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37 Jaw-Dropping Statement Pieces on Etsy

Jun 27, 2014

by Mallory McInnis handmade and vintage goods

I’ve always been somewhat shy when it comes to meeting new people — I never know what to say, and the more I worry about it, the more awkward I’m apt to be. Thankfully, I’ve also always had an eclectic and rather idiosyncratic sense of style. As a matter of fact, I’d advise anyone who’s a little bit bashful to purchase some unique accessories or clothing with eccentric patterns: some conversation starters.


[1. Bomber Jacket by Dream Nation; 2. Cotton Candy Sweater by SHiliconfETTI; 3. Geometric Board Shorts at Neon Stockyards; 4. Skater Skirt by Home Cooked Karma; 5. French Fry Bra Top by Showboat; 6. Seascape Shirt by APOM; 7. Vintage Hot Pink Skirt at Vera Mode; 8. Rain Cape by Noah: Thank God It’s Raining]

Every time I go out, someone will comment on my earrings, shoes or some other item; I have one trusty winter coat that can always be counted on to get a flurry of compliments. My shark-print dress may not be your cup of tea, but you’d probably bring it up if you were standing next to me at a party.


[1. Three Tier Necklace by Ena & Albert; 2. Peacock Necklace by Grace Mieloji; 3. Tiger Necklace by Fanise; 4. Accordion Necklace by By Beep; 5. TV Necklace by bRainbow; 6. Hammered Brass Choker by Young Frankk; 7. Diamond Necklace by A Spoonful of Mint; 8. Elephant Necklace at Garage Couture Clothes]

Buy a few statement necklaces for when you’re too nervous to make any statements of your own.


[1. Mini Zipper Clutch by Kindah Khalidy; 2. Vintage Fish Bag at Bob ‘n’ Arlene’s Vintage Bunker; 3. Pig Purse at 1919 Vintage; 4. Handmade Basket by Toino Abel; 5. Embroidered Clutch by Block and Battaglia; 6. Stitched Bag by Hokoda; 7. Weekender Bag by Monday Market 8. Fried Egg Handbag by Luna on the Moon; 9. Wood Clutch by Tesler Mendelovitch]

An egg-shaped bag with a glittery yolk can be just as useful a staid black clutch.


[1. Coffee Pot Earrings at Bright Eyes Treasures; 2. Mountains Cuff by Tiny Armour; 3. Hoop Earrings by Carrie Bilbo; 4. Anatomical Heart Earrings by Nepinka; 5. Eyeball Beanie by Pretty Snake; 6. Record Print Scarf at Northstar Vintage]

You can even choose accessories that connect to your interests: avid hiker? Slip on a mountain cuff. Queen of Caffeine? Coffee pot earrings would be a good choice.

FIVE (4)

[1. Vintage Pac-Man Barrette at North Brooklyn Dry Goods; 2. Baby Fox Ring by Axelhoney 3. Delphinium Bracelet by We Never Sleep; 4. Octopus Tentacle Ring by OctopusME; 5. Vintage Fish Cufflinks at SoCal Jewel Box; 6. Lipstick Barrette at The Other Galaxy]

Do you own something that never fails to inspire remarks from random passersby? What’s the chattiest item in your wardrobe?


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