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About Us: Anda

May 11, 2008

by Vanessa Bertozzi handmade and vintage goods

Etsy has had quite a growth spurt in the past year, and we have the awkward pictures to prove it. We are posting a series of About Us pieces to help you get to know the Etsy admin (and since many of us work remotely, for the admin to get to know each other!). You’ve seen the admin badge, and maybe you’re a bit curious about the person behind it! For more on Etsy’s mission and about the company, please see our About page (the link is in the little blue footer of every Etsy page).

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Anda, Anda, Anda…where to start? Anda is an old skool member of Etsy, where she began selling her wares as stopsandstarts back when she lived in Richmond, VA and attended art school in 2005. Ah, the Richmond days, when life was much more affordable than Brooklyn, where she now lives and works as an Etsy admin.  Anda often waxes poetical on the various stages of thrifty living. One such period renders many an entertaining tale: freegan-ish, crashing at Shakespeare & Co. stint in Paris, when she and her friends figured out how to live on nothing in one of the most expensive cities in the world. She still loves a good thrift shop and always has her eye out for dollar-stores.

Back in the early days of Etsy Labs, Anda coordinated all of the events and goings-on.  Now, she works on the Marketing Team, doing merchandising and design. Yes, Anda is our go-to person for amazing illustrations and we’ve even made her handwriting into a font for our Etsy video series and other design-y visual elements. Sometimes bursting into hysterical laughter and sometimes a prickly pear, Anda is truly unique Etsy admin with great taste, a talent for making just about anything, and a disarming knack for telling it like it is.

Here is early proof of her sense of style. (Check the Reebok hightop with the yellow laces in the background.)

Anda is someone who shoots for what she wants with incredible focus. When her then-soon-to-be-husband Pete was in grad school in Scotland, Anda decided she wanted to have a baby. And despite being an ocean away and working like crazy at Etsy Labs, she made it happen. And such was the beginning of the cutest baby in the world, Sidonie.  Sidonie is also officially the first admin baby (except for Charles’ babies, who are cute too but weren’t born on our watch).

Whilst hugely pregnant, she made her own wedding dress with Burdastyle‘s help. She had a really fun, last minute DIY wedding.

Anda’s mom Appalachia, who is also a seller, should feel very special this Mother’s Day because Anda is always talking about how awesome her mom is (and her dad, too)! She passed on the crafty gene to Anda and she will surely pass on the crafty gene to little Sidonie.

Anda Fun Facts:

  • Anda’s real name is Amanda.
  • Anda used to be a substitute teacher.
  • She can recite the entire script of Goonies, according to Matt (who is a known pathological liar).
  • She hated living in Scotland because it was dreary.
  • She has mad Scrabble skills.
  • Like some kind of Rainman, she can remember sequences of numbers from years past. And she loves math.
  • She and Pete have two kitties.
  • She claims to have synesthesia.
  • Julie notes that Anda can make dumplings out of random dregs found in the back of the kitchen cabinets (she has boasted of this multiple times).

She’s picked some favorites below. See all posts in this About Us series.

Adventure Large Journal 50 graph pages plus two pockets
Adventure Large Journal 50 graph pages plus two pockets
Dangerous Curves necklace
Dangerous Curves necklace
Vetements Polka Dot Bow Necklace
Vetements Polka Dot Bow Necklace
Simplify Our Love
Simplify Our Love
2 Headed Kitten (silver)
2 Headed Kitten (silver)
Milk and Bread Ring
Milk and Bread Ring
Par Avion Gocco Art Card
Par Avion Gocco Art Card
PDF Crocheted and Felted Polar Bear Amigurumi Pattern
PDF Crocheted and Felted Polar Bear Amigurumi Pattern
Wolf Maryjanes - 5 1\/2
Wolf Maryjanes - 5 1\/2


  • thebirdsandbees

    thebirdsandbees said 9 years ago

    Happy Mom's Day Amanda..

  • smashgirl

    smashgirl said 9 years ago

    Happy Mother's Day!

  • SteppingStones

    SteppingStones said 9 years ago

    Happy Mother's day Anda! Good to meet you!

  • appalachia

    appalachia said 9 years ago

    Ha ha, I just noticed the girl beside you in the ballerina doll picture is making rabbit ears behind you:)

  • RightAsRainCreations

    RightAsRainCreations said 9 years ago

    Happy Mother's Day, Anda! It was lovely getting to "know" you a little bit! :) All the best to you and yours.

  • RightAsRainCreations

    RightAsRainCreations said 9 years ago

    Oh, yeah, and I like the "somebody just puked all over herself" song. I'm going to sing that to my daughter next time!

