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9 Eco-Friendly Finds to Try Today

Apr 9, 2019

by Katie Hawley handmade and vintage goods

This Earth Month, we’re debunking the myth that going green means giving up or going without (or worse yet, settling for uninspired alternatives in the name of saving the planet). To help make our case, we’re shining a light on some of the eco-friendly Etsy items making it easy to incorporate sustainability into your everyday life, without sacrificing style. “Moving toward a more environmentally conscious way of life starts with becoming more aware of the items you purchase,” says Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson. “The good news? Many of today’s designers are prioritizing Earth-friendly materials and putting fresh, creative spins on sustainable pieces, and there’s truly something for everyone.” From reusable essentials like eco-chic biodegradable sponges and colorful glass straws to an effortlessly wearable jumpsuit made from all-natural fibers, here are Dayna’s favorite sustainable Etsy items of the moment.

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  • MyAKAccessories

    Alex from MyAKAccessories said 1 year ago

    So cool products! Love the glass straw and sponges, Going to purchase those for me! I don't have sustainable products In my shop but I'm trying to be consciousness about environment. So, I switched paper envelopes to plastic because, according to PAC, there are recyclable and you can through them away with plastic bags in supermarkets).

  • pui6x5ft

    Darya Prozerpina from felttoysfinds said 1 year ago

    I am glad that now a lot of craftsmen are doing eco-friendly things in any field. We must take care of our planet and our health. This is the future of our children!

  • b99uoxox

    Svetlana from Svettikflowers said 1 year ago

    It's great that we started thinking about nature! I also prefer organic and natural products. It is very important in our life.

  • wizehpps

    Elena from TextileGiftsForAll said 1 year ago

    I can make folding eco bags for shopping, instead of plastic bags. Maybe they will be in demand for Etsy? :)

  • Juliola

    Julia Moiseenko from Juliola said 1 year ago

    Eco-friendly products are very relevant! I love it)

  • umpvxadn

    Julia from MikoshaLinenWool said 1 year ago

    I think the whole world should strive for a more environmentally conscious way of life, we also try to contribute, using natural materials and paper packaging.

  • nsglsrat

    Mariya from 2MVA2 said 1 year ago

    Organic products are very important now. I sew clothes for children and pillows from 100% cotton.

  • TreasuredMemoryLane

    Sujata from TreasuredMemoryLane said 1 year ago

    Great eco-friendly finds! Eco-friendly products are good for our planet and for our future generations! Thanks for sharing!

  • i5ruramf

    Nadezhda from KnittedFriendsShop said 1 year ago

    Factories today are making less natural items(( all hope for needlewomen!!!

  • SovaHM

    Kate Cherkasova from CherkasovaStudio said 1 year ago

    O! Cool. The finds in this post are similar to the products I make. I'll would be glad to know that I doing something right.

  • yji6uocd

    Katarzyna from Raccoonique said 1 year ago

    Ceramic mugs and lunch boxes are pretty cool! I really like this Eco trend 💚🌿

  • eh9yo68q

    julia swift from JuliaSwiftShop said 1 year ago

    It is very important for ecology. I do not use disposable dishes and do not buy plastic bags. It is a pity that nature conservation is still in last place in my country.

  • rxuhtw76

    Ksenia from WoodPETker said 1 year ago

    It's cool that sellers support the theme of ecology, which has deteriorated greatly over the last decade.

  • sp05xbnt

    Anna from ANNNADesign said 1 year ago

    Great ideas! Great design! Eco style is our future👍

  • irinanaumoff

    Irina Fulcher from NaumoffStudio said 1 year ago

    I knew that washable bags will win the game at some point of time! I love the idea of washable baggies, especially for weddings! I do wash ziplock bags at home and my family still takes it as a useless action. But I totally believe it saves the world.

  • rezpvgf2

    MADINA from MadinaDesignShop said 1 year ago

    I love everything eco-friendly, it is important for me to care not only about myself but also about the environment.

