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4 Decor Looks We Loved From the Brimfield Antique Show

Sep 28, 2017

by Lindsay O'Brien handmade and vintage goods

As vintage home decor sellers on Etsy know, curating antique and vintage items is an art form, and each seller’s perspective shines through in their unique mix of merchandise. And yet, at any particular point in time, some ideas seem to bubble to the surface again and again: Maybe it’s an emerging trend, maybe it’s an old favorite that’s due for another turn in the spotlight, maybe it’s a classic item that’s being displayed in a fresh new way.

To get a read on the vintage decor trends and inspiring ideas on the rise right now, we spent a day wandering the thousands of antiques and collectibles stalls at the Brimfield Antique Show, the central Massachusetts mega-market that runs for three weekends each year. From stained glass wall hangings to retro roadside collectibles, read on to see what stood out to us among the 30 acres of salvaged farmhouse relics and sought-after designer furniture at this September’s event. Good news: While you’ll have to wait until 2018 to hit the next Brimfield weekend in person, you can get all of these looks on Etsy right now.

A color we love: forest green

Forest green canoes made a big splash at Brimfield.

Given the recent botanical-decor boom, it’s no wonder that we’re finding ourselves drawn to this evocatively earthy shade. Synonymous with the great outdoors, forest green is the perfect way to tap into that cabin vibe that’s been all over our Pinterest boards lately. Bonus: It’s a perfect complement to all your terra-cotta pots and woven wicker baskets.

A theme we love: roadside Americana

Colorful souvenir glassware struck a nostalgic note in this tent.

There is something so wonderfully nostalgic about relics from vacations past. Motel key rings, casino ashtrays (thoroughly cleaned, of course), restaurant matchbooks, and postcards emblazoned with messages of “Greetings from” and “Wish you were here” conjure images of packed station wagons and simpler times. All kinds of travel mementos are popular at Brimfield but, always on the lookout for new additions to our bar carts, we were particularly into the souvenir barware. Our personal favorite? Hazel-Atlas souvenir glasses. Not only do they feature the most whimsical pastel illustrations, they’re also super versatile—the perfect size for water, juice, wine, or your favorite cocktail.

A material we love: stained glass

Salvaged stained-glass panels appeared in a range of styles.

Though we love the idea of a charming fixer-upper, there’s an easier way to bring a touch of throwback character into your home: stained glass panels displayed like art. With designs ranging from Victorian to mid-century modern, there’s something out there for every style. Best of all, most pieces are ready to be presented as-is—no framing necessary. Incorporate one into your gallery wall, or place on a shelf to add some dimension to your #shelfie.

An object we love: sculpted heads and busts

Sculpted busts from decades (or centuries) past make for striking statement pieces now.

Once reserved for dusty libraries or grand foyers, sculptural busts are claiming space in all kinds of contemporary settings these days. While we’ll always be impressed by elegant, classical styles, we’re currently head over heels for modern iterations of mid-century icons, lightweight ceramic and carved teak figures, and glass display mannequins in unusual hues.

The 2018 Brimfield Antique Shows will run from May 8-13, July 10-15, and September 4-9 in Brimfield, Massachusetts.

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  • MegansMenagerie

    Megan from MegansMenagerie said 3 years ago

    Love ❤

  • lapetitenina

    Marina Palovaara from LaPetiteNina said 3 years ago

    What a treasury, finding stained glass panels and windows.. Always wonder why people get rid of beautiful old things. Good sense that someone takes care of them..

  • ClassicMemories

    ClassicMemories from ClassicMemories said 3 years ago

    Going there is on my bucket list. Love vintage articles.

  • DecoUno

    DeUno from DeUno said 3 years ago

    Forest green is my favorite! :)

  • isewcute

    June from isewcute said 3 years ago

    Oooh! I love those vintage souvenir glasses! What a fab find!

  • TreasuredMemoryLane

    Sujata from TreasuredMemoryLane said 3 years ago

    Wow! Look a those glasses and stained glass penal & windows! Great finds and thanks for sharing!

  • mrsakarn

    cindy Q. from mrsakarn said 3 years ago

    I have been waiting on this blog forever, just to see if I was on the right vintage course for my home vintage decor. I am right on point!!!! I love all the items that were dicussed in the blog. I brought two head bust that were made out of decoupage paper. They are so beautiful. An antique store is closing near my home and items were the perfect price for me to pick up the items I have been eyeing for sometime now. I even brought out my vintage wicker woman dress form, put an American flag around her waist, all I can say... its breathing taking! Its been up in storage for several years, so it is seeing daylight again . So sweet!!! Thank you for sharing, CQ

  • CrookedCotton

    CrookedCotton from CrookedCottonDesign said 3 years ago

    Love vintage Souvenir and outdoors! Very inspiring.

