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A Rose Gold Round-Up

May 28, 2013

by Down and Out Chic handmade and vintage goods

Christina is the writer and curator behind the design blog, Down and Out Chic. Since 2009, Christina has been scouring the Internet to find the best in budget-friendly design and decor, including the series 6 Things, which features an extensive collection of handmade goods. Christina lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with her husband and two rambunctious dogs. For more of Christina’s picks, check out her out on Pinterest and Twitter.

Rose gold, as a color, is a bit hard to define. Is it salmon? Is it blush? How about nude with a touch of pink and yellow? (Oh wait, isn’t that salmon?) Perhaps I’m thinking about this too hard. In terms of metal, rose gold falls on a spectrum. Also known as pink or red gold, the rose gold color is created by blending metals, or colored alloys, to create the desired tone. Whatever tone of rose gold you prefer, the result is undeniably romantic, soft, and pretty, and it flatters a variety of skin tones. So if you’re looking for something a little different to try this season, might I suggest a touch of rose gold?


[1. Sundress by OurLittleDaisy; 2. Cork ballet flats by thewhiteribbon; 3. Annabelle blush lace dress by ivanakrejci; 4. Hand-painted tee by WeAreHairyPeople; 5. Vintage cork wedges from twigandspokevintage.]

Rose gold adds a touch of romantic charm to comfortable dresses and shoes, perfect for warm weather outings.


[1. Druzy stud earrings by ArrowAndEra; 2. Flower bloom necklace by noemiah; 3. Pale rose faceted resin ring by RosellaResin; 4. Faceted stud earrings by HookAndMatter; 5. Triangle earrings by TheiaDesign; 6. Lightning bolt earrings by TheAngryWeather; 7. Pink bambi necklace by Bunnyhell; 8. Skinny bangles by vozcollective; 9. Leather bracelet by cardioceras; 10. Open ring by StefanieSheehan; 11. Diamond leaf ring by ScarlettJewelry.]

Materials like metal, leather, resin, and wood show off rose gold’s versatility.


[1. iPhone case by dsbrennan; 2. Mineral eyeshadow by NoellaBeauty; 3. Painterly silk scarf by leahgoren; 4. Sleep boxers by Naomilingerie; 5. Marbled leather wrap wallet by shopannya; 6. Vintage glasses from MODvintageshop; 7. Geometric bamboo scarf by RebeccaDesnos; 8. Blossom leather clutch GiftShopBrooklyn.]

From vintage glasses to sexy undies, rose gold adds an unexpected softness to a host of accessories.


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