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About Us: Matt a.k.a. matt

Jul 10, 2009

by Vanessa Bertozzi handmade and vintage goods

Matt Stinchcomb, a.k.a. Dr. Professor Stinchcomb, a.k.a. matt, has known Etsy since it was just a twinkle in Rob Kalin‘s eye. Matt was Rob’s roommate when the Etsy’s founders were first launching the site, and he joined the team as one of Etsy’s first employees. He shepherded Etsy through the heady start-up days — doing everything from screenprinting tote bags to hobnobbing with the press, from designing ads to handling Etsy’s marketing and communications, from founding Etsy Teams to Etsy’s “Artist-in-Residence” program (that only happened once).

Since Etsy has been hiring more Admin, Matt has now passed on several of the hats he’d been wearing for many years. Today, in his role of VP of Community, he keeps us all honest (and hosts a dance party or two in the Virtual Labs). He’s a beloved co-worker — and we have an epic list of Fun Facts to prove it.

Fun Facts:

  • He loves to garden in his Brooklyn backyard and eat the fresh vegetables he’s grown. He’s a really good cook and will invite you to dinner, but then he always seems to already have dinner plans. (So he must invite a lot of people to dinner.)
  • He goes through health food diet phases — for a while he was ingesting nothing but vinegar.
  • Sarah points out his special uncomfortable shoes that force him to balance and are therefore “more healthy.”
  • Matt is originally from Washington D.C. and was a hardcore Orioles fan growing up.
  • Emily, who knows him from growing up in D.C., says his biggest childhood fear was “goatboy peering into his window at dinner.”
  • Jakob, also an old friend of Matt’s, says that he used to have a fohawk.
  • Matt is married to the lovely Benedikta of BurdaStyle, our fashion-y friends who run the open source sewing pattern website. BurdaStyle used to rent space in Etsy Labs, but now they’re located downstairs.
  • Danielle claims that Matt started the cowl trend on Etsy: (photo by dandelionblu)
  • He loves wearing white, especially white pants. One time Danielle was working a Philly craft show with him, and it started to pour. He was wearing all white that day, and the ladies went wild!
  • He plays tennis and once dreamed of starting a clothing line for retro tennis outfits.
  • Matt is the earliest riser, often waking at 5 a.m. to go for a long walk. His bedtime is 8 p.m.
  • Matt fixed the toaster, according to Sarah.
  • Matt paces around when he’s on the phone. Adam adds that when he paces around, he often picks things up and then leaves them elsewhere.
  • Beug says Matt has the second best hair of the Etsy Admin. However, he can’t grow a beard and has no sideburns or body hair.
  • Matt is one of the most charming people you’ll ever meet.
  • Danielle claims that he flips her the bird when no one is looking.
  • Alison described how he’s really well put-together and often wears a blazer and tie, but there’s always something amiss: stains, missed button on his shirt, tear in his jacket.
  • Beug is right when he says we all love his winning smile.
  • Julie notes that Matt wants to start a girl group, Phil Spector style. Tara notes that he loves the Shangri-Las.
  • He likes to assess people in terms of their “vibe.”
  • Lauren says that Matt subconsciously sings when he’s happy but also when he’s scared.
  • Emily says that he was known only as “Matt Wad” in college after the porn star John Wad.
  • Matt has a huge flame tattoo on his leg but you’ll never see it because he never wears shorts. He has two other well-concealed tattoos.
  • Adam points out that Matt is a prolific Etsy shopper, and his house is filled with beautiful Etsy items and antiques.
  • He designed the Etsy donkeycorn poster.
  • He doesn’t own a TV, but if he did he’d be watching random movies on Lifetime in the early morning.
  • He makes the Marketing/Community office smell pretty with his hippie incense.
  • Emily says he wrote a song called “Tranquility Tea.”
  • Anda says he had a speech impediment as a child and spent years doing mouth exercises to correct it. That’s why he smiles so much.
  • Adam fondly recalls that Matt would lead Christmas carol sing-a-longs in the evenings around the holidays.
  • He goes to Germany all the time. He owns a pair of adult men’s lederhosen.
  • He came up with “Bad News from a Kitten” and wants to make it into a ringtone. He, Adam, and Anda berated Christina so mercilessly about her ringtone that she cried.
  • When Matt and Emily lived in Portland for a summer, he worked at a gas station and lived exclusively off of Sour Patch Kids from the BPmart. He kept the uniform and wore it every day.
  • He went to Oberlin and was a big theater nerd in high school.
  • Matt used to be in the rock band The French Kicks.
  • Before he and Vanessa ever met, her friend told her about sitting beside these crazy guys who were in the band called The French Kicks at a Bruce Springsteen concert. They were all dressed up like Bruce and singing along.
  • He once traded a car for a guitar. Dan vouches for Matt knowing all of the bass parts on Led Zeppelin IV.
  • Lauren notes that there’s a park in Oklahoma City named after him.
  • He used to run his own screenprinting company.
  • No one has ever seen him mad at anyone — except for a few of us seeing him mad at Rob.
  • Let’s just say Matt can be impulsive.
  • According to Emily, he wore black turtlenecks with a horoscope medallion necklace in high school.
  • He is a big history buff and executive produces an animated History Channel show.
  • Matt is famous for his brainstorms and knowing famous people.
  • Lauren notes that he really likes to point out places he’s seen Keri Russell in Brooklyn. Anda adds that he loves to talk about the celebrities he’s met.
  • Half of Etsy staff go to the same doctor and dentist because of him.
  • For Julie‘s birthday he picked a random thing off his shelf and offered it to her as a birthday present.
  • Rockstarpoli saw him get really excited about banana juice.
  • He would proudly accept the title of being the King of Dumpster-diving. When Vanessa found an amazing painting in the trash, Matt claimed he’d already found it in the trash years ago and then threw it away again when he was sick of it — two years before she ever found it. He has another painting hanging in his office at Etsy that he got from the trash or a yard sale years ago, that turned out to be by Vanessa’s friends.
  • Emily said he tried out to be an extra in John Waters’ film Serial Mom for the concert scene at Hammerjacks in Baltimore, but was REJECTED.
  • He can do a really good Baltimore/D.C. accent.
  • His wedding band Dexter Lake Club Band used to practice at Etsy Labs, but he refused to play at Danielle’s wedding. The band recorded a music video at the Etsy Labs. Click on “media” on their website.
  • Jim asks, “Did anyone mention that he puts hummus in his coffee?”

