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3 Christmas Cookie Recipes to Try

Dec 23, 2016

by Rachel Smith handmade and vintage goods

It’s a little-known fact that calories in cookies don’t count…well, that’s what we tell ourselves in December, at least. Not only do cookies make thoughtful gifts for Santa and friends, they also make the holidays feel more festive — and who doesn’t love a good gingerbread cookie? Now, pull on an apron, roll up your sleeves, and make one (if not all) of these delicious cookie recipes — the gym is for January.

Color-dipped gingerbread cookies by Studio DIY

These color-dipped gingerbread cookies are such a fun twist on a holiday classic. You can go traditional with red and green icing or mix it up with modern pastels, like in this recipe. Either way, they’ll still taste like Christmas.


Eggnog cookies with rum sugar glaze by Liv For Cake

There are only so many days eggnog is available each year, which make these cookies extra special for the holidays. Even if you don’t like drinking eggnog, you’ll find the soft texture and hint of spice in these cookies totally addictive.


Linzer Christmas cookies by Freutcake

Nothing says Christmas to me like Linzer cookies. The traditional approach to making Linzers can be a bit difficult for novices, but this simple recipe utilizes sugar cookie dough instead of hazelnut. A batch of these jam-filled wonders would make an impressive (and easy!) gift.

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