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A Very Unrequited Love

Feb 1, 2012

by nickhaus handmade and vintage goods

Nick Haus is the brainchild of Nick Heywood: designer of interiors, textiles, lighting, furniture and luggage; purveyor of vintage goods at NickHaus on Etsy; adjunct professor at the University of Rhode Island;  defender of old things and new ideas. Nick is constantly developing crushes on folks, both living and dead. Recent crushes have included Denton WelchDuncan GrantFrank O’Hara and Cy Twombly. For the last couple of years, Nick’s favorite place to hide mash notes has been on

The Ghost and Ms. Abramovic

Marina had only loved one man, and he was dead. Years as the leading practitioner of performance art, the accolades of all the world and a one-woman show at the MoMA failed to fill the hole in her heart left by William Tell. Indeed, Marina Abramovic was thoroughly devastated when William (dear, darling Billy) failed to return her affections. He had been dead for 600 years. However, this was no deterrent; Marina’s work tiptoed the void of existence and mortality, and she was pretty comfortable with skeletons. She’d writhed on the floor with one on multiple occasions. But this skeleton — he was the one. She entertained girlish dreams of wedding him in a chapel of bones.

[1. Bone chapel from Diabolus 2. Arrow in lights from Aranacci 3. Human heart cameo from Deadlyromanticgirl]

What attracted Marina to William was his confidence, the way he could casually shoot an apple off the head of his son, just like that. JUST. LIKE. THAT. Imagine it! Her heart raced — all she could see was red. Cupid pierced her deeply, without pity.

[1. Pierced hearts from Vintagesparklz 2. Lapis and diamond arrow from Adinantiquejewellery 3. St. Sebastian diptych from Hrhome 4. Apple necklace from Owlvintage 5. Turquoise apple from Highpriestessofgems]

If only the affection rested in her mind, instead of her whole body! And why wouldn’t he return her calls? She tried to reach him via Ouija, by screaming at mystical crystals and at the seance table, but William would have none of it. He just wouldn’t pick up.

[1. Human skull from Jasonkwatkins 2. Rock crystal from Kyanitecluster 3. Silver ouija pointer from Missyindustry 4. Ophiel’s art and practice of the occult from Artzodiac]

Over time Marina sought affection from the living, but it was never quite the same. These living men were form without meaning, but at least they called her back. She showered them with gifts that reminded her of William Tell, attempting to change them into more stoic men molded in his image.

[1. Leather vest from indianschapsandvest 2. Monogrammed silver collar stays from Christinakober 3. Knit human heart from Thetearyseal 4. Arrow necktie from Cyberoptix]

After a few years of messing around, Marina’s emotional larder was bare, if you will. She continued to think of the great unrequited love of her life, but came to accept it was not to be. Still, she collected things that reminded her of William, that she might have given him had things gone differently. She took to wearing mourning jewelry but did so more out of respect than sadness. Putting aside emotional travails, she focused on being the greatest living performance artist, writhing with different skeletons and staring death in the face.

[1. Fornasetti hunt tray from Swissgay 2. Viking wedding ring from Ancientadornment 3. Divorce ring from Roughgalaxy 4. Skull walking stick  from Diabolus 5. Snake mourning bracelet from Dresdendollz 6. Vintage bull’s eyes from Legalmisssunshine]

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