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Artistic Endeavors: Groundwork’s Favorite Prints

Jan 19, 2009

by Alison Feldmann handmade and vintage goods


Today begins the Etsy blog’s week-long focus on artwork, Artistic Endeavors. This series will focus on the many different mediums of art on Etsy, the best ways to showcase it and how best to ascertain what your particular style may be — get in touch with your inner curator! This is but a preview of an ongoing series (more to come), so get a taste and come back for more. The first to contribute to the series is the wonderful and talented Danna Ray of groundwork.

As an artist, I often find it difficult to decide what to paint. I either seem to suffer from too few ideas, or too many to decide between. In the end, I’m always happiest when I choose the ideas I have the strongest emotional connection with. I also try to keep this in mind when it comes to buying art. There’s so much incredible work out there… and it can be so tough to choose! I like to pick pieces that I have some sense of connection with — whether it’s a place I’d like to be, a bit of nostalgia, or just something that would make me smile each time I passed by. I’m so happy to share some of my favorites!



The bright color combinations in Essimar’s shop always make me happy. I think the saturated colors in this screenprint are particularly lovely on earthy brown chipboard. By essimar, $65. Look for more screenprints.

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Der hohe Pfad III – 8 x 10 Polaroid Print

I’d love to hang this ethereal Polaroid print in my home as a daily reminder that such places actually exist.  I was even fonder of this print when I read the artist’s description: “The Polaroids were taken on a mountain in the Bavarian Alps, on a chilly and foggy day in May. Come as it must, we got lost in the thick fog and found ourselves clinging to some roots above an abyss shortly after.” By blaubeermund, $28. Look for more photography prints.

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Pool Side Divided (diptych) – limited edition giclee print 21/100

This is such a nice diptych by Leah Giberson. I especially like the visible layering and heavy paint texture.  Also, when I was a kid we used to pass by a slide just like this one each day on the way to school.  It looked like a dream… and I always wished we would stop there. By leahgiberson, $50. Look for more giclee prints. (“Giclee” is a fine art print made with an inkjet print process. The name comes from the French word for “nozzle” according to Wikipedia.)

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Star Mapper

I’m always a fan of Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch’s scratchy linework and interesting characters. They seem to have elaborate stories to tell. By TheSmallFactory, $20. Look for more art prints.

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Diamond Pullovers – Print Set

I am totally delighted with the intensity of the well dressed kitties in this print set. I’d like to think their eyes would follow you around a room like they’re listening intently to every word. By myfolklover, $20. Look for more illustration prints.

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Maybe We Can Hide in Here Print

The layered patterns and fresh colors in Betsy Walton’s work are so striking. I’m really drawn to the lush plant life in this one. By betsywalton, $35. Look for more giclee prints.

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heart the hearth

Isn’t this the sweetest little stove?! It reminds me of all things cozy and delicious. By loveallaround, $20. Look for more watercolor prints.

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California Redwood-Signed Archival Print

I love this iconic redwood print by Lisa Congdon. It has such a nice well-worn feeling to it…as though it has been around as long as the tree itself. By lisacongdon, $35. Look for more digital prints.

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This horse is pretty much the greatest. I love its awkward shape and thoughtful expression! By irisschwarz, $25. Look for more illustration prints.

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Darkness, Sea Maze print set 01

The meticulous detail in this gocco print set (and all of Yu I Chan’s work) is so amazing…I could just stare and stare. By yuizdan168, $13. Look for more gocco prints.

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Looking for more artwork? Stay tuned for the rest of the Artistic Endeavors series.

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Der hohe Pfad III - 8 x 10 Polaroid Print
Der hohe Pfad III - 8 x 10 Polaroid Print
Diamond Pullovers - Print Set
Diamond Pullovers - Print Set
Maybe We Can Hide in Here Print
Maybe We Can Hide in Here Print
Pool Side Divided (diptych) - limited edition giclee print 24\/100
Pool Side Divided (diptych) - limited edition giclee print 24\/100
heart the hearth
heart the hearth
Darkness, Sea Maze print set 01
Darkness, Sea Maze print set 01
Wooly Bear Mini Gocco Print
Wooly Bear Mini Gocco Print
Amidst Routes Letterpress Print - Limited Edition
Amidst Routes Letterpress Print - Limited Edition
Black Bear
Black Bear
California Redwood-Signed Archival Print
California Redwood-Signed Archival Print
WATER intaglio print
WATER intaglio print
Mary Ann (A4 gocco)
Mary Ann (A4 gocco)
Running Fox
Running Fox
Cathedral Print 2 SALE
Cathedral Print 2 SALE