  • bedouin

    Nicole from KarmaCodeOne said 3 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful ~ fun ! Love the salvaged stained-glass

  • gilliannorthcott

    Gillian Northcott from esanivintage said 3 years ago

    Love every single item. beautiful.

  • Kashuen

    Kashuen Collectibles from Kashuen said 3 years ago

    I really like those colorful souvenir glassware. Thanks for sharing.

  • gardenmis

    Priscilla from Gardenmis said 3 years ago

    Forest green, woven wicker baskets, and botanical décor, give me more!! :)

  • 4jtthgqu

    Richard Ford said 3 years ago

    I am brand new to your website. I purchased a brooch for my wife. When entering addresses for shipping and billing, you seem to require that the two are the same, because if I change the shipping address to the billing address, the shipping address changes by your software to match the billing po box. The small items I have ordered will present no problem, I think. However, if someone has a 2003 Corvette listed for sale, we would have a problem. At this time and this early hour, it matters just a little that your website is a Royal Pain. Richard Ford

  • PokutniaAnna

    Anna from FairyToysWorld said 3 years ago

    The article is about love) and I love it)

  • lavendergardencottag

    lavendergardencottag from LavenderGardenCottag said 3 years ago

    Love these design trends! Love the term 'Roadside Americana'. Sounds much more exotic than 'souvenir'!

  • woolonlegs

    Edita from WoolonLegs said 3 years ago

    Lovely finds!

  • christopherdina

    Christopher Dina from ChristopherDina said 3 years ago

    Beautiful all around curation – thanks for bringing these wonderful treasures to light.

  • accentonvintage

    accentonvintage from accentonvintage said 3 years ago


  • bannerdesign1

    Nanine from WineCountryBanners said 3 years ago

    I have always loved maps-maps on glasses are so cool...dark green is great, too. Good eye❤

  • YearsAfter

    Sharon from YearsAfter said 3 years ago

    Ah, Brimfield, Massachusetts! Miles and Miles of Antiques! Wear comfortable shoes. This is a special place to find your treasure! Thanks for posting!

  • zumaron1

    Mary Anne Lisney from AllureVintageShop said 3 years ago

    Been to Brimfield and it is a gas! The opportunity to see and buy or sell on such a wide scale. It is fun and the food is great but remember if you go you need accommodation well ahead of time if you want to be close to the event. We camped and it rained but we loved it all. Everything vintage and antique you can think of at prices not to be believed. Do not hesitate....just go and enjoy the event and the area.

  • frankbalas

    Frank Balas said 3 years ago

    The thing I miss about not living in Boston is going to Brimfield. I used to find such great items at the market. There are items for every taste. Collectibles and Antiques galore. If you have the opportunity to go don't miss it. I live in Florida now so I have not been in years. Miss it soooooooooo much.

  • mpaperarts

    Marianne Evenhuis from JewelryByMaeBee said 3 years ago

    that canoe!!!

  • annsvintageattic

    Annie from annesvintagefinds said 3 years ago

    Love all things vintage

  • edandkatecoleman

    Ed and Kate Coleman from EdandKateStore said 3 years ago

    Loving that forest green! The roadside Americana piece put me right back into the station wagon!

  • ygafdeb

    Deb Wheeler said 3 years ago

    I enjoyed looking at the items you have shown! I love vintage items and enjoy flea marketing on a regular basis! I also go to "The Longest Garage Sale" in TN. each year. Some of the items you have shown, I have actually seen there! I have a nice N.C. front porch with a vintage aluminum glider... and a white wicker table, with a vintage tablecloth.. and I always have my eye out for new treasures!

  • gerardinemahoney

    Gerardine Mahoney said 3 years ago

    It doesn't matter what you sell you always have the MOST interesting & unique products and are usually very reasonably priced. I love looking at you site because I never know what I will see. Thank you bring all of these items to the public. Many Thanks! Gerardine

  • HeyChica

    Hey Chica from HeyChica said 3 years ago

    I'm in love with those map glasses and the black ceramic mannequin head. I'd love to check out this Antique show!

  • PickerzNGrinnerz

    PickerzNGrinnerz from PickerzNGrinnerz said 3 years ago

    And our favorite part is hunting for the treasures - thanks so much for the peek-in! <3

  • amymatt2

    Amybeth G from MyTravelingBoutique said 3 years ago

    We have a Forrest green canoe that we have been using like forever! I guess trends are cyclical.

