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5 Great Shops for Guy Gifts

Jan 23, 2019

by Katie Hawley

When it comes to giving thoughtful, unique gifts that stand out from the pack, over the years we keep coming back to a few go-to shops whose tailor-made goodies always seem to leave their lucky recipients ooh-ing and aah-ing in delight. Read on to browse some of our favorite guaranteed-to-please, gift-ready finds and meet the makers behind them—and don’t forget to bookmark their shops for the next time you need a special something for any special someone who appreciates quality artistry and clever design.

Clark & Taft Crafting Company

With their classic weekend bags and travel totes, perennially popular dopp kits, and pouches perfect for storing passports, Clark & Taft Crafting Company is a one-stop shop for travel lovers. From her Austin, Texas studio, Bulgarian-born designer Silvia Nikolov fashions her durable line from handpicked rolls of heavy waxed canvas and leather, skillfully marrying form with function. And thanks to thoughtful touches like waterproof linings, detachable straps, and a plethora of personalization options, her products are as practical as they are aesthetically pleasing. “We merge old-school craftsmanship with the demands of today’s lifestyle,” says Silvia. “It’s all in the details.”

Pretentious Beer Glass Company

Just when you think you’ve run out of clever libation-related gift ideas for your favorite beer buff, enter the Pretentious Beer Glass Company. Founded by university-trained glass sculptor and craft brew enthusiast Matthew Cummings, this shop features an extensive lineup of specialty glassware designed specifically with craft beer in mind. Think dedicated vessels for hoppy, aromatic, and malty beers, as well as traditional ales, all sold individually or in ready-to-wrap sets. And if you happen to find yourself in the greater Knoxville, Tennessee area, don’t miss a chance to swing by Matthew’s operation in person, where you can see the glassblowing team at work and cap off the experience with a pint from the brewery Matthew opened next door.

Kingsley Leather

“I design my pieces to be simple, clean, and timeless,” says Cheltenham, England-based leather accessories designer Kingsley Thompson. And for the style-savvy gent behind Kingsley Leather—which boasts a beautiful selection of personalized leather cufflinks, dapper bow ties, supple belts, and sleek wallets—the ultimate product test is decidedly personal. “For my core range I stick to what I know best, and that’s things I would use or wear myself,” explains Kingsley, who relies on choice materials and time-tested techniques to produce his hardworking, hand-stitched line. In Kingsley’s own words: “Everything is built to last.”

Feedback Straps

One way to earn guaranteed gifting points? Play on the powers of positive association with a present that links you to the creative pursuit they love most—like a vintage-inspired guitar or camera strap from Feedback Straps. Made to order in Portland, Oregon, these sturdy straps arrive ready to be put to use by any budding musician or photographer. “I use full-grain leather, which is really durable and thick,” says designer Sarah Peek. “I typically also soften it up a little bit by hand before I ship out the strap to make it easier to fasten onto your guitar or camera right off the bat.”

One Man, One Garage

Whether it’s a paint-it-yourself birdhouse shaped like a tiny vintage camper or a cheerful string of patio lights boasting bungalow-inspired lanterns, the original laser-cut kits from One Man, One Garage all come with a built-in bonus feature: togetherness. From their garage-turned-workshop in Nashville, Tennessee, friends and business partners Marcus Williams and SJ Stone fabricate DIY kits designed to be enjoyed—and assembled—in the company of others. “We design a gift, but that’s just one piece of the puzzle,” explains Marcus. “The other piece is the quiet time, where people can sit down and make something together. We love the idea that you’re gifting some of your time in addition to thoughtfully finding a perfect, unique item.”

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