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Artist-Inspired Palettes With COLOURlovers

May 18, 2010

by CheekyMonkey82 handmade and vintage goods

Margot_bio.jpgMargot Harrington, a.k.a. CheekyMonkey82, is a freelance graphic designer, the editor of COLOURlovers’ Print Channel, an art junkie, and all-around collaborator captivated by all forms of making and doing. She documents art and design on the Internet at Pitch Design Union and Mint Design Blog.

Of all the glorious sundries available on Etsy, interestingly enough, it’s not the first place I normally look when I’m in the mood for art and design, or prints and posters. Any artist I tend to find on Etsy is usually referred from another source, typically from one of the many design blogs I frequent when I’m on the hunt some inspiration for my own work and blog. That’s not to say that there aren’t fantastic gems to be had; there’s everything from handmade zines, screenprints, bound books, prints, and letterpress goodies galore. I’ve picked out my newer favorite finds and a handful of loves that I’ve been eyeballing for some time. I also put together a few color palettes based off some of the work, feel free to wander over to COLOURlovers and use them in your own work!



Artwork by essimar

I’ve been a big fan of the dreamy vibe in essimar‘s work for a long time, and I just love the particular color palette she employs. Her work is mostly small prints and cards, either screenprinted, collaged or both. Also check out her blog for new work and Flickr for even more product and in-process photos.


Artwork by alyoisiusspyker

Lovely rainbow-hued screenprints are by alyoisisspyker, though I’m partial to these geometric ones and would love to have them in my house. There are still few left of each, snap those babies up!




Artwork by chrispiascik

All acid-pop fun, illustrator Chris Piascik’s hand-lettering is incredibly clever and detailed. See more of his work at


Artwork by slidesideways

Slide Sideways is made up of screenprinters Jaqui and Scott and they are no strangers to Etsy. Their work is adorable and irreverent, but not too cutesy. I especially like how they’ve managed to extend their printing talents to pouches, journal and pillows.



Artwork by leahduncan

Leah Duncan is the brains behind these brilliant illustrations, which have are a unique feel that’s both modern and folksy. Super hot colors too! Loves.


Artwork by annebenjamin

Mok Duk is Anne Benjamin: illustrator, screenprinter, and letterpress maven. She does tons of amazing letterpress wedding invitations too. See more of her work at


Artwork by rarrarpress

Typophiles rejoice with the sassy prints by Reba Rakstad of Rar Rar Press. Posters, buttons, small notebooks, cards, and T-shirts are all hand typeset and letterpressed. Reba also has a blog and helps run Chicago-based No Coast, which is a multi-use art space and studio focused on printmaking, and book art and fiber arts.

Thanks to Margot for sharing her COLOURlover palettes inspired by Etsy artists.
Do you have a favorite colorful Etsy artist? Leave their shop name in the comments below.

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