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All That Glitters

Dec 17, 2012

by House of Earnest handmade and vintage goods

This month’s holidays conjure up visions of sugarplums for some, but for me, it’s glitter and shine that rule the season. Glittery goods are such a simple way to show some spirit, and whether you’re thinking of tinsel for your tree or streamers for New Year’s Eve, the holiday’s aren’t as special without a little sparkle…but all that glitters isn’t (just) gold.

[Clockwise from top: Pink Elephants from wishdaisyBlack glitter stickers from inkkitGlitter thumbtacks from WhenItRainsShopBunting by AthenaandEugeniaSequin trim from InspireLovelyGold glitter twine from knotandbowGold tinsel string from KisforCalligraphy.]

Be inspired to create your own glittery goods by buying the materials and putting something unique together. Wrap some trim or twine around your champagne flutes or embellish a card for someone special. You can even kick up your workspace with these shiny tacks! Boxing up treats, serving up drinks, and decking your halls are easy with these glittery goods.

[Clockwise from top left: Glitter stirs by heathoriginalConfetti from PomLoveWine glasses from ellauniverseTassel garland by TheFlairExchangeTreat boxes from WeddingAmbienceParty horns from ohgoodiedesignsEnvelope liners from PersianLaundry.]

If making something yourself isn’t appealing, buying an amazing handmade piece for your party is easy and creates tons of gilded glamor. The greatest thing about glitter is that it’s not limited to one season.  Adorning your home or outfit with a little shine is just as perfect for the holidays as it is for high summer.

[Clockwise from top left: Earrings by DittyDropsGold leaf art by GOLDonGOLDWooden bowl by WindandWillowHomeNew Year’s “Ball” necklace by bellabeadstudio; Sequin pillow by pillow1Chevron glitter clutch by BelledeBenoirLetterpress coasters by typeapressCrème de la crème print by SmileBabyStudio.]

A few gilded pieces that will keep you shining all year long just might be the perfect purchase. I can’t think of a better way to liven up anyone’s mood than by adding a strong dose of the sparkly stuff!

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