  • wxzov3hm

    Darya from BijouPuzzle said 1 year ago

    Thank you for interesting article. The article once again made us think how we can help the planet. Recently, a group of store designers talked about eco-friendly packaging. Perhaps, it is worth studying this question more well

  • vkckai3a

    Susan said 1 year ago

    Love some of the new items!

  • vkckai3a

    Susan said 1 year ago

    Love looking at all the new items available.

  • zsa0wipe

    Elena Morozova from Toysmelena said 1 year ago

    It's great when many sellers think and offer environmentally friendly products. Taking care of our environment, we take care of our future. Thank you all!

  • zsa0wipe

    Elena Morozova from Toysmelena said 1 year ago

    I also bring a piece of organic food. My toys are sent in paper bags and boxes.

  • katia2885

    Ekaterina Burlak from KateikaDolls said 1 year ago

    Caring not only about yourself but also about your planet is the highest step of awareness) I am very glad that the ETSY editors support this! Well done !!!

  • oupw8lai

    yashchirka from yashchirka said 1 year ago

    It is wonderful that etsy supports eco flow. It is very important that people learn to use many things again, I think. I try to make a small contribution to the sustainable fashion using recycled things, making eco-friendly tote bags and love upcycling

  • yeodckxc

    Nadezhda from KnittedToysKids said 1 year ago

    Ecological natural materials and paper packaging are the best for our planet! It is good that everyone understands this,it is important for each of us!

  • ludmilaekalne

    Ludmila from PRUTCRAFT said 1 year ago

    We are very pleased that we are all starting to think about ecology. Of course it is now very fashionable and has a trend. But I hope for many this will be their way of life!

  • PokutniaAnna

    Anna from FairyToysWorld said 1 year ago

    Thanks for this article! Eco-friendly items are so important nowadays! Plastic straws are my pain, and these glass ones are very great idea. Also I like bags and cups. Everything is so stylish and that is more important is reusable.

  • bwpo3djd

    Джамамедова Алефтина from Djamalya said 1 year ago

    I give preference to the clothing with natural composition too - I knit child's items from an ecofriendly yarn

  • viytuyue

    EverydayFolkCo from EverydayFolkCo said 1 year ago

    Reuse and Recycle! Plastic Straws and plastic bags are so harmful to sea creatures - its easy to find market bags with personality on Etsy. New York State will be banning plastic bags in supermarkets, so hop on it a get yourself an armful of unique carryalls here.

  • hcv2k0tu

    Ekaterina from DLfamilyWorkshop said 1 year ago

    It's so important for our planet, we have so much plastic in our world...

  • ai848vtb

    Anastasia from YourAdventureInGlass said 1 year ago

    Thanks to the authors of this post and video for sharing such useful information. I will use these ideas for me and for my shop of glass things too!

  • igruchkindom

    Elena Kuvarina from ElenaToyStudio said 1 year ago

    I use eco-friendly products in my life and i'm glad to see them on Etsy

  • ioodqwmm

    Elizaveta from FrantsToys said 1 year ago

    It is incredibly inspiring that more and more people are introducing environmentally friendly products into everyday life!

  • ip6tossi

    Kristina from Krisboprops said 1 year ago

    What a cool selection. I did not even know that there are ceramic road mugs. Surely this is a very high quality thing. Thank!)

  • u2yo6qxz

    Ekaterina from SpecialLadyJewelry said 1 year ago

    Thank you for bringing up such an imporatant theme! Eco-bags, eco-mugs, eco-clothers, eco-carpets, -blankets and even - bedclothers... Hope everybody will use more such kind of products. I have another eco-problem in my city. We have snowy winters with slippery roads. Some chemicals placed on roads to keep the ice melting. So we have spoiled shoes, dogs have sick paws, skin diseases and lung deseases,... Hope, this problem will be solved soon. We must be eco-friendly! What remains after us ??!!