  • myzoetrope

    myzoetrope said 8 years ago


  • sagittariusgallery

    sagittariusgallery said 8 years ago

    Although I have heard the cliche notion that people purchase art to match their sofas on more than one occasion, I have found that more often than not people pick their sofa to match a painting they love :) Happy to see art getting a nod and look forward to more! P.S - leahgiberson's work is just amazing.

  • OffTheHooks

    OffTheHooks said 8 years ago

    oh! i love that stove, reminds me of something i used to have in university! it's so true we must have a connection to the art we love...

  • TheTinyArt

    TheTinyArt said 8 years ago

    I'm really excited about this series. I have been trying to find myself, my style, and it's been a very long road. I know I have a lot of work ahead of me but if that work is at least partially doing what I love then I will be just that much happier for it.

  • Sinta

    Sinta said 8 years ago

    Lovely collection! I adore the StarMapper print. Hurrah! More artworks for me to heart ^_^

  • blamethemoon

    blamethemoon said 8 years ago

    Beautiful selection! I love the polaroid Bavarian Alps's so soft and magical!!

  • shellieartist

    shellieartist said 8 years ago

    I feel the same way. I have been known to drop some cash on a piece of art that for whatever reason I can not walk away from. Although I am an artist myself who wants a house full of thier own many artist work to love and put on my walls! I am excited to see more of this series!

  • picklehead

    picklehead said 8 years ago

    these are awesome! I'm in love the cute stove print!

  • juliepeach

    juliepeach said 8 years ago

    this is practically my current favorites list! we have similar tastes... esp since YOU have been on my fav list for a very long time! great article :)

  • sagittariusgallery

    sagittariusgallery said 8 years ago

    About a year ago I found a piece on another venue that for a week solid I obsessed about. I'd wake up in the middle of the night to stare at it on my monitor. I finally took the plunge and bought it. So happy I did. Many of my patrons have expressed that connection to my work, an indescribable something that touches them in some way. Connection I believe is the most important (and an extremely magical) thing.

  • megmcgrath

    megmcgrath said 8 years ago

    I am very excited to see the rest of this series! I am very new to selling art on Etsy and am looking for all the tips I can get! Please check out my shop, all prints are BOGO free right now!

  • odiliafu

    odiliafu said 8 years ago

    Beautiful picks! Love them all.

  • annarubyking

    annarubyking said 8 years ago

    so many of my favourites too! great collection!

  • AlloverArt

    AlloverArt said 8 years ago

    There are so many different styles! Great finds. :)

  • theaxx

    theaxx said 8 years ago

    I actually really like the essimar. So stylish. Thanks for pointing it out!!

  • michelemaule

    michelemaule said 8 years ago

    Yay Art!! Wonderful artists, and beautiful work. I heart Leah Giberson :D

  • khphillips

    khphillips said 8 years ago

    Nice selection and all the art, they are gorgeous! Love the Star Mapper print I do hope the future articles of this series will focus more on the process and differences between different print mediums available on etsy to help educate buyers. For example: Gocco and screen prints are basically the same process, and the wonderful differences between the types of processes used in the rather generic "art print" category.

  • 4TheSparrowsNest

    4TheSparrowsNest said 8 years ago

    I appreciate the focus on 2D art and illustration here. It's a medium that perhaps gets overlooked sometimes in the "craft" focused industry.

  • ArgyleWhale

    ArgyleWhale said 8 years ago

    Hi Danna! I was so excited to see what art you'd pick out and extra pleased to find my Woolly Bear gocco in your selections. Thanks! I Love all the artists you featured.

  • AlisonStinely

    AlisonStinely said 8 years ago

    Yay! I'm so glad Etsy's doing this.