Lookin’ cool in high school:

Matt on bass:

Matt’s first camping trip:

Matt and cupcakes go way back:

Etsy has had quite a growth spurt in the past year, and we have the awkward pictures to prove it. We’ve been posting a series of About Us pieces to help you get to know the Etsy admin (and since many of us work remotely, for the admin to get to know each other!). You’ve seen the admin badge, and maybe you’re a bit curious about the person behind it! For more on Etsy’s mission and about the company, please see our About page (the link is in the little blue footer of every Etsy page).

Some of Matt’s favorites below…

Baltimore Oriole
Baltimore Oriole
Blue Cone Dog
Blue Cone Dog
Pulsemonger guitar FX pedal - synthesizer \/ Distortion \/ Octave
Pulsemonger guitar FX pedal - synthesizer \/ Distortion \/ Octave
Green Teapot Stoneware Handthrown Pottery 1
Green Teapot Stoneware Handthrown Pottery 1
middle of June freestyle bow tie
middle of June freestyle bow tie
Linen Seersucker 3-Piece Suit--Your Size, Your Style
Linen Seersucker 3-Piece Suit--Your Size, Your Style
SALE I Can Only Get Slower Original Framed Drawing
SALE I Can Only Get Slower Original Framed Drawing


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    Its funny-been seeing Matt's face around Etsy for while now. Nice to finally get the About Us piece. And love Matt's Favorites picks. oh I have a John Waters fun fact. I walked into a gallery wearing some super cool bright orange shoes. Someone said John Waters had been in the night before wearing a pair of bright orange shoes but that mine were groovier-wow! Better shoes orange shoes than John waters? that's cool.

  • adam Admin

    adam said 11 years ago

    Ahahahha! Your time has come, Stinchie! -- Alison described how he's really well put-together and often wears a blazer and tie, but there's always something amiss: stains, missed button on his shirt, tear in his jacket. ---- Too true! Most of the stains are from silkscreening.

  • novadesigns

    novadesigns said 11 years ago

    Hi Matt! Don't feel bad, my boyfriend couldn't grow a beard or sideburns even if his life depended on it :o)

  • adam Admin

    adam said 11 years ago

    ps: He, Adam, and Anda berated Christina so mercilessly about her ringtone that she cried. --- She didn't really cry. Much. But we gave her a complex about it. She automatically apologizes whenever her phone rings now. It's hilarious. Sorry Batch!

  • piperewan

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    *Lauren says that Matt subconsciously sings when he's happy but also when he's scared.* like cats purring. i probably saw him in the french kicks in a small hot room in pdx if he was there in 2003.

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    I just love reading about the faces on Etsy :)

  • TwilightVisions

    TwilightVisions said 11 years ago

    Nice to read about the people who run the ship:) Great article

  • mycreativeinstincts

    mycreativeinstincts said 11 years ago

    won my heart at Led Zeppelin

  • jorgensenstudio

    jorgensenstudio said 11 years ago

    Matt is fab, but when I think of what he sounds like I hear Christopher Walken... I think it was because of his old avatar picture. The one with the hat.... And I have never seen Christopher Walken and Matt in the same place at the same time....just say'n

  • heartfeltvintage

    heartfeltvintage said 11 years ago

    Nice !

  • LaLah

    LaLah said 11 years ago

    This was one of the most fun and FUNNIEST articles yet...I HEART the Etsy team...Everyone (including Matt) seems WONDERFUL!!! Wish we could meet all of you in person...

  • 2RavenChicks

    2RavenChicks said 11 years ago

    I loved this article - except for the cowl part. I think cowls are really scary.

  • Iammie

    Iammie said 11 years ago

    Lovely story!

  • monkeyandsquirrel

    monkeyandsquirrel said 11 years ago

    ha! what great matt facts!

  • KnitKnit

    KnitKnit said 11 years ago

    hahaha! great article - love the fun facts!!!

  • BizzieLizzie

    BizzieLizzie said 11 years ago

    Nice to meet ya matt! What's for dinner?

  • kelsodoesntdance

    kelsodoesntdance said 11 years ago

    So I'm a little late on discovering this but it was nice to meet you at the San Francisco Renegade Matt. Thanks for making me take way too many(or is it just enough?) etsy bandannas? (they're soo cool!) Anyway, after the show I went to Amoeba records and got a bunch of music, one of which was a French Kicks album and now I'm reading this... FREAKY CONSINIDENCE! -Kelso p.s. Go etsy!

  • Yayahandicraft

    Yayahandicraft said 10 years ago

    Beautiful pictures

  • bellta

    bellta said 10 years ago


  • CreaShines

    CreaShines said 10 years ago

    He's coming to my college in Florida to speak tonight! I'm so excited!

  • ritarenata

    ritarenata said 9 years ago

    thats a lots of funny and interesting information. he was 2 days ago in vienna/austria to talk about to with austrian etsians. unfortunately i couldnt be there.

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