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A Cupboard Full of Handmade Ceramics handmade and vintage goods

Emily Reinhardt is an object maker living and working in Manhattan, Kansas. While making ceramics for her own Etsy shop  and keeping up with her daily blog, she is inspired by the well-designed, everyday objects which people choose to surround themselves. Fresh out of college, Emily is determined to spend her life doing what she loves— making objects. Emily enjoys rainy mornings, hot tea and croissants, because it always takes her back to being in Paris.

As a perpetual renter, I’m always concerned about turning my space into a home. One area I’m really focused on is my kitchen. I’m in the process of making and collecting the perfect supply of handmade dishes. Someday soon I’d like to have a cupboard full of only handmade ceramics.

[Cups: 1. Tasse / white mug by ArtetManufacture; 2. Short white porcelain cup by vitrified studio; 3. Egg shaped mug by sarahveakpottery; 4. Dent tumbler by PigeonToeCeramics; 5. Green Cup by lauracooke.]

For me, it’s all about the connection I feel with that piece of pottery. Sometimes it sticks out right away, and by looks alone we’re instantly connected. Or maybe I have to hold it for a while and realize how great it feels in my hands.

[Bowls: 1. Everything bowl by clam lab; 2. Heart bowl by RossLab; 3. Small ceramic bowl by aLittleDishes; 4. Small gourd bowl by gleenashop; 5. Stoneware bowl set by SuiteOneStudio.]

Sometimes I find myself reaching to the back of my cupboard for a specific bowl over all of the others, just because it seems like a good match for my mood. A bowl can do that to me. How about you?

[Plates: 1. Stoneware mini plates by alluvial; 2. Minimalist plate by OneClayBead; 3. Handmade wedding plate set by christianesutherland;4. Organic entree plate by urbancartel; 5. Zen plate by NingChiao.]

Sometimes I get lost in thought when I’m using dishes that have been made by hand. I imagine this piece of pottery as it started out, just a wet lump of clay. And then I usually smile to myself, because I’m just so darn impressed by what clay and people can do!

[Serving: 1. Hand-Carved stoneware platter by LeiliDesign; 2. Folded serving bowl by PigeonToeCeramics; 3. Burlap tray by FringeandFettle; 4. White focaccia platter by atelierBB; 5. Grasp porcelain bowl by flatearthstudio.] 

The perfect kitchen cupboard opens wide and offers the eye a small private ceramics gallery, full of mismatched dishes made by all different people, with a story connecting to each piece. The guest gets their choice of which piece they want to use, and the owner gets the joy of telling their guest all about the piece they chose.

[For the tabletop: 1. Vita salt and pepper shaker set by MichikoShimada; 2. Mini mortar and pestle by clam lab; 3. White on white bottles by vitrified studio; 4. Porcelain head vase by karst; 5. Robin’s egg creamer by juliaedean.]

Functionality and beauty are two non-negotiables on the insides of my next kitchen cupboards!

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  • ArchetypalTheatre

    Sarah Pogue from ArchetypalTheatre says: Featured

    My cabinet is full of dishes I made as a college senior - I had a light course load my last semester and decided that I would need dishes and mugs in my new life as a real adult, so I spent many evenings in the ceramics studio. I still am using them, 12 years later! I have added some other handmade dishes, as well, some made by family memebers - they are so full of life and memories!

    4 years ago

  • StarTribe

    Penelope Neil from StarTribe says: Featured

    Couldn't agree more! I've been a sucker for studio pottery since i can't remember when, and my kitchen is a clutter of wonky sides, thick glazes and stoney rough bowls. There's something so intimate about a handmade pottery bowl to me. I was only saying to my housemate this morning that very few people recognize how much of a meal's experience is down to the plate or bowl it is served in- and when every town has a thrift, there is no excuse not to have beautiful things in every room of your home.

    4 years ago

  • BlueBrocade

    BlueBrocade from BlueBrocade says: Featured

    I love mismatched dishes, and have a collection of handmade dishes and cups. I love how each feels, and how the mood and look of a meal can change depending on the dishes or cups. Home made food, served in hand made dishes feel so nourishing on so many levels. Just as we need to take time to savour the process of making and really tasting and enjoying our food with loved ones or alone, being mindful of the vessels that hold our meals is just as meaningful. Beautiful selection!

    4 years ago

  • thebeachhousegallery

    I. Dunn from thebeachhousegallery says: Featured

    Yes. I know the feeling of connecting with that one individual cup, bowl, plate. I too have pantry shelves graced with hand created functional pottery. I believe these beautiful works of art compliment what is served in them. Thank you for sharing.

    4 years ago