladaworks said 8 years ago


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    cynthiadelgiudice said 8 years ago

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    ConstantGalore said 8 years ago

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    difart said 8 years ago

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  • livefunky

    livefunky said 8 years ago

    Thank you all for your wonderful comments! I'm just so thrilled to also see the Original Art category in the Gift Guides. Thank you Etsy for making us visual artists feel at home here!

  • heatherhaymart

    heatherhaymart said 8 years ago

    Livefunky, you made me feel welcome when I first joined Etsy and now you have made me feel so lucky to be included in your spotlight! Thank you for including my painting and for doing us abstract artists such a great service. Your paintings are amazing!

  • CutieDynamite

    CutieDynamite said 8 years ago

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    artmixter said 8 years ago

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    Pinwheel said 8 years ago

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  • BigHelmetHead

    BigHelmetHead said 8 years ago

    This is candy for my eyes :) Just makes me want to grab my paint brushes and start creating like crazy. Thank you livefunky for such a great story, I'm a fan of your work! There are so many beautiful works of art on Etsy, it's about time to spread the word and promote all our talented artists.

  • SherylSprattDesigns

    SherylSprattDesigns said 8 years ago

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    MarieTHarrisStudio said 8 years ago

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  • raincrowgalleries

    raincrowgalleries said 8 years ago

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    hyvamax6 said 8 years ago

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    TidbitsOfColor said 6 years ago

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    Michael Praem from AbstractPaintingSale said 3 years ago

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