  • palisanderartwood

    The Prits from PalisanderArtWood said 1 year ago

    I've been always fond of natural materials, i.e. cotton, clay, wood... My husband makes different things in natural wood and I'm really proud of his craftsmanship. It's a great idea to celebrate earth month together throughout the world.

  • ybuphgsc

    Anna from UniqWool said 1 year ago

    I love eco-friendly things. And I also work with natural materials. I create animals from natural sheep wool (needle felting).

  • marinaklimantova7

    Marina Klimantova from Babycarestudio said 1 year ago

    My country is slowly, but also moving to environmentally friendly products. Thanks author for the article

  • bcsvwkei

    Victoria from FifthTenth said 1 year ago

    I'm glad that our shop is also in this eco theme. Nice to know that you are useful for environment.

  • 5hstugjo

    Watts DryGoods from WattsDryGoods said 1 year ago

    Nice picks Dayna!

  • SilverXam

    Aleksandra Kuznetsova from SilverKnitShop said 1 year ago

    So great that there are so many eco-products. And they look so cool :)

  • joy8dzhs

    Victoria from HerbariumV said 1 year ago

    Nature product is cool

  • yulyakramina

    Юлия Крамина from YuliasFeltworld said 1 year ago

    Eco-friendly products are very important now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nice idea!!!!!!

  • yrrjdaqq

    Margarita from LiliaArtShop said 1 year ago

    This is a very hot topic for me now. I try to use less plastic bags and plastic glasses. All in our hands. The main desire is to change yourself and the world for the better.

  • 5nqcjtry

    Uliana from RizhikToysForHome said 1 year ago

    how important it is to take care of nature, and it is very pleasing that many people are finally beginning to think about the future of our planet

  • TropicalGarden

    TropicalGarden from TropicalGarden said 1 year ago

    Great post! Going green is important to our life and planet. Reuse and recycle, love our environment and save the planet, the world will be different.

  • ekaterinazykova

    Ekaterina Zykova from KatyaToysShop said 1 year ago

    It is very nice to see works made from environmentally friendly materials. People try to take care of themselves and others. Besides this is very nice and good gift ideas. Thanks for the blog.

  • mspbvoxh

    Yuly from CozySocksStore said 1 year ago

    I knit. And I am always in constant search for eco materials for my products. It is very good that people began to think about nature. Pollution of the Earth is a disaster for everyone in the future.

  • 3niupnx0

    Slava K. from HappyWoodenGifts said 1 year ago

    Recently, I started thinking about how much plastic we use every day and how much it pollutes our planet. it hurts me to see people mindlessly buy at least packages to throw them away in 5 minutes! and most of them aren't even in the trash, they're right under your feet. I am glad to see how the masters create cool and beautiful things that do not harm our planet and at the same time emphasize the style.

  • wgdwhsri

    Marina from LittleAngelWaikiki said 1 year ago

    I love everything natural. Therefore, in my shop and in my products I use natural raw materials such as flax. Loved Ceramic Travel Mug

  • hqupbl0p

    Yulia from HedgehogDollPatterns said 1 year ago

    jumpsuit is my favorite from this collection. I love eco-fabrics and try to wear them myself and use them in my work

  • xZOUix

    Zoui from XZOUIX said 1 year ago

    i love these shopable product images! just a click away from the items <3 this is so my new favorite feature on etsy. i've been on vacation for 3years and this is the coolest feature i found here so far <3

  • dzzb5olt

    LuLu from ToyJoysCo said 1 year ago

    Insanely happy to treat people who do manual work for children, from proven products

  • souhxmel

    Liza from eEssenceOrganics said 1 year ago

    Nice to see so many eco-friendly products and the growing awareness towards sustainable living. We can hope for a better future.

  • TheLetterStudio

    Autumn Toñita from LifeByTonita said 1 year ago

    The Celestial Holiday Table is soooo beautiful. So creative and unique.

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