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5-Star Buys: Botanical Candles to Spruce Up Every Room

Mar 16, 2020

by Jackie Buddie handmade and vintage goods

In our 5-Star Buys series we spotlight popular Etsy items that recently struck a chord with shoppers—and let their rave reviews do the talking.

With 10 refreshing fragrances, ranging from a fruity, farmers market-inspired fusion of bergamot and pear to an exotic bouquet of wild lavender and jasmine, poured into portable 4-ounce brushed-gold tins, it’s no surprise Brooklyn Candle Studio‘s mini mood-boosters are filling homes around the globe with their uplifting aromas. Mix and match your own custom gift set of four scented candles, or choose one or two to sample before committing to a larger jar. Either way, you’ll feel great knowing each unique blend is made from renewable soy wax and infused with soothing essential oils. Take it from a satisfied shopper who couldn’t pick just one: 

A soy wax travel candle in a brushed gold tin from Brooklyn Candle Studio.
SHOP: Sunday Morning travel candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio, $16

“Order arrived quickly and sustainably packaged! Love Potion (very floral, like the inside of a rose, without being powdery or musky) and Sunday Morning (fruity floral, bright but not overwhelming) smell great. Looking forward to the full sizes.” — NK

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  • TreasuredMemoryLane

    Sujata from TreasuredMemoryLane said 222 days ago

    You have variety of lovely fragrances! Beautiful store! Congratulations!

  • x8qnpozo

    Anna from LissiKids said 222 days ago

    I love scented candles !! I will definitely order myself some kind of candle! Thanks for sharing

  • bedouin

    Nicole from Crackerjackarma said 222 days ago

    beautiful inside and out ~!~ cheers to much continued success

  • y7vj20h9

    Mounar from BridalHousebyMounar said 218 days ago

    I associate fragrances with places, its bringing back some sweet memories about trips, ppl and moments.

  • katrinshine

    Katrin from katrinshine said 214 days ago

    The forst thing that I noticed was simple and clear design. I'm sure as soon as the shop opens I will buy something

  • 5ftjjt0a

    Nina from OriginalJewelrByNina said 213 days ago

    Аромат - это необходимая составляющая каждого дома. Каждый дом пахнет по-своему, индивидуально и дополнительный аромат подчеркивает его индивидуальность! Свечи - это очень полезное приобретение для уютного дома.

  • esani

    Gillian Northcott from Esani said 212 days ago

    I love the simplicity of the design.

  • LissieLoves

    Felicity V from LissieLoves said 204 days ago

    This will be perfect around the house, love your store and thank you for sharing!

  • carolynngolder

    carolyn golder from BodyBathAndBeyond said 197 days ago

    Beautiful candle. I love the simple design. The fragrances seem lovely.

  • cn1xm0hv

    Tatyana from JustPrintInvites said 181 days ago

    Ни один мой вечер не проходит без свечей...Очень "вкусный" магазин!

  • qppq320k

    Mariya from MagicArtForYou said 149 days ago

    What stylish and original candles! I'm sure their flavor is amazing. Let everyone choose their own fragrance, it will give comfort and zest to any room! Thank You

  • 1edcjhfn

    David said 73 days ago

    Beautiful candle. I love the simple design

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