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6 Shops We’re Loving for Birthstone Jewelry

Feb 14, 2020

by Rachel Mosely handmade and vintage goods

Good news, gem lovers: Birthstone jewelry is having a major moment, and Etsy sellers are making the most of it with a range of beautifully reimagined twists on the classics. From fashion-forward ruby and garnet ombré bracelets to playful opal studs shaped like glittering giraffes, the unexpected pieces from these expert designers and curators encourage you to pile on any—and every—stone that suits your personal style, no matter where on the calendar your birthday falls. Read on to discover six unique birthstone jewelry collections we’re currently crushing on, and let their distinctive designs inspire your next gift idea, milestone marker, or one-of-a-kind keepsake meant just for you.

Dani Barbe

A collage of edgy raw stone birthstone jewelry from Dani Barbe
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Raw opal and aquamarine stacking ring, $118; emerald-studded hoop earrings, $128; raw citrine, amethyst, and tourmaline ear climbers, $132; pearl cuff bracelet, $138; raw ruby and garnet medallion necklace, $126, all from Dani Barbe

It’s no wonder Dani Barbe’s trendy pieces have a bit of edge to them—the Maryland-based designer hails from the rock ‘n’ roll world as a former singer-songwriter. “I originally designed for myself—the type of jewelry I wished I could find,” she says. From rings studded with multicolored gem clusters to bold, raw-stone ear climbers, Dani’s inventive collection offers a statement-making alternative to more traditional presentations. “My aesthetic is more playful and wearable,” Dani says. “I describe it as ‘imperfectly perfect.’” For a fresh take on sporting your signature stone, we’re loving her chunky, gem-encrusted hoops for their rocker-chic notice-me factor.

Every Bear Jewel

A collage of nature-inspired birthstone jewelry from Every Bear Jewel
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Amethyst and citrine silver leaf necklace, from $119; opal giraffe stud earrings, $129; garnet and pink sapphire twig ring in gold, from 524; cat and kitten garnet ring, $109; amethyst and topaz twig ring in silver, from $206, all from Every Bear Jewel

Nature-lovers will find plenty of pretty reasons to spring for an enchanting keepsake from Every Bear Jewel. Elegantly hand-carved with motifs of twigs and leaves—and even a whimsical assortment of four-legged wildlife—these outdoors-inspired stunners from Toronto-based designer Setsuko Sanagawa make natural conversation pieces. “I aim to give wearers peace of mind with my botanical designs and spread cheer with my animal line,” Setsuko says. With a variety of birthstone options and a charming selection of creatures to choose from (we’re partial to her two-toned cat rings and delightful giraffe posts), it’s easy to find a symbolic gift for the pet parent or wilderness explorer in your life. 

Aquarian Thoughts

A collage of stacking birthstone jewelry from Aquarian Thoughts
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Gemstone stacking rings, $32 each; citrine silver hoop earrings, from $36; dainty beaded chain bracelets, from $28 each; gemstone triangle rings, $48 each; trillion-cut gemstone stacking rings, $36 each, all from Aquarian Thoughts

Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect present for a loved one or for yourself, Nadirah Bostick’s layering-friendly line of bangles, necklaces, and rings promises something sparkly and special to suit every ensemble. Offering a veritable rainbow of dainty, modern pieces specifically designed for stacking, New Jersey-based Aquarian Thoughts has become a go-to for maximalists looking to build their own unique look with multiple stones at a time. Nadirah’s personal accessorizing approach? “The more the merrier. If you mix metals and styles, and each one is something you’re really attracted to, then it’s meaningful. It tells its own story,” she says.

Maejean Vintage

A collage of vintage gemstone jewelry from Maejean Vintage
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Mid-century two-tone sapphire ring, $210; southwestern silver turquoise ring, $65; upcycled diamond knot necklace, $395; opal chain bracelet, $450; 14K gold amethyst earrings, $175, all from Maejean Vintage

If heirloom jewels aren’t the first thing that comes to mind when browsing for birthstones, one look at Maejean Vintage’s dazzling preloved pieces will convince you otherwise. Featuring a dramatic array of antique and upcycled gemstones—from southwestern-style turquoise all the way to engagement-ready aquamarines—this tastefully curated shop’s on-trend collection is proof that everything old becomes new again. “The most rewarding thing is that we’re giving all these exquisite pieces a chance to have another life with someone who cares about them,” says Amanda Hornberger, who runs the shop out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania with her sister Laura. Another built-in bonus? Choosing vintage is an Earth-friendly way to fill your jewelry box with personality. 

Envero Jewelry

A collage of fine birthstone jewelry from Envero Jewelry
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Personalized crescent moon necklace with birthstone stars, from $570; Montana sapphire engagement ring, $630; 14K gold ruby heart earrings, $210; opal diamond cluster ring, $530, all from Envero Jewelry

Whether you’re celebrating the birth of your second child with a personalized multi-stone charm, commemorating graduation day with a popular pair of starburst posts, or popping the question with a sapphire haloed in diamonds, the brilliant cuts and radiant hues in Envero Jewelry’s gemstone collection are ideal for moments meant to be remembered. “I want my pieces to be an introduction to the world of fine jewelry,” says New York designer Kat Envero. And though her luxurious lineup includes plenty of classic shapes including solitaires and polished studs, birthstone hunters will also enjoy a mix of unorthodox yet timeless options, like a sculptural art deco opal ring or an open cuff diamond bangle.

Artique Boutique

A collage of boho-chic birthstone jewelry from Artique Boutique
SHOP (clockwise from top left): Fire opal ombré necklace, $117; ruby drop earrings, $66; sapphire ombré bracelet, $187; organic pearl hoop earrings, $60; amethyst pendant necklace, $92, all from Artique Boutique

“I love to use beads and stones to tell a little story that your eye can follow along the length of a piece of jewelry,” says Joanne Poore, owner of UK-based Artique Boutique. Using an unconventional pairing of organic silhouettes and slimline chains, Joanne has created a boho-luxe line filled with teardrop-shaped gemstone pendants, dangly multi-layered earrings, and showstopper ombré necklaces and bracelets. For an approachable place to dive in, we recommend her extensive collection of simple yet sophisticated studs, which spans the birthstone calendar. “Try a fresh stone or color as a way to update an outfit for the new season,” Joanne suggests. “Play is a great way to discover and express your own unique spirit.”

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