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A Valentine’s Gift List With Frankie Magazine

Jan 31, 2012

by frankie magazine handmade and vintage goods

Cofounder and creative director of Frankie Magazine and Smith Journal, Lara Burke spends her days making magazines, collecting vintage anything, rousing on her two naughty dachshunds, cuddling her wee son, and patting her big baby bump. She dreams of having spare time and a spare room for all her unfinished craft projects.

Whether Valentine’s Day inspires you to an involuntary “yay” or “yergh,” it’s definitely a-coming – a time for everyone, coupled up or sweetly solo, to count the love in their life. A time to hug all our loved ones — boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, pets, kids, nannas, friends — and let them know how we feel. Everyone deserves a little cherishing, so wear your heart on your sleeve (or shoe or handbag or crocheted bunting) and share the love.

01. This pink heart garland from Babancat hangs one meter in length, and would be the perfect crafty decor for my office doorway. 02. Pretty pistachio stickers from Kawaiigoodies are perfect for an award chart – cheeky behaviour only! 03. This hand-pulled, screen printed tote from Ohleandershop features original paper boat design and banner reading, “With Eager Hearts and Wild Abandon.” So sweet. And better than a green Woolies bag. 04. This Vintage fabric trim from Crownofrue is over 60 years old! Now for the hard decision… Shall I keep safe or use in next sewing project? 05. Here’s a set of 9 diminutive pearlised buttons from Sewlybuttons that are shaped like little hearts. I have the perfect pink dress with a button-up back in need of a loving revamp. This could be a match. 06. For trinkets, pocket money, bobby pins, rings, lollies, paperclips… whatever’s in your stash. This heart shape stash box from Lotsapotsa has a red-velvet finish. 07. This sweetheart Cookie brooch from Tangerinetaiyaki is handmade from polymer clay. Darn, not for eating I’m afraid. For cardigan pinning only.

08. Click click click – there’s no place like home. I think Dorothy would be jealous of these German costume shoes from Rustbeltthreads 09. There is nearly 2m of this heart and daisy trim from Broadleystreet. Could be perfect for the bottom of my kitchen curtain. Hmm… the possibilities. 10. Who says you can’t wear your heart on your apron? Heart pocket apron from Skeeterbitz 11. I wonder if I could use this Twill tape from Somersetmarket for shoe laces? 12. How did this trinket dish from Mygardencottage get to looking so lovey dovey? It was rolled, patted, formed, stamped, painted, underglazed, fired and then glazed!

13. When I look at these blue denim jeans from Dirtybirdiesvintage, I instantly think of Bertie Blackman’s 2004 song, ‘Favourite Jeans.’ 14. Valentine “sew” be mine. Vintage valentine card from Vintageadlady 15. After spying this Geometric calico from Rabbitsfabrics, I instantly started planning my next patchwork quilt project. 16. This embroidered heart pendant from Merriweathercouncil is the sweetest pendant ever. The heart has been embroidered with cotton floss, and hangs on an 18″ chain. 17. The niftiest needlepoint heart clutch… the little wooden handles allow for the exteriors to interchange to suit mood or outfit. So clever. Needlepoint clutch from Rainbowretro.

18. Okay. So it is super hot in Australia at the moment, but one can get prepared for the season ahead can’t she? Hearts jumper from Pineapplemint 19. “This heart I’ve saved for little you, Don’t say you didn’t want me to.” Antique valentine card from Kleymannscloset 20. Anything Austrian-craft makes me weak at the knees and this, my folky friends, is no exception. Pencil case from Sandrascornerstore 21. I cant get enough paper doilies.  I use them for notes, letters, bookmarks, shopping lists, coasters… you name it. Imagine the delight at spotting these heart doilies from Marchare. 22. So, I have my heart shoes, embroidered heart clutch, and this 1950s heart party frock from Holliepointvintage to match. All I need now is a tea party invitation. 23. Bring back the simple, sweet, neat ponytail tied up with a pretty decorative trim ribbon from Vintageyoung.

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