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A Calendar for Everyone

Dec 19, 2012

by Stephanie Madewell

  • LA SEINE 2013

    Nine images of Paris make this poster calendar a must-have for Francophiles.
  • 2013 Wall Calendar

    12 original designs are screen-printed by hand, making this a year-long treat for the pattern-obsessed.
  • 2013 Shapes Wall Calendar

    The delicate, hand-drawn quality of the patterns allow this calendar to double as a piece of art.
  • 2013 Calendar Tea Towel

    A standout, thanks to its bold hues and swooping script.
  • 2013 Interactions Wall Calendar

    Overlapping typography transforms each month into an abstract object.
  • 2013 The Sun, It Shines Typographic Calendar Poster

    Each day in the year is transformed into a ray circling the sun.
  • 2013 Calendar

    Each month gets its own colorful print — an easy way to add a little brightness to your days.
  • Landscapes 2013 Calendar

    Painterly vistas in saturated hues mark the months in this calendar.
  • Letterpressed 2013 Desk Calendar

    A minimalist's delight, with handset type and Japanese stitch binding.
  • 2013 Instruments Wall Calendar

    A stack of stringed instruments with an appealing retro vibe.
  • 2013 Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere

    For the stargazer.
  • 2013 Calendar

    Watercolor images painted by Arounna Khounnoraj captivate and charm.
  • 2013 Tea Towel Calendar DIY Embroidery Kit

    Make your mark on the year with a calendar that needs your finishing touch.
  • 2013 Wall Calendar

    We love the subtle primary colors that unify these illustrations.
  • 2013 Illustrated Wall Calendar

    The lavish illustrations of Maria Windschüttel and Britta Manger evoke campfire tales and fairy stories.
  • 2013 Calendar

    Anne Grön's richly detailed pencil drawings turn this calendar into a work of art.
  • urbnCal 2013

    Street numbers photographed in Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo and Reykjavik mark the dates on this appealing calendar.
  • 2013 Cute Animal Calendar

    Irresistibly adorable modern takes on the animal kingdom.
  • 2013 Letterpress Cityscape Postcard Wall Calendar

    For the world traveler: a calendar with illustrations that double as postcards.
  • Design-Calendar 2013

    A planner with a resolutely modern design aesthetic.
  • Index Card Desk Planner

    The epitome of charming efficiency.
  • 2013 Letterpress Calendar

    A mini wood stump acts as a base for this charming desk calendar.
  • 2013 Calendar

    The wisdom of Ben Franklin, beautifully presented for year-round enjoyment.
  • 2013 French Bulldog Calendar

    Two dapper dogs dance the year away.
  • 2013 Cyanotype and Letterpress Calendar

    A beautiful wash of blue to frame the coming year.
  • 2013 Mountain Calendar

    Dates trace the ridge of each mountain, making the year a visual journey.
  • Zombie Cats Illustrated Desk Calendar 2013

    The calendar of choice for those that love zombies and felines.
  • Magic Perpetual Calendar 2011 to 2030

    For the people who need to know all the dates.
  • Rob Ryan 2013 Desk Calendar

    An intricate laser cut design tops this desk calendar.
  • 2013 Circular Lunar Calendar

    The passing days and phases of the mood radiate from a wise and whimsical face.
  • No Exp. Calendar

    Twelve month pages with dates listed (minus the year) means you can start using this calendar whenever you like.
  • 2013 Wall Calendar

    Twelve different vintage Japanese patterns frame each month of the year.
  • 2013 Calendar

    The four color print that tops this calendar can become a framed piece of art at year's end.
  • 2013 Lunar Calendar

    A drawing made from watercolors and ink gives this calendar its dreamy appeal.
  • 2013 Foxes in Love Mini Desk Calendar

    For the many admirers of Vulpes vulpes.
  • 2013 Wall Calendar

    Colorful, simple prints mark the months with charm.
  • 2013 Funny Birds Calendar

    For the bird-watcher with a sense of humor.
  • 2013 Topographic Wall Calendar

    The Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Bryce Canyon lend their contours to this calendar.
  • 2013 Lunar Calendar

    To mark a year of moons.
  • Letterpress Perpetual Desk Calendar

    A desktop accessory to enjoy until the end of time.
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With December’s days dwindling, we thought it would be a good opportunity to delve into the wonderland of calendars on Etsy. From hand-set letterpress to silkscreened tea towels to intricate laser-cut pieces, there’s truly a calendar for everyone. Here’s just a sampling of our favorites.

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