  • threepeats

    threepeats said 8 years ago

    This will help me search better for artwork. I agree with khphillips that the average person, like me, needs to be educatedabout the different mediums, what exactly terminology means.

  • beachhouseblues

    beachhouseblues said 8 years ago

    Love the pool photo!

  • rosetung

    rosetung said 8 years ago

    beautiful!! looking foward to the rest of the art-related posts. fine art will always be my first passion, my first love. its beautiful to me when people are not competitive. Danna Ray, artist- supporting other artists on Etsy. love it!!! a wonderful thing! word up!!!

  • Lundberg

    Lundberg said 8 years ago


  • artrussell

    artrussell said 8 years ago

    Very happy to see artwork in the spotlight. I can't get enough of it. Infinite variety...........

  • kristensteinfineart

    kristensteinfineart said 8 years ago

    Great picks Danna. I really enjoyed this article. I also love seeing fine art in the spotlight. So many great pieces on etsy at such great prices.

  • iLoveButterflies

    iLoveButterflies said 8 years ago

    I found a lot of great art by the people in the Gallery United street team here!

  • leahgiberson

    leahgiberson said 8 years ago

    So excited to see this series and a HUGE thank you, Danna, for including my work in your lovely selection. Your fan as always.

  • rguerin1964

    rguerin1964 said 8 years ago

    Terrific! This sounds like a fantastic idea. Those of us who are craft-challenged really appreciate it!!

  • LacySorbet

    LacySorbet said 8 years ago

    I am excited to see the rest of this series. Especially like the Polaroid and the story behind it. It reminds me that some of the best places are still yet to be discovered.

  • BluCille

    BluCille said 8 years ago

    Wow! At first glance I thought the pool was real.

  • sixsisters

    sixsisters said 8 years ago

    I am very excited to see this feature on etsy. I feel it is more than overdue. Thank you for acknowledging all of the many artists her at etsy.

  • imadeyouabeard

    imadeyouabeard said 8 years ago

    So much amazing and beautiful work featured, although I am a little disappointed that more attention wasn't paid to the wide variety of printmaking techniques available on Etsy. There are amazing artists on Etsy producing original works in intalgio, lithography, letterpress, silkscreen and gocco (same process, essentially), woodcut, and monoprints. Giclee prints are wonderful in that they make copies of expensive originals available to the masses, but there is something to be said for the beauty of a hand pulled print.

  • IcingOnTheCupcake

    IcingOnTheCupcake said 8 years ago

    Really looking forward to this series.

  • nowvember

    nowvember said 8 years ago

    wow! these are all just crazy many new favorites here!

  • ConstantGalore

    ConstantGalore said 8 years ago

    Nice article... We should mention that these are mostly prints of original works that are included here...I find that a lot of times it's difficult to tell what is being sold: a print or an original, and many buyers do not know the difference so I would hope that would be explained, especially in this article.

  • thebestvintage

    thebestvintage said 8 years ago

    Good selection of new shops to visit!

  • meganaker

    meganaker said 8 years ago

    what a nice array of gorgeous artwork!!

  • blnoopesup

    blnoopesup said 8 years ago

    this is all so fantastic!

  • LegendaryTigerHero

    LegendaryTigerHero said 8 years ago

    Nice works!

  • jamieribisi

    jamieribisi said 8 years ago

    Great selections but I have to agree with others that there should be fairly thorough explanations of the difference between these types of prints and the variety of other print styles available (especially original hand-pulled prints). I know that I, as well as others, have offered to write an article as such. I hope that the next few articles are also pushing ORIGINAL art. Prints are great but original pieces can be held closer to your heart and can also be very affordable as well as a great investment.

  • FlanneryCrane

    FlanneryCrane said 8 years ago

    I love an art show! Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing and keep the stories coming...

  • leahgiberson

    leahgiberson said 8 years ago

    I agree that original work is wonderful and for what it's worth, many of the artists mentioned here DO sell original work in their etsy shops as well. I took the time to read through all the descriptions of the items included here and they all seem quite clear about whether the item is an original or a print. They also seemed pretty clear about the process used to make the print. Not saying there isn't a need for further discussion and clarity on the issue, but in my experience most artists here try their best to avoid confusion with buyers.

