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A Thoroughly Modern Wedding

Mar 7, 2012

by vbecidyan handmade and vintage goods

Vané Broussard is the founder and editor of Brooklyn Bride. Started in 2007, it is the first wedding blog to focus solely on the modern aesthetic.  During the day, she works as an interior designer and loves pairing that side of her life with weddings.  She lives in Brooklyn (where else?) with her husband, and is currently trying to figure out how to celebrate her upcoming 5 year blogiversary.

I sure do love me some modern weddings — after all, that’s what Brooklyn Bride is all about!  And when shopping on Etsy, it’s just so easy to find the perfect pieces to add that modern touch to your own event. For this post, I’ve picked some of my faves from the best…


Cake Toppers

[Left to right, from top row: Love in the library cake topper by Lacerubbish; Twinkle bright cake topper by Matesrubbish; Unicorn and chimp cake topper by Melabo;  Banner cake toppers by Readygo; Fabric flower cake toppers by Pretty Swell; Flower arch cake topper by Lollipopworkshop; Fringe garland cake topper by Potterandbutler; Wooden cake toppers by Goosegrease; See more cake toppers.]

Cake toppers are an obvious place to introduce some whimsy, so I’ve got my eye out for new designers.  GooseGrease has been a perennial fave, and I actually had her make some figures for us after our wedding as a little keepsake.


[Left to right, from top row: Viewmaster invitation by Melangerienyc; Banner invitation by Cheerupcherup; Dot invitations by Moderninkstudio; Heart stripe invitation by Hellotenfold; Modern map invitation by Ellothere; Vintage stamps from Verdestudio; See more invitations.]

From posters to viewfinders, invitations don’t have to be one-size-fits-all anymore.  I love seeing creative ways to announce your wedding, especially ones with bright pops of colors and graphic patterns.  Finish them off with the perfect set of stamps from Verde Studio, and your guests will have the perfect first look into what your wedding is all about.

Engagement Rings


[Left to right, from top row: White gold diamond band by Onestonenewyork; White Sapphire set by Silverwoods; Clean water ring by Christinemighion; Moissanite ring by Kyleannemetals; See more rings.]

The magic all starts with the engagement ring, and thankfully we’re not stuck with just Tiffany’s anymore.  A lot of designers have been gaining acclaim with their Etsy shops. The nice part is they’re generally amenable to customizing, so you can truly get the ring of your dreams.


[Left to right, from top row: Say yes art print by Lovesugar; Personalized cake plate by Palomasnest; State cutting board by Aheirloom; Love plate by Ninainvorm; Google pillow by Elasticco; Serving spoons by Ladiesandgentlemen; See more gifts.]

Paloma’s Nest and A Heirloom have been my solid go-to places for fun, personalized wedding gifts that would make any modernist weak in the knees. I also love the uniqueness of Elasticco‘s yearly Google pillows. They’re a fun reminder of what was hot the year you got married!

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