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8 Kits That Will Make You Fall in Love With Embroidery

Mar 11, 2020

by Katie Hawley handmade and vintage goods

When it comes to activities to help you pleasantly pass the time, quiet the mind, and generate a totally one-of-kind piece of home decor, it’s hard to beat embroidery. And thanks to a talented crew of Etsy sellers offering original kits fully stocked with all the materials you need to get started, there’s never been a better time to dive in. From perky plants and friendly critters to motivational mantras and hot air balloons, today’s DIY options are as unique and varied as they are delightful to complete. To help get you inspired, we’ve rounded up eight obsession-worthy embroidery kits shoppers can’t stop talking about. Who’s ready to start stitching? 

Pilea & Snake Plant embroidery kit from Sew Botanical
SHOP: Pilea & Snake Plant embroidery kit from Sew Botanical, $34

Why we love it:

This charming kit from Sew Botanical is based on a hand-drawn sketch of two of our favorite house plants, pilea peperomioides and snake plants, and expertly introduces novice crafters to a smattering of stitch types through a comprehensive step-by-step guide. 

Why shoppers love it:

“This was so much fun and I’m so happy with how it turned out! The instructions were clear and the kit had everything I needed.” — EB 

Lunar Moth embroidery kit from Rikrack
SHOP: Lunar Moth embroidery kit from Rikrack, $28

Why we love it:

We’re crushing hard on the saturated teal fabric background of Rikrack’s bestselling kit, not to mention the on-trend design featuring a magical moth and dreamy celestial accents.

Why shoppers love it:

“Fantastic kits—I opened it and five minutes later, I was stitching away. Great guides on the website and lightning-fast shipping. Very happy with this purchase!” — VG 

Chinese Takeout embroidery kit from mipomipo handmade
SHOP: Chinese Takeout embroidery kit from mipomipo handmade, $32

Why we love it:

Unconventional subject matter for an embroidery kit, maybe, but who doesn’t love takeout? The pattern for this comics-inspired kit from mipomipo handmade is printed right on the fabric for ultimate execution ease. Plus: that beagle!

Why shoppers love it:

“This is my second purchase from this seller. As expected, I received the kit promptly. The accompanying instructions were color-printed and the printed cloth was of good quality. One of my favorite shops.” — HAJ 

Show Up embroidery kit from Cozy Blue
SHOP: Show Up embroidery pattern from Cozy Blue, $5 (pattern only available at this time)

Why we love it:

Words worth remembering offset by Cozy Blue’s gorgeous floral pattern and the sweetest pastel palette we ever did see? Yes, yes, and yes, please! 

Why shoppers love it:

“Perfect kit. Had everything I needed, and everything was so lovely and pretty. The little artistic and personal touches made a big difference. There’s even a note about how embroidery can be a really mindful and relaxing practice. Loved it!” — MM 

Sea to Sky embroidery kit from Diana Watters Handmade
SHOP: Sea to Sky embroidery kit from Diana Watters Handmade, $34

Why we love it:

There’s something undeniably soothing about this streamlined cross-stitch pattern, inspired by the sea-meets-mountains landscape of British Columbia and exquisitely brought to life by Diana Watters Handmade. Bonus: All the thread you need arrives pre-cut so you can skip the snipping and get straight to stitching. 

Why shoppers love it:

“Prior to this, I had never cross-stitched anything but I wanted to have a piece of decor in my daughter’s nursery that I made myself. I’m a little over halfway done and I’m impressed by how easy this kit has made the experience so far! Everything you could need is included, and the diagram and color chart are so easy to follow. If you’ve ever wanted to try cross-stitching something, I’d highly recommend buying a kit from this shop!” — ASR 

Autumn Leaves embroidery kit from Tamar Nahir Yanai
SHOP: Autumn Leaves embroidery kit from Tamar Nahir Yanai, from $15

Why we love it:

This crowd-favorite design from Tamar Nahir Yanai can be purchased in three versions: a printed fabric pattern only; the printed pattern with needle and thread; or all those elements plus a hoop for hanging, so there’s something to suit every kind of crafter. 

Why shoppers love it:

“My first embroidery project and I loved using this kit! The packaging is very well done and included everything I needed. The amount of thread you receive is generous and the fabric feels high quality. Took me three days to finish and then I immediately ordered another kit. Very happy with this seller.” — CA

Balloon embroidery kit from Nelly Makes Embroidery
SHOP: Balloon embroidery kit from Nelly Makes Embroidery, $31

Why we love it:

A bonus needle, an illustrated stitch glossary, and a practice fabric swatch are just three of the many reasons we can’t get enough of Nelly Makes Embroidery’s thoughtfully assembled kit featuring a classic hot air balloon floating calmly among the clouds. 

Why shoppers love it:

“This is probably the best embroidery kit I’ve bought on Etsy. You can see how much care is put into this. It’s beautifully packaged, the instructions are very clear, and the materials are fantastic quality. You really get your money’s worth. Thank you so much for the love you’ve put into your work.” — SN

Geometric Fox cross stitch kit
SHOP: Geometric Fox cross stitch kit from Velvet Pony, from $33

Why we love it:

This clever geometric pattern from Velvet Pony comes together to reveal one fully adorable pointy-eared fox who almost looks ready to prance out of the hoop.