  • 1StopSteampunkShoppe

    One Stop Steampunk Shoppe from OneStopSteamShoppe said 3 years ago

    Great feature! : )

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    I like the forest green selections! Thanks for sharing:)

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    Pardar Chia from NaturaSilver said 3 years ago

    Beautiful vintage collection & great article. :)

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    Trish said 3 years ago

    Thanks for your inspiring article. Trish Freyer

  • GTDesigns

    renee and gerardo from GTDesigns said 3 years ago

    Just WOWWWW!

  • vickiestreet47

    Vickie Street from StreetCrossingDesign said 3 years ago

    Great ideas for the vintage seller to learn about with the trends and styles and colors.

  • BigPhilsEmporium

    Philip Lisle from BigPhilsEmporium said 3 years ago

    Great article!

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    Krystian and Mary from RuthHannas said 3 years ago

    Beautiful article and thanks for the feature!!

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    Georgia from JewelMeShop said 3 years ago

    I love forest green!

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    Maria from StyleGraphicDesign said 3 years ago

    Amazing work!

  • umeone

    Linda Sapp Long from umeone said 3 years ago

    Just a few of my favorite things were featured here. Thank you so much for featuring your vintage finds. It is beneficial to hear what is trending in the antique world!

  • sQuircle

    Claire Showalter from sQuircle said 3 years ago

    I've just been seeing some "roadside" theme things popping up at our local vintage market and LOVING it - so fun to explore places in a retro way!

  • skirtingthetissue

    Dig Deep Vintage from digdeepvintage said 3 years ago

    I live so close and have never been-this is incentive.

  • ponyhoney

    Debi from MadGirlRetro said 3 years ago

    My whole house is full of vintage and not because I sell it. I love it. If it's old, I love it. The nice thing about vintage is you can mix and match styles. Not only do vintage shopkeepers curate collections for their stores, but people naturally curate things for their homes. One year they buy a Depression-era lithograph; the next year they add to their fifties barware; the following year they buy those cool retro lamps; then on to that vase they'd been coveting.... all different kinds of styles and eras because it's been collected over time and so it just naturally looks great together. I loved it when a guest recently remarked, "You have so many interesting things here," as she went around my home touching and examining. Please touch! That's what living's all about. That's vintage! Thanks for the article. You can never read too much about vintage!

  • kllynch7777

    Kathryn Lynch from BlueLotusVA said 3 years ago

    The souvenir glasses were actually produced by Gay Fad Glassware (GF) in Lancaster, Ohio. They purchased the blank glass from Hazel Atlas and applied the stencils and or hand-painted the designs in Lancaster. The factory was located at 210/220 Pierce Ave.

  • naturasilver

    Pardar Chia from NaturaSilver said 3 years ago

    The antiques are really great muse & source of creativity! It is like looking back in time and see what it leads to in future. Thank you for these interesting finds! :)

  • ghiannifindings

    Ghianni Findings from GhianniFindings said 3 years ago


  • Kirameku

    Maxime from Kirameku said 3 years ago

    Wow, what beautiful finds! Oh those stained glass windows, how gorgeous! I wish we had more antique shows near my place...! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  • PattiTrostle

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  • tupsjmla

    Magic Ant from magicantshirts said 3 years ago

    Love all of the vintage items, so cool

  • VPStoltz

    Patrick Stults from AnneTweekes said 3 years ago

    First heard of Brimfield ages ago when I came upon a non-fiction book about a New York dealer. The competition, the in-fighting, the sabotage, the rain! Lot of interesting info in that book: how dealer age chairs, make glass purple, Sandwich glass (had no idea there was an issue). Now, Saturday mornings are filled with episodes of Flea Market Flip I've missed and so many are born at Brimfield.

  • petersonhelen

    Helen Broom from vintagepoetic said 3 years ago

    Love those nostalgic glasses! I try to snatch them up wherever I go. The Hawaii tray is great too, I have a similar one in my shop for Florida!

  • 2umh3xyq

    Vickie said 2 years ago

    I Loved the vintage things. A lot of the stuff my Mom had. I had some of the things too. I guess I'm vintage too! Vickie

  • brendasmith298

    Brenda from ALotOfLifeAndLove said 2 years ago

    Going to Brimfield later this year for the first time! I can't wait! Thank you for the super article promoting vintage for our vintage shops!

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    Love all these beauties!

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    Umesh Vigg from TheInspireDecor said 269 days ago

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