  • fadedgrey

    fadedgrey said 8 years ago

    I love this series, truly inspirational. Especially Iris's work, I adore her prints.

  • Marjji

    Marjji said 8 years ago

    I just adore the cozy little stove.. Wonderful selection

  • brendarose

    brendarose said 8 years ago

    i'm so glad to see this spotlight on art (and prints)! particularly in today's economy, where (at least in my shop) people seem to be more willing & able to purchase prints over original pieces. looking forward to reading more!

  • LaireMarie

    LaireMarie said 8 years ago

    me too! :D

  • rebeccarebouche

    rebeccarebouche said 8 years ago

    this is what I'm always saying! about art, and shoes, and life! just buy what you love! it doesn't have to match anything except your heart. ;) love the selections here. nice range of media, and all showing really beautiful linework.

  • ouijacqueline

    ouijacqueline said 8 years ago

    Great finds! I'm in serious l.o.v.e. with the well-dressed kitties!

  • Krystyna81

    Krystyna81 said 8 years ago

    great finds...looking forward to hearing from a painter and a sculptor....

  • groundwork

    groundwork said 8 years ago

    Thank you everyone! Its interesting to see so much discussion of printmaking techniques in the comments. I certainly didn't set out to explain these processes... but I'm sure that would make for a great (and much longer) article. In the mean time, Wikipedia can be a good resource: I also can't wait to see the rest of this week's articles!

  • peaseblossomstudio

    peaseblossomstudio said 8 years ago

    This printmaker says very nice! I too would like to see further discussion of what goes into each type of printmaking.

  • vantiani

    vantiani said 8 years ago

    Oh such an awesome picks! Love them! Vantiani.

  • pipapiep

    pipapiep said 8 years ago

    Beautiful collection!

  • BabbidgePatch

    BabbidgePatch said 8 years ago

    A beautiful collection ~ wonderful artists! I look forward to the series...

  • felicitycrew

    felicitycrew said 8 years ago

    Great article! I so look forward to more information in this series!

  • FlowerPress

    FlowerPress said 8 years ago

    Yay, some of my faves and some new people too. I'm always delighted at the great art on Etsy. Thanks

  • irisschwarz

    irisschwarz said 8 years ago

    Thank you so much DANNA, you put together a wonderful collection. I love your work and I’m really honored you have chosen one of mine. Interesting comments about printmaking – even for an artist sometimes it is confusing. Looking forward to the ongoing series...

  • spareGus

    spareGus said 8 years ago

    What a great selection of pieces! It's so nice to see such appreciation of the art and talent here at etsy!

  • PeppermintDaydreams

    PeppermintDaydreams said 8 years ago

    great collection. love it!

  • slidesideways

    slidesideways said 8 years ago

    We are so excited to see the rest of this series. There are so many talented artists on Etsy that are using all sorts of mediums in there work. It's really exciting and fun to see!

  • lilacpop

    lilacpop said 8 years ago

    Keep highlighting the fine art--it's a wonderful thing here on etsy!

  • worksofwhimsy

    worksofwhimsy said 8 years ago

    Thank you to the fine artists for enriching our lives. "Pool side" draws me in.

  • alamodeplease

    alamodeplease said 8 years ago

    the Der hohe Pfad photo is amazing.

  • gretchenmist

    gretchenmist said 8 years ago

    i love it! i find it v interesting to hear what artist's say about work they love. some of my favourites here too :)

  • mloartwear

    mloartwear said 8 years ago

    Thank you for your focus on the art! It is nice to mention the different media, would you also identify the difference between originals and reproductions in your future for the sake of buyer's awareness. A Tale of History ***

  • pixiepotions

    pixiepotions said 8 years ago

    Der hohe Pfad III is just stunning

  • sweetteadesigns

    sweetteadesigns said 8 years ago

    Thanks for the interest in prints. I love the contrasting bright light and shadows in the pool slide, and the foggy May morning photo. Great selections.

  • emmabell76

    Emma Bell from EmmalouiseBell said 2 years ago

    Wow, this article is really helpful! Thanks for the tips. I love the poolside slide painting. I'm really into painting beach and summer scenes myself at the moment. I think I need a vacation!!!

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