Why shoppers love it:

“This kit is fantastic! It was my first try ever at embroidery and it got me hooked right away. It contains all the necessary equipment and supplies and the included threading system is hassle-free and easy to use. I highly recommend this artist!” — MB 

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  • katrinshine

    Katrin from katrinshine said 1 year ago

    TamarNahirYanai and VelvetPonyDesign kits are my favourites. I'd like to have one of them here now so much as we are closed at home in Italy without possibility to take a walk at least. But on the other hand finally I found a time to practice brush lettering))

  • ckmocycj

    Natalya from LadiesDressingRoom said 1 year ago

    Very interesting item! I like it.

  • atelierbcnjoiaetsy

    AtelierBcnJoia from AtelierBcnJoiaShop said 1 year ago

    I love kits with geometric and natural designs. Interesting!

  • macraMe

    Ana Paula from macraMe said 1 year ago

    Great work!!! Congrats!!! :-) :-)

  • PiperPixie

    Piper Pixie from PiperPixieDesigns said 1 year ago

    Hello Spring Break project :D

  • andreapeterfly

    Andrea Peter Fly from MyPhotographyArt said 1 year ago

    these are super cute!!

  • TreasuredMemoryLane

    Sujata from TreasuredMemoryLane said 1 year ago

    Very beautiful! All kits are awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  • gg16xhkr

    Anna from SublimationDesignsAn said 1 year ago

    Embroidery is a grateful business. For those who have very long days, this is a great activity.

  • ibbvdk0w

    Lina from DreamArtNatural said 1 year ago

    I love embroidery. I used to embroider a long time ago, but then I gave it up. Can resume...)

  • cn1xm0hv

    Tatyana from JustPrintInvites said 1 year ago

    I am delighted! Very unusual and creative! :)

  • jt3vlxxm

    Anna Sypalo from XstitchbyAnna said 1 year ago

    Lunar Moth embroidery kit is my favorite! Great work and wonderful mix of colors! Thank you!

  • 2dyq9z2b

    Anastasiya from byKiama said 1 year ago

    Awesome emroidery kit! Especially floral embroidery- one love

  • x8qnpozo

    Anna from LissiKids said 1 year ago

    Embroidery Kits is a great gift for mom or grandmother, for a friend or for yourself! These kits are so cute!😍 Thanks for sharing!

  • Ciaffi

    ciaffi from ciaffi said 1 year ago

    Lovely embroidery!!!

  • bhinndbi

    Julia from FavoriteToyStore said 1 year ago

    I love cross- stitch, a lot of interesting ideas for embroidery

  • rhondastubbs2

    Rhonda Stubbs from RhondaCorner said 1 year ago

    These are great! I used to do this are when I was a kid and would love to show my grandchildren. Great exercise for hand an eye coordination and to learn a new skill. Thank you for sharing and I wish you the very best on your endeavors.

  • iksuabbx

    Viki from VictoriaKenik said 1 year ago

    Very interesting sets, with a creative approach, class

  • akfcvs8y

    Luidmila Kalinina from Feltedcase said 1 year ago

    Embroidery is always creative! Each needlewoman adds a piece of herself to the embroidery. Therefore, all the work is different from each other. I also love to embroider and use embroidery to create my felt products. It looks very unusual.

  • SvetlanaHrybach

    Svetlana Hrybach from FairyTaleUA said 1 year ago

    What wonderful sets !!! I love cross-stitch. We must try to embroider such a set of stitch)) Thanks for the review!)

  • q7hmfccv

    Halee from DeeDeeandStitches said 1 year ago

    Love this idea! The Show Up design is my favorite.

  • laurabushdancer

    laurabushdancer from OldWorldInspired said 1 year ago

    Love this! If I can figure out how to order a kit or two, I will ASAP,

  • ryabinina80

    Natalya Volkova from Volnamini said 1 year ago

    I love cross-stitch! This activity is like a rest for the soul)

  • glitteringblacksea

    RaShawn Wright said 1 year ago

    I've been looking to get back into embroidery and no time like the present. I gotta check these beauties out.

  • debbietruax

    Debbie Truax said 1 year ago

    I love you guys

  • prettyhappygirl

    Gillian Silver from PrettyHappyVintage said 1 year ago

    I think I need an inspirational embroidery kit in my life like the “Show Up” one from Cozy Blue - would be an interesting challenge and the message would continue to uplift me for years to come. Earmarking for my next project when I finish my current knitting one!

  • alntszkw

    Michele Monroe from YiaYiasNook said 1 year ago

    These kits look amazing and I’m definitely going to check them out! My mother and I have always enjoyed embroidery and have many pictures in our homes made by family members throughout the years. We actually put together a gallery wall with all of my mother’s embroidery last weekend! Love it! ❤️

  • purplerosequeen

    Vickie from VickiesCajunCreation said 1 year ago

    I love to embroider. My grandmother taught me years ago. It brings back a lot of childhood memories!! Would love to be able to afford an embroidery machine to get into the machine styles.

  • uddjcf6h

    Kent from QianxinHandmadeStore said 1 year ago


  • beverlydyer

    Beverly Dyer from beverlydyer said 346 days ago

    So inspiring. I'm having a great time designing some kits that combine embroidery with slow stitching. I have three in my shop and more designs on their way. My kits are great for beginners. Love all these beautiful embroidered botanicals.

  • kotskulich

    Tiana Kotskulich Precious Embroidery from TianaHandmade said 289 days ago

    Beautiful projects! Thank you for sharing!

  • p8kh0v9v

    Ira Stolbova from IraStDesigns said 219 days ago

    Love the balloon embroidery kit from Nelly Makes Embroidery 💖

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