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33 Unique Mother’s Day Cards for One-of-a-Kind Moms

Apr 28, 2016

by Valerie Rains handmade and vintage goods

From text-every-day duos to twice-a-year power bonders, no two mother-child relationships are exactly alike. (Even — or perhaps especially — within the same family.) So why send mom a generic card when you could find one that fits your very specific parental situation to a T?

We searched far and wide to compile 33 wholly original options below; while selecting one of these practically-custom cards doesn’t excuse you from writing a heartfelt message inside, it does relieve a little of the pressure to be too poetic about it. Even last-minute types are in luck: Some of these designs come in the form of print-at-home files.

Which one makes the best match for your mom? Tell us in the comments. 

1. For your bestie since birth

The Anastasia Co., $4; buy it here.

2. For the one who’s always willing to float you a loan

MODbyMel, $4.50; buy it here.

3. For the beauty-school dropout who never quite nailed bangs

Tense and Urgent, $4.75; buy it here.

4. For the long-distance mom (with unlimited minutes)

Made in Brockton Village, $4.90; buy it here.

5. For the Jack Russell* lover

*Also available in a dozen other breeds
Sweet William London, $4; buy it here.

6. For the generous feeder (keep that kibble coming!)

Miumi Cat Printables, $4; buy it here.

7. For the frazzled mom with a bottomless purse

Seriously Shannon, $4.50; buy it here.

8. For the soon-to-be-mom who’s already done her homework

Emily McDowell, $4.50; buy it here.

9. For both moms

Sad Shop, $5; buy it here.

10. For your home-cooking hero

Row House 14, $4.50; buy it here.

11. For the all-star single mom who plays every position

Knotty Cards, $4.50; buy it here.

12. For the mom who insists on ankle breeze

Bangs and Teeth, $4.50; buy it here.

13. For the woman who literally made you

Hennel Paper Co, $4.50; buy it here.

14. For your very own Gilmore girl

Madz Design, $4.50; buy it here.

15. For the mom who always packed your snacks

Sweet Potato Shop, $4.50; buy it here.

16. For the techno-phobe (or the techno-fauxb — did you ever consider she’s just making excuses to call?)

Nomeo, $3.75; buy it here.

17. For the paragon of patience

Happy Dappy Bits, $4.50; buy it here.

18. For the perennial pushover

Joanne Hawker, $5; buy it here.

19. For the clotheshorse with the deep closet archives

Water Street Design, $3.50; buy it here.

20. For your Mamma Mia

The Detroit Card Co., $4; buy it here.

21. For the texter-in-training

Julie Ann Art, $4.50; buy it here.

22. For the mom who tolerates your tatts

Studio Boketto, $3.75; buy it here.

23. For the one you’ll never send away

Olive & Clyde, $4.50; buy it here.

24. For the lady who’s always reaching for the brie

Becka Griffin, $3.75; buy it here.

25. For the mom who never made you feel anything but A-OK

Meghan McCrary, $4; buy it here.

26. For your most devoted follower

Fox & Wit, $4.50; buy it here. 

27. For your offline encyclopedia

Grimm & Proper, $4.50; buy it here.

28. For your mom’s mom*– whatever you’ve chosen to call her

*See also: Nonna, Memaw, Mimi, MawMaw, Grammy, Gigi, Grandma, Granny, and Oma
Designs LM, $4; buy it here.

29. For the first face you ever saw

Able and Game, $4.25; buy it here.

30. For the mom who always knows what you mean, even when you can’t find the words

mudmagpie, $4; buy it here.

31. For the mom who goes the distance

Michele Maule, $4; buy it here.

32. For the mom who never denied your morning sweet tooth

The Little Illustrator, $4; buy it here.

33. For the not-so-empty nester (who still never complains)

Classy Cards Creative, $4.50; buy it here.

(Lead image: Black Lab Studio)




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