  • futurowoman

    futurowoman said 9 years ago

    Anda is so sweet! I came to Etsy HQ last summer unannounced, just to say hi, and she was a great hostess! Sidonie is so adorable; Anda wasn't really showing at the time I met her, but she had a sonogram image of her daughter on her computer and was already a super-proud mother. :)

  • Jetsah

    Jetsah said 9 years ago

    Happy Mothers Day! What a nice profile. I love the family photos.

  • FiberContent

    FiberContent said 9 years ago

    Happy Mother's Day, Anda! I love seeing Sidonie grow up whenever you put up her sweet pictures!

  • adubois Admin

    adubois said 9 years ago

    Happy Mother's Day Anda! x

  • panoptica

    panoptica said 9 years ago

    I love Sidonie, she is seriously the most beautiful baby I've ever seen...

  • 1AEON

    1AEON said 9 years ago

    Happy mother's day Anda!! Happy mother's day Pete!!

  • weirdwolf Admin

    weirdwolf said 9 years ago

    Sidonie is such a little cutie pie!! Happy Mothers Day Anda!

  • qwynwyn

    qwynwyn said 9 years ago

    Happy Mother's Day! You have such a cute baby!

  • RaeGun

    RaeGun said 9 years ago

    Happy Mother's day and yeah for new Sidonie footage, is so stinking cute...I have to say the "she CLAIMS to have synesthesia" is pretty funny; claims eh, who's putting it into questions?

  • HeyMichelle

    HeyMichelle said 9 years ago

    Awesome video & story! I can vouch for the storytelling skills referenced in the questionnaire. And very exciting that after our months of boasting about our Scrabble skills, we're about to face off (ahem, off to review "q"s without "u"s now) ya dude!

  • FrucciDesign

    FrucciDesign said 9 years ago

    Sidonie is the super cutest "handmade" etsy product!! happy mother's day Anda!!!

  • BlackStarBeads

    BlackStarBeads said 9 years ago

    Happy Mother's Day Stops. Your daughter is a doll! (and Appalachia).

  • broadwayartsalvage

    broadwayartsalvage said 9 years ago

    i have a confession...i pretend that baby sidonie is my granddaughter..she is outstanding, there i feel better now..

  • DearDodo

    DearDodo said 9 years ago

    You rock Anda! And you rock too, Sidonie!! :)

  • HarmonyWear

    HarmonyWear said 9 years ago

    Oh my goodness, Sidonie is such a cutie! I love the maryjanes at Anda's shop...and I can also quote The Goonies and like to pepper my speech with random Goonies quotes (even went to Astoria and visited all the Goonies landmarks).

  • meeabee

    meeabee said 9 years ago

    I LOVE Anda's etsy finds. It pops into my mailbox just before I head off to bed most days (being in Japan, with the time difference). Anda knows my favorite thing, apart from the cool stuff she finds, and the great captions, is the peeks of little Sydonie. Absolutely the cutest baby ever, those eyes! that hair! Great article about one of my favorite etsy admins. Happy Mother's Day Anda.

  • anda Admin

    anda said 9 years ago

    What's Goonies? Thanks y'all!!

  • shopgoodgrace

    shopgoodgrace said 9 years ago

    oh my goodness... Sidonie is beaUtiful!! (and I agree with meeabee, I love the little peeks of the cutie pie in Anda's "etsy finds" emails. And FrucciDesign: Sidonie is the super cutest "handmade" etsy product!! true!) I love the "About Us" features. Thanks for sharing!!

  • Venbead

    Venbead said 9 years ago

    happy mother's day. that baby is gorgeous

  • Artistikdiva

    Artistikdiva said 9 years ago

    I so look forward to my finds everyday! It's good to get to know you better. You Rock!

  • kjoosupplies

    kjoosupplies said 9 years ago

    I am happy to know a little more about you! great article congrats*

  • AuntieBagel

    AuntieBagel said 9 years ago

    Just hanging around, admiring the view!

  • colleenbang

    colleenbang said 9 years ago

    what a sweet, sweet baby

  • susyjewelry

    susyjewelry said 8 years ago

    It's nice to know more about the Etsy folks. I'm impressed that the Marketing department has only three employees. You guys do a bang up job!

  • noahcooper

    noahcooper said 8 years ago

    I bet your two kitties would like it if Etsy got rid of dead animals' fur

  • cocoapod

    cocoapod said 8 years ago

    Anda, nice to learn more about you! And your baby girl is adorable, most likely the cutest girl I have ever seen! Are you sure she is not a Lati doll? :)

  • ItsMadeAtHome

    ItsMadeAtHome said 8 years ago

    Anda, It was great meeting you in Seattle! Come back soon. Your little munchkin is beautiful! ~Meghan

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